Opening Night!

Opening Night is finally here – 
and all my friends in Blogland can attend 

That’s right!  It’s been over a year and a half in the making – from an inspired idea, through the creative brooding and development of the story, to the script writing, final casting, and three months of rehearsals, our Calvary Chapel Christian Theatre will debut our first stage production in our new facility sporting all manner of new technical effects, upgraded video production, performed on a HUGE new stage with a cast of some 25 actors from novice to professional –


If I sound just a little too excited, do forgive me.  I have been at the center of this production from the outset, working in partnership with our producer/pastor Russell Sterger in the co-writing and co-directing responsibilities, and then – for the first time in many years – taking a performing role in addition to writing and directing.

I’ve been writing and directing my leading lady – daughter, Bethany – onstage for years!  This is the first time we’ll actually be sharing the stage in performance!

Husband, Ed is suited up again to take a role – this time in 16th century period attire . . .
Backstage before dress rehearsal the cast gets into costume . . .

The make-up room is very busy as Sherry gets everyone “in the pink” for the play . . .

Our final dress rehearsal last night was performed in front of an invited audience and was so well received!  There were reports of many tears shed and people’s hearts powerfully moved, spirits lifted with joy – good theatre does that, you know!

So, here’s your program with a little background on the story and cast/crew credits . . .

Now – all that’s left is for you to tune in LIVE ONLINE:

Thursday, Friday, Saturday – May 30, 31 & June 1
7:00pm Eastern Standard Time

Be ye blessed!

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  1. I am thrilled beyond words!!

    How exciting for all of you. Can’t wait to participate in this!

    Break a leg – and may God truly bless all of you who participate in the play, and all of those who view it.


  2. Oh my! You are indeed a gifted lady and at just reading this you have been a very busy one! WOW! So excited for you all. God bless you! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  3. I’m sure all of the hard work will be worth it for you and your daughter too. How neat that you’ll be on the stage together!

  4. I hope I can watch it live. We have a busy weekend ahead with a wedding ahead and a daughter home to be a bridesmaid, but I should have time to watch either tonight or Friday.

    I’m dumb about things like this so I have to ask. Will the video be available to view any time after the fact or does the watching have to be live?

  5. How exciting for all of you! Praying right now that this will be a great blessing to all who participate and to all who watch.

  6. Hello Katheryn,

    What fun!

    I remember doing the
    theater plays at my
    church for many years.
    Being the wardrobe person
    and a little bit of make-up
    was a lot of fun.

    Thanks for sharing your
    experience with us.

    Bear Hugs,

  7. It takes a lot of time and work to make a production come together. I do believe this would be a great event to attend.

  8. How exciting! What a wonderful way to use the talent God has blessed you with!

  9. Oh, wonderful! And, putting on a play is so exciting! I almost think I understand why actors choose to do it for a living – even though it’s such a difficult life.

  10. Congratulations! I watched a good part of it online. What an accomplishment. I can see that you put a tremendous amount of work into it. How wonderful that hearts were blessed because of it. ~ Abby

  11. you are a superstar my friend. So excited for you and for all involved. So happy to see you back in blog land again and Thnak you for linking your post to the Thursday Favorite Things hop xo

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