Beach Bash VBS – 2013!

It’s that time of year again when we deck the Calvary Chapel Children’s Ministry halls with all things VBS for a weekly Wednesday night summer of Son Surf Beach Bash Vacation Bible School themed lessons and activities with Yours Truly as the official photographer and blogger of the event!

Plus – the occasional fill-in when a small fry needs a bathroom escort . . .

This year our head Lifeguard – Miss Brenda – put monster man-hours into all the preparations for a weekly beach party through July and August with the help of a very dedicated staff!

Different stations were set up both inside and outside the facility so there is plenty of room for whomsoever will come to our VBS beach each week!  Our little guys – the Tiny Turtles – have a room all to themselves where they enjoy games and Bible lessons.

Craft time is always great fun, too!  This week, youngsters made clever beach-themed mobiles . . .

And, once outside, they were an absolute delight to watch while they played a game of Sharks!  Our Games Lifeguard, Miss Gina, explains the rules of the game . . .

The “sharks” tell the fishes waiting in the pool at one end of the playing field . . .

. . . when it is time to “swim”.  The object of the game is to get safely to the pool at the other end of the field without getting tagged by a shark.  If you’re tagged – then you’re a shark, too!

The game continues until everyone is a shark!

Hmmmm . . . how about swimming out there into all the world and tagging folks for Jesus!

Well – that’s this week’s theme, actually – MEET-UP WITH JESUS.

Greeting each of three groups of “beach-goers” throughout the evening in his sunblock-sun hat, with his comic antics . . .

Mr. Ed settles down comfortably in his beach chair . . .

As the youngsters gather around for the evening’s Bible lesson based on this week’s verse:

“God showed how much he loved us by sending 
His one and only Son into the world 
so that we might have eternal life through Him.”
1 John 4:9  NLT

Storytelling is what Mr. Ed loves to do – and this week our beach-goers heard about how and why God sent Jesus to earth at a very specific time in history (His Story) when the great Caesar in Rome declared himself to be a god – and his son to be the “son of god”.  Jesus – the true Son of God – came into the world as a child – an extraordinary boy – and brought with Him a tsunami wave that has been turning the world upsidedown for the past 2000 years!  Long after the old Roman Caesars died out – never to rise again, I might add – Jesus is still changing lives for eternity when each human heart chooses to makes a home for Him there.

As always, Mr. Ed’s enthusiastic delivery and fascinating factoids flavor his story teachings and keep young and old in rapt attention.

 The Praise & Worship Tent is hosted again this summer by Miss Chrissy and Miss Kourtney, who used this first night’s meeting to teach the songs the kids will be singing all summer.

Of course, it involves plenty of movement and action!  

Youngsters went home with their own CD of all the songs to learn this week so by next week they will be able to jump into all the Praise & Worship joy with a splash!

Miss LeAnn – who made these fabulous flip flop wall decorations adding to the visual fun of the theme . . .

Is the Lifeguard supervising the Snack Shack!

This week, a gooey mess of jelly and cream spread over a tortilla and tied up with string licorice like an ancient scroll (representing God’s Word) was the featured snack. 

Mmmmmm – Yum!  Taste and see that the Lord is Good!  Meet up with Jesus – eat His Word – and, no matter how hot the sun beats down on the beach – you’ll never be thirsty again!

Too soon, dusk turns to dark swiftly, and parents return to claim their little beach boys and girls – until next week!  

Same beach time – new beach lesson!

To be continued . . . 

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  1. OH, Miss Kathy, that looks like so much fun! God loves the ones who bless His tiniest children. I do hope you get a little rest though.

  2. Oh what FUN!! Makes me want to be a kid again!

    I wasn’t able to do VBS at our church this summer – I was down the hill taking care of my parents. But, I am so glad for the work that I know God does in the hearts of these children.


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