Forget-Me-Not Teatime & Trade

I WON!!!

Yes, I was one of the five blessed winners of the generous give-away at Jillian’s Bella Rosa Antiques earlier this month – celebrating five years of blogging and trading antiques in her tres bella online shop!

Honest – she really did use one of those random generators to pick her five winners of a $25 gift certificate to use at her shop.  She is adamant to confirm the fact that my being married to her cousin had no play in the matter.  But, she was truly delighted to see my name drawn – and knew it would mean a visit to deliver the goods on her next trip to South Jersey where her mom still lives by the seashore!

But, first – I had to do a little shopping.  Not at all an imposition, of course – though sometimes challenging with so many pretties to tempt me in her shop.  I was enamored of a vintage volume of Longfellow poems that I thought would look lovely on my mantle next to an attractive 19th century Tennyson – but, I opted for another addition to my tea cabinet instead.


You might have seen my first creation as I have forayed into the realm of “meme-making” – those nifty little bits we love to pin and post all over cyberspace . . .

I took this photo a couple years ago and have always loved it – especially the delicate little flowers and their alluring shade of blue.  The bee was a bonus!

I had added a forget-me-not and lily of the valley Royal Albert cup and saucer to my collection last year . . .

In addition to finding a sweet Royal Windsor for-get-me-not tea mug with the most delightful handle . . . 

But, I delayed in picking up a Royal Albert forget-me-not at the Across the Pond Tea Shop I frequent – and someone else went home with the prize.  So, when I saw Jillian had a lovely Rosina AND matching creamer and sugar – I decided to treat myself to both using my gift certificate prize!

It was delightful to spend a couple hours visiting with Jillian on her way back to Pennsylvania, and we just had to share a few photos by the tea cabinet where I would be displaying my new prize for the summer!

The blues are perfect with all the red, white, and blue coming up as the 4th is upon us very soon!  As a matter of fact – Jillian wondered if I might have something she could use to celebrate the 4th at her lakehouse boat parade.  She needed a frock that said 1920’s and 4th of July.  And – after a little adventure sorting through some of my costumes in the basement – we found just the thing . . .

I’m looking forward to her promised July post where pictures will be shared and tales told about the event!

Before she left, I enticed her to try my newest favorite gluten free and good for you cookie I whipped up earlier in the day.  Here’s another batch – with a secret ingredient . . .

Takes five minutes to blend all the ingredients in a food processor – twelve minutes to bake.  And, what do I call them?

Almond Chickpea & Chia Seed Cookies

1 1/4 cups canned organic chickpeas, rinsed and towel dried
1/2 cup +2 Tbsp. natural almond butter (I get mine at the Amish market!)
1/4 cup local honey
1 Tbsp. organic chia seeds
1 tsp. aluminum free baking powder
2 tsp. almond extract
Dash of salt
1/2 cup organic raisins and/or cranberries (can substitute diced almonds, carob/chocolate chips, etc.)

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.  Combine all ingredients – except the raisins – in a food processor and process, scraping sides to be sure all the ingredients are well combined and the texture is completely smooth.  Add the raisins and pulse til mixed in.  Scoop by teaspoonful from the processor onto a baking stone and bake for 12 minutes.  Cool on rack and serve.  Makes about 3 dozen.  

This is a guilt free cookie with high antioxidant and fiber value – plus, the local honey is great to inhibit seasonal allergies.  I love it with my tea at breakfast – to serve guests for an afternoon tea or with a soothing cuppa before bed.  Got some cooling now . . .

And, while they cool, I will enjoy a cup of tea in my new Bella Rosa forget-me-not teacup amid some of the raw materials that are a part of my work days of late:  Preparing my new Etsy shop where I’ll be trading as –

“The Pageant Wagon Prop Shop”

Yes – “cameo” appearances will be made by all things vintage and crafty and re-purposed for inspiring home decor with a dramatic flair!  I’m taking inventory of my collections and may be parting with some, re-designing others, and creating anew!  I can’t be more thrilled!

I’ll be launching  sometime in July, so you’ll be hearing more on this as the process moves forward.  Hope you’ll visit me when I do.

But, until then – with a sigh and inquisitive look in her eye, 19th century actress, Jessie Busley has things of immediate importance on her mind . . .

A meme for my tea ladies – a timeless treasure of china cups and liquid refreshment that binds us all together, be ye near, far, or in ages past . . .

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  1. Hi: It looks like you won in so many other ways as well! Congratulations! I look forward to your new shop?, Maybe? I love all your things it sounds like fun. Have a wonderful week. Blessings, Martha

  2. This is such a great post full of lovelies! I love the creamer and sugar set as well as your beautiful teacups and saucers. Every time I look at the one I won from you, I think of how you love a tea party.

    I also love the way you worked “forget me not” into that Bible verse. I tried to pin it, but it wouldn’t let me.

    I’m going to try to pin the recipe next. Hope I can. It looks yummy.
    I have yet to try the chia seeds, but I have been wanting to.

  3. Hello Kathryn
    A nice idea to win a gift certificate and you chose a lovely china pattern.
    Your gluten free cookies look interesting and I’d love to try one with tea.
    I look forward to perusing the contents of your new Etsy shop.

  4. You always have posts that are such a feast for the eyes! I loved this one! So many things, so much fun. I still say, I am going to fly out there and attend a tea party with you someday!

    Looking forward to the Etsy shop – just know that it will be as delightfully eclectic and enjoyable as you are.


  5. I love tea in tea-cups – my favorite cup being one I gave my grandmother many years ago that found its way back to me. Growing up, my grandmother would take me to the china store to buy my mom a new tea cup for Christmas every year:)

  6. Hello Miss Kathy,
    What a gorgeous teacup you chose and your china collection is wonderful. How pretty they all look together! I love your china mug too. Congrats on the opening of your Etsy shop! Your use of scripture and the teacup is lovely! I’m so pleased you could come to tea this week, my friend! Happy Summer and enjoy the rest of your week.


  7. Hello My Sweet Friend!

    Congrats on your win and the lovely additions to you collection! Woo Hoo for you!!

    Thanks for the gluten free recipe – right up my alley. Chic Pea – love them!

    Stay Cool!

  8. Wow, many congrats on both your win and your new Etsy shop! Yay!
    Your new cups are so lovely! I have one very similar to your forget me knot cup. I love yours, it has a lovely waistline, and gorgeous flowers!
    Your tea shelf looks so lovely filled with all your tea cups!
    Those cookies look really good. It is so nice of you to share the process with us.

  9. So glad you won! Perfect! A bit slow coming to thank you for linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea…my honey had a heart issue we were dealing with this week…but all is now well with a med tweak,. So I give Him the glory!

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