Beach Bash Foot Bath

Vacation Bible School at Calvary Chapel Vineland comes every Wednesday evening throughout July and August – and with no small about of surprises!  So, it was business as usual this past week when Mr. Ed instructed each of his classes to “Take off your socks and shoes!”

Now – that is a matter of course on a sandy beach.  However, on this grassy field under a cloud covered sky, it was an unusual request.  No matter – the kids were game.  They always are!

Setting the stage for this week’s Bible teaching through story and demonstration, Mr. Ed explained why we need Jesus in our earthly lives.   Jesus’ death and resurrection make it possible for us to JOIN UP with Him and be part of God’s family. 

Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life.  
No one comes to the Father except through me.”

John 14:6

But – Mr. Ed went one step further.  JOINING UP with Jesus calls each one of us to be like Him – to be like our Master . . . our Teacher.  Which means that we must be servants in the same way Jesus was a Servant – serving the needs of others through unconditional love.  And, just like Jesus demonstrated to His disciples in an action they could not fail to understand, Mr. Ed did the same for his students . . . he washed their feet.

Giggles were hushed as he started.  Each child waited expectantly for their feet to be splashed with water and then, wiped clean with a towel by the hands of their teacher. 

In ancient days, with bare feet exposed to the dust and rough terrain of the ground on a daily basis, foot washing by the lowest servants in the house was a normal part of daily life.  However, when Jesus identified Himself with mere “servants” as demonstrated through the washing of His disciples’ feet, and called that “leadership” and “ministry” – He made that one of the distinguishing marks of JOINING UP with Him.  It was a revolutionary idea that has been turning the world upside-down and changing lives for joyful and purposeful living for the past 2000 years!

Meanwhile, the Tiny Turtles were busy crafting multiple arms and legs on clever “pasta crabs.”  Though these jumbo shells are destined to NEVER be stuffed with ricotta cheese and smothered in marinara sauce, their purpose is fulfilled as an object lesson about arms and legs and using ours to serve others.

Little fingers place small shells at the ends of chenille wires that are JOINED TOGETHER through the body of the jumbo shell. 

When we JOIN-UP with “Jumbo Shell Jesus,” He guides our small shell arms and legs to love and serve the needs of others.  Looking out for ways to do that . . .

The Tiny Turtles practiced being servants to their teachers during Miss Gina’s game time. 

Game assistants pretended to be mannequins who couldn’t do anything for themselves.  Tiny Turtles had to serve them by dressing them up – like a beach vacation tourist!

Well, this was nothing short of hilarious for everyone involved – and how delighted these youngsters were to be the ones “dressing” someone else for a change when many of them are used to being the ones dressed by their elders. 

Hey – serving the needs of another who can’t help themselves can be a lot of fun!

Snack time found plenty of yummies to toy around with.  Chloe is JOINING UP a mini-blueberry muffin with a fruit snack garnish – sticking them together with vanilla icing.  Mmmmm . . . good to eat!

The love of God through Jesus JOINS us UP with Him to produce good fruits that feed a world hungry for true love in all facets of life and living.  Now – there’s something to really praise the Lord in –

What a privilege we have through Jesus to JOIN-UP with Him to serve the people around us with His love in all truth, goodness, and beauty!

Sharing Beach Bash Foot Bath this week with Spiritual Sundays.

P.S.  CONGRATULATIONS Charlotte and Spiritual Sundays – celebrating FIVE YEARS of Weekly Devotional Link-Ups where bloggers “JOIN-UP” together sharing enriching devotions, Bible teaching, praise, and prayer, as members of God’s Family in Jesus Christ!

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  1. Wow. That looks like a very fun VBS. I’m sure the kids all loved it and were able to grow in spirituality as well.

  2. Those kiddos are the cutest of the cute, and the learning sounds wonderful, both silly and deep.

  3. VBS is always such a blast for kids. What great lessons here.

  4. What a smart way of doing VBS to stretch it out through the summer. Not as exhausting and lots of fun learning!

    And what a cute craft idea! I’m pinning this to Pinterest to save for my next visit with my younger grandkids.

    Thanks for such a delightful visit. Have a blessed week!

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