Alice in Wonder-Pinks!

How to begin, indeed, Alice!

. . . Especially when it comes to what happens each June when beauty and whimsey take the stage at my friend, Sandy Smith’s Magnolia Hill Studios – where children are enriched year round in arts appreciation through dance, masterworks studies, painting, and nature studies!  Oh!  To be a kid again and take classes at Magnolia Hill!

When Sandy’s studio opened a few years ago – just down the street from my house – I was eager to meet her and hopeful that I might find a kindred spirit!  And – so I did  When both our hectic schedules allow, we enjoy a teatime tete-a-tete where we can re-group our artsy selves and enrich each other!  Especially after June when a season of hard work culminates in Magnolia Hill’s annual performance.  This year it was all about Alice . . .

Ed and I thoroughly enjoy Sandy’s programs – a celebration of art appreciation and the joy art brings to children of all ages.  I really love her philosophy of raising up the next generation of “art appreciators” by providing classes in HOW and WHY is ART.  The performance night features all the artistic creations of the young budding artists at the studio . . .

. . . and a full scale ballet production.  NOT a recital – but classical ballet featuring the works of classical composers! 

And – there is plenty of PINK to be had by one and all!  Floral bouquets are laid out in the venue foyer awaiting awarding at curtain call . . .

The treat table – prepared by students and parents – overflows with clever “Alice” themed goodies that can be purchased to enjoy as souvenirs or to be slipped into treat bags for each performing student afterward. 

Working with young children as a storyteller personality, I find I know a number of the students.  But, this year, we were especially excited to have a closer relationship to three of the gals who were students for the first time!  What a delight they were to see so graceful and elegant onstage!

JoJo, the oldest, has much promise as quite a lovely ballet dancer! She impressed me with her arm precision and fluid movements – even in the wake of a bit of a bum knee – she toughed it through with much grace!  Her sister, Maddie, was the visual artist and was seen onstage in a tableaux formation as Alice meeting the Jabberwocky.  And – smallest of all sister, Kenny – was “too-cute-overload” as a tiny Cheshire Cat who attacked the stage with ownership and expressiveness that leaped into the heart, captivating all!

Friends came out to cheer them on – including Brynn all in pink and smiles . . .

And, twin pinks on two young dancers who were soaring through the night with confidence and giggles! 

But, that is not unusual when it comes to Magnolia Hill Studio students.  Sandy knows what she’s about when it comes to training artists. 

She is a thirty year veteran Christian homeschooler raising a family of professional artists of world class caliber – each of which make time in their world travels as performers and instructors to both teach and perform for their mom’s studio.  With three professional and award winning ballerina daughters teaching and dancing in the production . . .

Plus oldest professional graphic artist son and youngest dancer son (still school age) on staff –

And most supporting husband, Mike – Magnolia Hill Studios is a family affair ministering goodness and beauty to families with gentle, nurturing spirits. 

June is barely passing and summer camps are in motion at Magnolia Hill with a different and fascinating theme each week. 

I love the generous and creative spirit of this place!  Makes me feel PINK all over . . .

Sharing Alice in Wonder-Pinks on Beverly’s Pink Saturday at How Sweet the Sound.

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  1. I have always loved Alice in Wonderland. It was a delight to see the ballet through your blog! Happy Pink Saturday!

  2. Looks like a wonderful school! And, most assuredly, wonderful students!!

  3. So nice to see you at the show Ms Kathy! My daughter Addison has such amazing memories of”Miss Kathy” story times and tea. It’s so nice when we have surprise run ins. We too love Magnolia Hill & the amazing education we receive from the most awesome Smith family.

  4. Kathy, what an inspiring post! It is such a joy to see talented people creating adventures for children and young adults that make life-long memories! No wonder you are so creative, you surround yourself with people who grow you! Have a Pink Week and a happy 4th!

  5. Hello Kathy… thank you for introducing me to this amazing, wonderful family…..
    The Ballet looks lovely and I love all the ‘Alice’ themed goodies, especially the teacup shapes….. the costumes were great…..and the flowers for the company look beautiful…..
    Hugs and Blessings
    Barb xxx

  6. WOW! I want to GO to Magnolia Hills myself! What a wonderful school. I think it’s such a shame that the fine arts are disappearing from our public schools. After all, they’re not called FINE for nothing!!

    And this performance evening sounded like the most wonderful adventure. Wish I could have been there.

    I just love creativity!


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