Beach Pinks at VBS

Well, if you visited last Pink Saturday, you’d know I spent it hosting a yard sale – in 90+ degree weather.  Sun shining – hot and humid.  To be sure, by 1:30pm I was quite done for and high-tailed it into a cold shower to deter heat stroke while husband and son-in-law loaded the left-overs in the car for a short trip to Goodwill!

I spent the rest of the day chilling while watching a DVD marathon of Duck Dynasty as a detox . . .

And really didn’t get over the heat exhaustion til the middle of the week.  This is why I am not often given to trips to the beach – even though it is only a 45 minute drive to the Jersey shore.  This summer, even if you loved the beach, it would be tough to plan a good day with so much rain of late.

However, our Calvary Chapel Children’s Ministry has enough beach for everyone this summer – and plenty of pinks, too!  A terrific shade umbrella – where you might find me hiding from a sweltering sun . . .

And, here’s a treat!  Our Snack Shack Mistress – Miss LeAnn – created and supplied a number of these fabulous flip flop wreaths she crafted – quite inexpensively, I might add – with dollar flip flops from the Dollar Store!

Her decor was instantly transporting to the shoreline by the sea on a just right beach day!  No pinks here, but this festive patriotic red, white, and blue wreath was my favorite!

More details about this summer’s Vacation Bible School and my annual blog series on same starts HERE where we kick off our summer beach themed VBS by “Meeting Up with Jesus” – which always makes me feel Joyfully PINK all over!

Sharing Beach Pinks at VBS on Beverly’s Pink Saturday at How Sweet the Sound.

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  1. Heat exhaustion is the very worst! I am glad you are better and I smiled when you said you matched a marathon of Duck Dynasty. They are the best T.V. ever! Not afraid to share their faith in front of the world! I love those flip flops! WHat a cool idea. SHe should have you post her tutorial! Have a great weekend!

  2. You have such an uplifting and inspiring blog! Those flip flop wreaths are adorable! May your VBS be blessed with all that you do.



  3. Hello! I don’t like the heat- I have to laugh when others envy our CA heat. Grass is greener, eh? We have warm temps until Halloween, and our winters are so mild that it feels like we basically have 2 seasons. I’d love a ‘real’ Fall! Have to agree with you on Duck Dynasty, too. LOVE it. Husband and I both enjoy the episodes. HAPPY Summer 🙂

  4. Hi Kathy, I just stopped by to say hello. My grands are gone and I actually have some time to visit. First your Bible School post with Mr Ed and the beach theme is awesome. A good message for all ages.

    I was interested in how your sale did and I hope all the work was worth the effort. I gave up doing them because I live up in the mountains without neighbors to speak of.

    My hubs loves Duck Dynasty and I kind of do. HA! The flip flop wreath is so creative. fun and patriotic, so it pleases me too.

    Have a lovely Sunday and relax after your busy week.
    Hugs, Jeanne

  5. Love the flip-flop wreaths! So clever!


  6. Sorry to be so late getting here. I LOVE the flipflop decorations!

    And here’s another tidbit: I LOVE LOVE LOVE Duck Dynasty! It’s the least likely kind of show for me to watch, but I got hooked on it and fell in love with the Robertson clan. Jase is my favorite. I love his dry delivery.

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