Beach Bash – Looking Up!

Our Beach Bash VBS at Calvary Chapel Vineland each week is bursting with youngsters and dedicated Bible teachers and mentors turning our lush green grounds into a beach party with lots of hard work and imagination!  Fearless leader, Miss Brenda, pulls everything together from her beach hut office . . .

Last week we were challenged to MEET UP WITH JESUS.  Then, week two we learned about faith and trust when we LOOK UP TO JESUS!

The SNACK SHACK had yet another interesting crafty food treat to illustrate the theme:

All that was needed were some Ritz crackers, cream cheese, and blueberries.

Add kids and plastic knives – with plenty of giggles – and giant edible FISH EYES are created!

Clever, right?

Our Tiny Turtles got a fun activity page for their Bible lesson with Miss Mindy, and learned their memory verse:

The Tiny Turtles certainly had to “look up” when Miss Mindy delighted them with some bubble blowing . . .

Mr. Ed gathered each class outside for a spell binding story from the Bible about the faith of a man who “looked up to Jesus” for help.  He was afraid because his son was sick and near death.  But, the man’s worry turned to trust when he looked up to Jesus in faith believing His Word.

Because of his faith, Jesus sent him on his way with a promise.  When the man returned home with peace in His heart, he was greeted by his son who had been made well.

We learned that when the cares and worries of this world overwhelm us, looking to Jesus brings hope and promise of good things . . . better things . . .

Mr. Ed reminded everyone of how much God cares for them and knows every hair on their head just like He knows every needle on the pine trees in the woods behind the grounds.

Jesus is worthy to be trusted!  To God be the glory for the things that He does – when we “look up” to Him.

Game time with Miss Gina is always a challenge!  To help illustrate the theme, youngsters had to work, not only as a team, but with a partner.

The task was that two individuals hold the two ends of a towel, run to the pool and put ONE item from the pool in the towel and then run back to their team and deposit the item in a pile.  The first team to collect the most items in the allotted time would win.

Of course – the catch was that they COULD NOT use their hands to touch the item.  Their hands could not let go of the towel.  Somehow – they would need to get the item in the towel by depending on something other than their own hand’s ability to grasp it.  They would need to “look to” each other – working in concert, together – to get the job done.

This made for some craziness as heads, noses, elbows, feet, and knees were employed in a team effort.

In the same way, we look to the Lord in faith and He responds – the power is in the relationship – the believer to Christ.

Now, that’s something to praise the Lord in and Miss Chrissy and Miss Kourtney were ready with worship time to a beachy-beat.

The following week was WATER FUN NIGHT involving LOTS of water and wet kids!

Snacks were clever again, too.  They ate oysters.

Two biscuit cookies were the shell, red icing as the internal organs, two chocolate dollops of icing for eyes, and a nifty mini marshmallow as the pearl.  Scoops of watermelon complemented the sweet.

The weather has been pretty hot and humid here in South Jersey – but, for some reason it was the coolest day we’d had for some time on Water Fun Night.  Go figure.

More Beach and Bible adventures to come . . .

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  1. I’m finally getting some minutes to catch up and am so glad I did! As usual, I am completely inspired by your church group and the things you do. Whenever I read about it, one of my favorite passages (Col 3:23) comes to my mind. You are do your work for the LORD with your whole hearts. I love and admire that more than I can say. It’s a “thing” with me.

    Do you make up this stuff as a collective group, or does each teacher/leader come up with his or her own plan? I picture brainstorming sessions with great laughter and iron sharpening iron in my head.

    LOVED the game and the oysters the best of all.

  2. OK, I have decided that I want to go to your VBS. I can’t believe the creativity, the inspiring teaching that occurs. I think it’s such a wonderful thing when Jesus is introduced to children at an early age.

    Though I must say, the lessons that were taught this week really touched my heart, too.


  3. Hello Kathy! Looks like you and your husband are having a fulfilling and rewarding summer with the little ones! Lots of laughs and learning too. HAPPY August 🙂

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