Bravo Pinks!

Wow!  Five months seemed to just fly by and the long awaited production dates for my latest play, The Investor’s Choice . . .

Has come and gone complete with curtain calls and BRAVOS!

I have been spending this week putting away props and cleaning costumes and considering what an honor it was to be part of such a powerful production with so many of my favorite people – brothers & sisters, all!

The story is set in an art gallery – The Godwin Gallery – where the doors are about to open for a very special presentation of four paintings by the “Master Artist” – open to investors for a limited time only, called, The Shepherd Series.  Many come to the exhibit – but few stay.  Villain “interior designers” are on the scene to dissuade prospective clients from making the choice to invest.  The audience dwindles away between the reveal of each painting until there are only three remaining.  But, will they choose to invest in the Master’s Work when they learn the cost?  In an art gallery where paintings come to life and tell life-changing stories, it truly is “The Investor’s Choice” as gallery director, Angelica Shipley (that’s the part I played) says:

ANGELICA:  We don’t force anyone to stay.  It’s the investor’s choice.  As you know, art has a way of testing and challenging its audience to see beyond form and line to the treasure within.  They may leave.  They may stay.  They may become distracted.  But, a work of art as priceless as the four paintings in The Shepherd Series will win the heart of the right investor.

Costume seamstress, Cindy Mann and her husband, Gerry, captured many memorable dramatic moments on camera.  Thank you so much, Cindy & Gerry, for such great shots!  Here are a few favorites:

Jane and Liza, gallery aides, look over the line of prospective investors waiting for the doors to open.

Wealthy businessman, Mr. Sigwald and secretary Miss Slade wonder if they are wasting their time.

Miss Slade learns some art facts from a former artist, Chase Hunter, who is seeking something he lost.

Villains, Marlo (my daughter, Bethany) and Zilla, masquerade as interior designers, but it is soon clear they are much more than that.
Slick words and flattery tempt Mr. Sigwald to choose to leave the gallery and take up their designing offer.

Chase Hunter is reminded of his past and finds the tormenting voices difficult to endure.

But, gallery director, Miss Shipley, is ready to begin the presentations – and bring light to darkness.

The first painting:  In Green Pastures
Our three entertaining shepherds present the theme of the Shepherd Series:  Psalm 23
The second painting:  In the Valley of the Shadow

Will our whining princess ever make it to Castle Faire Meadows?

The third painting:  In the Presence of My Enemies

Henry wants to aid the outlaw William Tyndale in Bible translations . . .
. . . though it cost his family everything.  That’s my Ed playing brother John.

Zilla and Marlo’s interfering ways and evil taunts bring Angelica to the end of her patience.
The spiritual battle for the souls of men is played out – guess who wins . . .
But, will Mr. Sigwald be left out in the cold?

The Master might have other plans for Mr. Sigwald . . .

After the curtain call, Pastor Frank shared a final word concerning the life-changing message of the play to audiences noticeably moved by the story.

Tears flowed freely – many gathered for hugs and prayer.

My favorite gardener from Jeanettes’ Bloomers (featured  HERE from early summer 2012) – strolled about the room afterward as we greeted our audience on closing night with a bin full of her beautiful fresh cut roses for everyone in the cast to take and enjoy.  Of course – I chose PINK!

There was a long stem with multiple blossoms that I placed in a sweet milk-glass bud vase in the dining room . . .

While a lone bloom found a cozy home in a vintage rooting vase in the kitchen . . .

The pink roses carried with them the strongest scent – delightful!

So, with an equally strong sense of accomplishment and and heart overflowing with gratitude for the privilege of being able to contribute my gifts to writing, directing, and performing in The Investor’s Choice – in collaboration with associate pastor and drama ministry leader, Russell Sterger –

I have taken this week to get some much needed rest, catch up in Blogland, clean my house – and begin the draft for our next play coming this Christmas!  More on that as it develops . . .

FYI:  The Investor’s Choice will soon be out on DVD in addition to being available for online viewing anytime on Vimeo!  I’ll keep you posted with the Vimeo link as soon as it becomes available!

Sharing Bravo Pinks at Beverly’s Pink Saturday on How Sweet the Sound.

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  1. I thoroughly enjoyed the play! Theater is a great way to get the vital message out, that God loves us, wants us to follow him, make a decision- an investment, simply give our selves, and he will give us his protection and grace, and ultimately an eternal life, forever with Him! The cast was terrific! I especially loved the amazingly talented actor with the rich voice who played the older shepherd, the soldier, Henry and the Master!
    It was wonderful! I was so proud of you, Kathryn! I look forward to other future productions like this one!

  2. My oh my Miss Kathy…what a presentation! I wish I could have seen it. 🙂

    By the way, you have more accolades coming your way…you are a winner in my anniversary giveaway! CONGRATS!

    Hop on over to my email and I’ll give you the low down on the prize.

    Thanks for joining in with my celebration!

  3. Bravo…. Bravo….
    Good on you.
    Can’t wait until I can see the show it sounds amazing..
    Well done, there are not many things that bring people to tears these days, it is so good to have the lord touching peoples hearts and to know you have contributed to that happening.
    Blessings to you

  4. …Hello Kathy..
    I am so pleased for you and the cast and production crew that the play was a success.
    The photos are wonderful,, and tell the story well.
    I like your hands and body language in the photo confronting the ‘villains’ ….wonderful
    I would love to see the play….
    Congrats from Australia…
    Hugs and Blessings
    Barb xxx

  5. You look so happy on stage!
    Wish I could have seen you live in action….

    Keep smiling beautiful.

    Ciao Bella

  6. Wonderful shots!! I have been away from the computer for four different reasons for a little over a week now so I missed stuff I didn’t want to miss. Your blog is just such a welcome feast for my eyes.

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