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Just a little “Show and Tell” today!  My NEW favorite thing – MEME MAKING!

You know, I can get pretty lost for hours scrolling through blogs and – dare I log-in on Pinterest – feeding to my fill on the creative inspiration in word and deed posted for all to see.  I comment on the blogs – and then “pin” my favorites.  On Pinterest – I re-pin and often copy to a hard drive file a vintage image or inspirational quote that I will want to use in some of my collage journals.

But, lately I have decided that – “Hey!  I can do that!”

I mean . . . I really do have any number of photographs taken by the limited skill of my eye and camera.  There are a few I am particularly proud of that might be worthy of inspired words to match an inspired image – like my first attempt, here . . .

Then, there are my collections of vintage ephemera that I can scan – old photographs from bygone days that invite a clever and appropriate caption . . .

Today though, I decided to go one step further – to take one of my photos and put it together with an inspirational quote of my own!  Well, I do fancy myself a writer, after all.  Why not?  So . . . my show and tell for today’s attempt at meme making is . . . (drum roll, please):

Applause is not necessary.

Actually, I am feeling a bit foolish that the truth of this has taken so very long to set into my spirit and be owned by my heart.

You see – I am embarking upon a new season in my writing career and artistic endeavors.  I am hopeful for success, but fearful of it, too.  Prayerfully seeking God’s direction, I have come to embrace the FACT that, when we know that we know that we know that we are in the center of God’s Will for our lives – success is a foregone conclusion because of the eternal victory of Christ in our life!

I have nothing to fear but fear itself!  Say – now there’s an “original” quote . . . (chuckle of sarcasm)

Maybe not so original . . . but ever and always true when one is snug in the palm of His hand, on the path He has set you on, doing precisely what He has called and equipped you to do – in its due season.


Thinking you’ll be seeing more memes 
with my name on them . . . 
May you be as blessed reading them 
as I have been creating them – 
In Christ.

Sharing Meme Making at Katherine’s Corner on Favorite Things Thursday.

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  1. Hi, Kathryn. I am stopping in from over at Thursday Favorite Things blog hop. Love your little quote! I’ve also made a few of my own memes. It is lots of fun. Thanks for sharing!
    Ann @ Cairn Cottage(

  2. Sing it sister!

  3. Good morning Miss Kathy, well, you learn something new everyday! These are great and very much YOU! I can see you enjoying this little adventure. How has your summer been? Zipping along all too quickly.

  4. Mrs. Creativity – that’s my nickname for you! These meme’s were really nice. I liked them. And most of all, I liked how much it was evident how much fun you’re having making them!

    More, please.


    (P.S. Just FYI – we were evacuated for four days due to a raging wildfire that came less than a mile from our home and town. Let me tell you, in the center of God’s will this week was anxiety, and then perfect peace and gratitude. We came home Sunday night.)

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