Pinks in the Yard

I’ve been waiting for a Pink Saturday to share my front yard pinks this year. 

Not quite the wildflower garden of the past couple years – we planted some bright annuals this year that we hope will be color all season, in addition to some seed zinnias that will bloom by August.

Of course – my rose among the heather that guards our lamppost in the center of the yard has a sweet single bloom.

It is an odd bush – some years covered with unnumbered blossoms and other years only one at a time.

I love the rusted burgundy in this daisy variety that just popped up – don’t know what it is called.  A hold-over perennial from last season’s wildflowers, I expect.

It was a colorful way to mark the 4th of July this week . . .

Even Emma and Copperfield took time to admire the pretties . . .

Of course, this serene scene will be all abuzz on Pink Saturday this weekend –

Yep!  It’s yard sale time again at the Ross Ranch – something I’ve been dreading since we did this two years ago around the same time . . . and for good reason!

It’s JULY!  It’s HOT & HUMID! And – to clean out and re-organize a basement full of random props, costumes, and whatnots . . .

That accumulate when one is producing and directing a myriad of stage programs for varied venues and groups . . .

Well – after a week of this . . . I’m BEAT!

However – this torture to lower back muscles comes with some rewards – I found so many things I forgot I had or put in safe places!!  Like – a bit of lace trim and a vintage rag basket that will do nicely in my new studio!

“Out-with-the-old-stuff” is crammed very nicely in my dining room at present.

Friday I’m making signs and some tags and sorting through some of the books – a more tedious job – but not nearly so back-breaking.  All this in anticipation for stepping out in Faith and . . .

“IN WITH THE NEW THING. . . the re-purposing of my basement work area, going from classroom to art studio, where I shall finally be able to indulge my whimsy in re-purposing some of my collections using altered art techniques – finished products available in my new ETSY shop I’ll be opening by the end of the month!

My business name is Pageant Wagon Productions LLC – DBA The Pageant Wagon Prop Shop – where the curtain rises as former props and vintage costume bits, pieces, and accessories will make “Cameo Appearances” – one of a kind altered art and re-purposed finds standing out from the rest – for sale, to enhance your home decor or gift giving needs.  I will also be updating some of my former designs created when I had my crafting business about ten years ago in New England under the business name of Saltshaker Crafts.  More on that to come . . . and – regarding vintage hats . . .

Sorry – NFS!

But – for today – I will enjoy my front garden pinks and hope that when I clutter up the yard tomorrow, it clears out in record time – so I can get back in our cool house and out of the record heat! 

Giving God the glory . . .

Sharing Pinks in the Yard on Beverly’s Pink Saturday at How Sweet the Sound.

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Kathryn Ross, writer, speaker, and dramatist, ignites a love of literature and learning to equip young and old towards developing a Family Literacy Lifestyle—reading together, learning together, loving together. Her works challenge families to deepen their literacy skills and grow into the greater things God has purposed for them. She’s taught in Christian and homeschool circles, trained in the Principle Approach® through the Foundation for American Christian Education. Miss Kathy owns Pageant Wagon Publishing, producing homeschool enrichment materials, devotional works, study guides, and theatrical dramas for church, school, and community production. She podcasts at and blogs at


  1. Hi Kathryn..Love all your pink flowers, your home is lovely..and the cats! so sweet.
    I had a garage sale last month..a lot of work but I was so happy to get rid of the junk!! I just made room for more.
    Have a great holiday weekend and Happy Pink Saturday! Tami xo

  2. Hi Kathy, Thank you for your sweet comment about my grands. They are awesome kids and we are so proud of them all. The two at the far right start college at the Univ. of Fl. this August. We are a family of Fl Gators and they are the third generation of our family going to this college.

    Wow, you are undertaking a lot of hard work between your sale and your new shop. I hope it all is a wonderful success. Your new room to create is the best.

    Your pinks are so pretty. I too have some pink flowers blooming right now but we have been so busy with the grands I have neglected them. I hope the hard rains haven’t done them in.
    Blessings and hugs,

  3. Good luck with the sale, Kathy. Looks like it is going to be a huge success. Thanks so much for hosting our banner swap. I love mine and it’s not even complete! I do love our “art” group and hope we keep it ongoing. xoxo Nancy

  4. Dear Kathy, I love your flowers! Good luck with the yard sale, you have lots of good stuff, you should do well! It is so much work, but people do love to shop and rummage at these sales! Drink lots of water!
    Have fun!

  5. Oh my, I see you have your work cut out for you , but even in the heat with aching muscles, I can tell you’re excited about the future possibilities. I can’t wait to see your new studio !

  6. Love your flowers! I miss a yard–apartment living at present. Anyway, good luck on your yard sale! And can’t wait to see what you present in your new Etsy shop!

  7. Lovely blooms. I am partial to pink flowers in my yard too.


  8. I have a feeling that your *trash* would DEFINITELY be my treasure! I’m hoping that the Garage Sale was a huge success, and that it didn’t wear you out too much! I’ve done one in my entire life, and that was enough. The preparation was more exhausting than the day of the sale. Though Sale Day had a few trials, too!

    Hoping you took pictures to share!

    And, I’m eagerly awaiting the new Etsy shop!


  9. Love all your pretty pinks! That single rose from the bush with a mind of its own made me smile – so lovely. 🙂

    Oh, and congrats on your new Etsy shop! Blessings!

  10. Love all your pinks and wished I could come to your yard sale!!!! Lots of good stuff looks like! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

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