Teatime for Young and Old!

Gracious me!  How I have missed teatimes each week with all our sweet ladies in Blogland celebrating the daily ritual of renewal and comfort in a cup of tea!  Ah, but – it looks like there’s still a place setting for me, after all . . .

Not that I haven’t had my share of teatimes this spring.  Rather busy, in fact, planning tea parties with those who are barely half a decade old – to a full four score and ten years old!  This homeschool semester has brought many occasions for teatime, and I suppose we must begin in April with Peter Rabbit and Beatrix!

My primary students enjoyed a seven week class studying the life and select works of our dear Beatrix Potter . . .

Culminating in a lovely tea party at the close of the sessions.

I chose my Moss Rose setting that was a favorite from my own childhood, most of my varied pieces inherited from my mother and grandmother – and many more collected through the years at thrift and antique shops!

The children came dressed up – our two young men even wore ties for the occasion – and best manners around the table were the order of the day as Miss Kathy poured out the tea.

Afterward, we posed in our early spring front garden with certificates of completion in hand – all very proud!  It was the last week of April and my husband and I had yet to make any decisions about what to plant this year – so there was plenty of room for five and six year olds to pose.

Come May, it was off to the backyard to clip some lilacs from my bush which was quite delightfully full this year!

I just love lilacs and forgive me if I bore you with a couple of my favorite photos of their splendor . . .

I was glad to have them ready to make a joyful bouquet as a gift for a very special lady – Mrs. Arjorie Moniodis Ingraham – who is celebrating ninety glorious years this very month!

She is a special friend and kindred spirit when it comes to cherishing our hometown history.  I made a teatime date with her – and four of my intermediate level writing students – at which time we had planned to conduct a Living History Interview as a writing project.  The lilacs were the perfect hostess gift!

The girls had prepared questions to ask and the entire two hour session was recorded.

We learned about what it was like when she was a child growing up on a local farm in the 1920’s and 1930’s, and thoroughly enjoyed her detailed stories of her youthful days, courtship, and marriage.

Arjorie & Horace Ingraham

Once the main interview was complete, it was teatime!  A sweet vintage rose patterned tea set was laid out for us by Mrs. Ingraham’s daughter, Diane.

Mrs. Ingraham was delighted with the blueberry lemon cake I brought to compliment the teas – each girl chose a flavored tea for herself.  More stories and reminiscences provided teatime conversation.

And – a special treat!

One of my students, Haley Richardson, is an international fiddle champion who has held her own with seasoned professionals onstage and at Celtic festivals in both the United States and Ireland since she was six years old.  She enthralled everyone with a lively reel – a blessing much appreciated by our Mrs. Ingraham.

As Diane and I cleaned up the tea things, the girls were gathered around for more stories – this time a little show and tell as Mrs. Ingraham’s Valentine Scrapbook was opened for viewing.

She had saved EVERY VALENTINE she had ever received throughout all her school years, pasted securely in a book with the names of her classmates handwritten by their cards.  What a wealth of vintage images!

It was time to bid farewell to our teatime and new friend – but not before each girl was treated to her own bouquet of dried hydrangeas from Mrs. Ingraham’s own garden!

So, goes it for my teatimes in April and May!  And, now that it’s June?  Well – take note at an upcoming event where I will be speaking:

I’ve featured my friend Karan and her tea shop Across the Pond a number of times here – and, I daresay, before the month is out, you shall hear more on this score.  Stay tuned!

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  1. What a lovely post Kathryn. So glad to see you back.

    Jocelyn @ http://justalittlesouthernhospitality.blogspot.com

  2. Hello Kathryn, it is a pleasure to see you! I hope you are very well. You look great in the images. What fun you’ve been having with your students! What a wonderful tea party you all shared. And the interview was very interesting.
    Your lilacs look so glorious! My bush did not bloom this year. I don’t know why. But yours…oh my! What beautiful blooms!

  3. The china set in the fifth picture there is like one I saw at an antique store and wished I could get. 😉 And then the teacup & saucer facing the picture is exactly like two my mom has! (They are my very favorites to use. 🙂 )

  4. Lovely tea post Kathryn. I so enjoyed reading about your tea parties.:)

  5. Oh, that was so lovely – what a precious time to spend with this dear lady – your tea times must be a complete delight – I adore your Lilac – I hope to find a variety that will bloom and be fragrant for my southern garden. I do appreciate you sharing with A Return to Loveliness,

  6. Such a beautiful and meaningful time you had! Thanks for sharing in words and photos.

  7. You don’t know how much I want to attend one of your tea parties! What a wonderfully inventive way you have of teaching young people. I love how you combine *real life* with a chance to learn in new ways. Makes me want to go back to school…YOUR school, that is!


  8. I miss having tea with friends. This busy life is hectic and many of my friends work all day. I do drink tea everyday, but need to invite friends over–maybe on Saturday! Thanks for the lovely party!

  9. Well, you have been busy but I just loved all of the photos and tea times shared. Strange, I seem to have a huge hunger for blueberry lemon cake now!!

    Thanks SO much for mentioning my anniversary giveaway. How did all of this time pass while selling vintage china and things????? Who knows, but I am looking forward to many more.

    Nice to see you back, Miss Kathy!

    I will be in the “area” mid JUne!

  10. I’m going to have to look back a ways to see if I ca see what kind of teacher you are.It sounds as if your home schooling children that are not your own? What fun,teaching them about the finer things in life from your own perspective.Enjoyed-Denise

  11. Hi Kathy: We have missed you and your wonderful posts. I always feel like I learn something every time. Blessings, Martha

  12. Hello Kathryn
    Nice to have you back for tea. Thank you for sharing your tea adventures, both were interesting and I would have loved to be present for Mrs. Ingraham’s story telling.
    You certainly have been busy and if I lived close by, I’d attend the health and wellness event.
    Happy June.

  13. I enjoyed your post today! So glad you shared your April and May tea’s with us! Hope you have time for more posts, as I always enjoy them!

  14. What a grand post! Love this post today. The Tea party looks wonderful and oh your sweet 90 year YOUNG friend looks amazing! All the kids look like they are having a wonderful time as well. I just love the ideas here for a tea party! And I would love to know more of your secrets with tea for healing! WOW! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  15. This is what I especially love about tea time in BLOG-LAND, tea with a purpose, not just showing our collections and possessions only to store them away in already overly cluttered closets & shelves, but using them to encourage, inspire, or simply share time with others. Sharing with real people , then sharing with us. I love this ! Thank-you Kathryn ! ( If you lived closer I would hire you to share with my friends & family , in a heart-beat !)

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