Dressing up for Teatime

“It’s teatime – and I haven’t a thing to wear!” 
. . . said NO woman passionate for period-attire-collecting EVER!

Yes – that would be me.  I daresay, I have any number of vintage and period style ensembles to be-deck me-self with – should the appropriate tea party invitation come my way.

And, this is not too far out of the realm of possibility when one finds oneself in the company of a group of ladies who thrive on tea – and vintage clothing of long past fashion eras!  I speak here of the delightful ladies who make up the Somewhere in Time Tea Society here in South Jersey!

I was first introduced to this delightful group of women as their guest speaker at a garden tea hosted by one of the ladies a couple years ago, where I had the pleasure of posing in Miss Kathleen’s Victorian garden – photos of which I featured in my first summer of blogging HERE  . . .

Then, my oft partner in all things dress-up-fun at our local Woman’s Club of Vineland – Milady June Lang – has given me opportunities to make the most of my medieval attire – see full post HERE . . .

And, most recently, some Victorian vintage fun at the Dolly & Me Tea – of which you shall know more in a future post . . .

Miss June is a member of the Somewhere in Time Tea Society and secured a group of the ladies to bring a Vintage Fashion Show to the stage at our recent Vineland Founder’s Day in my hometown where we celebrate our local history.

June looks amazing in this spectacular 1860’s ball gown!

This was my favorite – from 1912 – forest green velvet – stunning!

Founder and president of the group, Kimberly LaCroce, brought a few of her favorite – and thoroughly authentic – vintage fashion finds that had me drawn to this display booth regularly throughout the day! 

Kim has a passion for Edwardian clothes and she owns some prize collectibles!

Made from a blanket dated to the Spanish-American War!

Dressy shoes that might have been worn to an afternoon tea party!

Hats, shoes, and gloves – three of my favorite vintage things!

A scrapbook captures the tea society’s many adventures in all things vintage and wearable.

Victorian button boots – who might have worn them, I wonder?

And, I just about flipped when I cast my eyes on this pair of Victorian button boots that looked fresh from the shoemaker!

That’s because they were!  The property of Miss Krista Jasillo, pictured here with me, holding these delicious fine crafted beauties.  As soon as I saw them, I just had to blurt out – “AMERICAN DUCHESS!”

What a stir THAT created, as only those of us pouring over period attire blogs and vintage clothiers online would know that our gal at American Duchess makes the best of the best in authentic period shoes for popular fashion eras from the Renaissance to the Roaring ’20’s!

Kindred spirits, all!

So, in catching up with all my weekly tea ladies in Blogland, I just had to share these photos – over a cup of tea, of course.  Or, make that – a mug of tea . . .

In a little specialty tea mug I found thrifting one day.  I just loved our Art Deco fashion plate of a lady looking every bit late 1920’s and 1930’s style – by Villeroy & Boch (VB).

The company was founded in 1748 by Francois Boch in Lorraine, later moving to Luxembourg, and merging with competitor, Nicolas Villeroy in 1836.  The company still has original family members working for it and is headquartered today in Germany.

I thought a cozy cup of Chinese Flower Green Tea from Across the Pond Tea Shop might be in order.

It’s a lovely blend of green teas and flowers with citrus spice to set it off nicely!

I’ve displayed my tea mug in a little corner in my sewing room where Lady Cordelia (my dress form) is sporting a fabulous Suzy Perette wool tweed dress from the late 1950’s with an ultra feminine cardigan sweater from the same era sporting three quarter length sleeves, beads, and ribbon swirls.  It is a dream to wear!

The sweater – I mean.  I wear the sweater – and the fab pheasant feather cloche hat.  The dress – alas – must be a size 0, which I haven’t worn since my freshman year in high school.

So – here’s to vintage clothes, teatime, and kindred spirits within driving distance who have promised to invite me to their next monthly event where we get to dress up in all things Victorian, Edwardian, Flapper-esque – and vintage beyond!

I can’t wait!

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  1. What fun – I still love dressing up! Though my husband and I favor the *Old West* style – it’s still great fun playing adult “Halloween”!!

    GOD BLESS you, Miss Kathy!

  2. Dear Miss Kathy….you were gone and then I was gone and I have MISSED you very much! So nice to see you blogging again. You look smashing in your dress up clothes. How very fun for you, I would adore being in a group such as the ones you have featured.
    Love your posts!
    Enjoy your summer dear one.
    Lady Linda

  3. Oh how marvellously elegant! We are so used to seeing pictures of people in those days in black and white that I forget how colourful and pretty it must have been to see a group of ladies all in their best attire!

  4. We are also still dressing up together, my daughter and I, though the opportunities are less now for some reason! It is fun to see what you are up to…we must do another teatime again soon. It is wonderful to ‘put on the dog’ once in awhile. Fun to read about your acting and stage work, too~ I love your blog! Blessings, J

  5. Hello Kathy,
    I love seeing you in costume! lol! You always look so lovely! I can see your enjoyment on your face. Isn’t it wonderful to nurture what we love!
    I went to the boot site and drooled.
    And I have been here a long time listening to your wonderful music. The Scarlatti is divine!!!

  6. Kathryn, I always enjoy seeing you in costume, and this time some other ladies as well. You must have so much fun sharing your passion at events.
    I took in every detail of your tea this week and I do hope you get more invitations to wear your vintage clothing.

  7. Miss Kathy: You look beautiful in every picture. I wish I could have seen you in person. What a fun time. My mother in law, love the movie “somewhere in time”. This post made me think of her. You are a treasure. Blessings, Martha

  8. Hi Kathy,
    I enjoyed your tea post very much. How very charming look all the ladies including you in this historic dresses. They look all very feminine and romantic. I would love to attend such a tea time, despite I would not have anything to dress up. The old womens problem: nothing to wear! LOL
    Your asked for the English recipe of the lavender cake. I installed a google translator on the sites left sidebar. That should help you. If any more questions about it give me a mail and I will answer.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  9. This was so interesting!! Lovely clothing. Best wishes, Linda


  10. Oh I adore this post! Love seeing you dressed up in all the different clothing. Love it! I have a pair of old boots but not button ones…I let my grandgirls play with them. Actually my oldest grandgirl-9-can wear them! I have a couple of old dresses but nothing like you do. I just love it all. What fun! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  11. Hi Kathy, I too love vintage clothing, hats,shoes and on and on. My sisters sell them in their antique shop and at shows. They have been dealers for 25 years. They sell smalls as well.

    Your post was lovely and the clothes were too. Thanks for sharing all of the stories and the vintage treasures.

    Are you working on the banners yet? I haven’t started. I need a reminder as to everyone who is joining in.

    Wishing you happy days and tea parties.
    Love, Jeanne

    PS: The music is lovely.

  12. Wow. . . .that’s all I can say!

    Well, of course that’s not true. I can go on! 🙂 I’m in awe of all of those vintage clothes!! I’ve always been drawn to them in antique malls and I do think the same thing….”I wonder who wore this”. The folks in years gone by were so SMALL…their waists, their feet! Oh my…tiny people! Have we just gotten so much bigger of the years (and I do know we have as a fast food society), but I wonder if only the small things survived cuz not too many people actually wore those items (that remain i good condition).

    Anyway, I don’t blame you for enjoying the chance to play dress up and socialize with those ladies!!

    HPS! L, Dana

    PS Gotta get to doing some major banner work in a the next few days! 🙂

  13. Hello Kathy,
    What a lovely post, you have an amazing collection of period outfits – that suite you so well – you two look so lovely all dressed up together. LOVE the sweet teacup and the tea sounds marvelous! I appreciate you sharing with A Return to Loveliness,

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