Morning Rumination

Why do we doubt the work of the Lord in our lives as though He were some drunk driver who can’t be trusted behind the wheel – erratically steering the car of our lives this way and that with no rhyme or reason?

It is my own understanding that can’t be trusted!  I know my mind is more given to erratic steering when I think I’ve got it all figured out – or worse – when I decidedly DON’T and still insist upon steering the car!

Case in point – jumping to conclusions about something and rather than calmly putting the horse before the cart – we put the cart before the horse and come to a complete STOP.  That cart isn’t going anywhere if the horse isn’t moving it.  In fact – it stands a good chance of rotting into the elements that be, standing there so exposed and unprotected, unable to continue in the work it weas designed to do or even, to take shelter in the carriage house.

I got like that the other day.  I completely misunderstood something and jumped to the worst possible case scenario and felt suddenly upended and halted in my tracks – unable to move forward – terror stricken!  Though I knew the Lord had brought me to a place and called me to a particular work, I entertained the idea that it had all been a ruse and He brought me only so far just to drop kick me into a Job-like turmoil just for the fun of testing me beyond bearing.

Really?  Is that the character of the God who gave His life for me on the cross???

How thankful I am for the priesthood of my husband to speak PEACE, sense, and Christ to the situation.  How wondrous of the Lord to provide a knowledgeable friend WITHIN THE HOUR to rearrange the horse and cart in my mind – and heart – allowing me to regain my spiritual balance with an informed thought scenario of TRUTH beyond dispute.

I had stopped short – disconnecting my cart from the Horse – believing an untruth out of my own ignorance.

Then, I remembered the first words of my devotional reading that morning:

“When things seem to be going all wrong, stop and affirm your trust in Me.  Calmly bring these matters to Me, and leave them in My capable hands.  Then, simply do the next thing.”
Sarah Young, Jesus Calling   


Even in my lapse of faith, the Lord’s Presence was there every minute with that nagging Holy Spirit voice telling me to re-read what I’d read and prayed over that very morning!

My scripture reading that morning?  Meme worthy, I daresay . . .

So – lesson learned.  I hope.  Anxiety is so very destructive.  Ignorance is NOT bliss.  Jesus – take the wheel and the reins and help me stay firmly belted into the seat.  Only then can I take joy in the ride – and fly – bounding forward in all good things and beauty . . . like the hinds on the hills . . .

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Charlotte at Spiritual Sundays

P.S.:  The meme photo of the mountain goats was taken in the early 1990’s in Yellowstone National Park where I watched in amazement at these creatures jumping effortlessly from tiny crag to tiny crag on a sheer cliff hillside, maintaining their balance and enjoying the beauty of the world in which the Lord created them to live.  It is an image that I have held deep and dear to my heart for over twenty years – and the original photo I took I’ve kept framed by my desk since that day.

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  1. What a wonderful reminder and post, Miss Kathy! Love the cat pic too! THanks for stopping by and catching me up- I so have missed you, but such are the days of Summer!

  2. Kathy, this was what I so needed to hear this morning. I am packing up to go spend a week visiting my family – which means taking care of my parents. It’s beyond stressful to me.

    Your meme, and especially the Scripture (this English major just loves the Amplified translation!) spoke volumes to my heart.

    HE will enable me to walk upon my high places of trouble, suffering…and responsibility.



  3. Oh, that first picture! You could entitle it “Road Rage” and enter it into a competition! 🙂

  4. Oh yes, we’ve had a few rearrangements of cart before horse events too.

    Thankfully He is faithful and oh so patient to get us back on track. (Aren’t husbands good too!)

    I loved that word from Habakkuk in the Amp. version. I’ll go check it out… no doubt it’s underlined already, but reminders are wonderful!

    BTW, I’m watching the mail, Miss Kathy!

    Hugs and wishes for a beautiful weekend.

  5. thanks for this today,Kathy! I really needed to hear this! In the midst of my doubt He is faithful!

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