Of Teacups and Healthy Treats

Is there anything more delightful to greet me in the morning than my quiet time corner with my favorite devotional reading and that first sip of tea?

Very possibly!  When it is followed in the afternoon by the gift of a new teacup from a dear friend!

Recently, I was beyond delighted to enjoy both, one day, when my friend, Nikkole, dropped by with just a little something she picked up at our favorite Across the Pond Tea Shop – just for me – just because . . .

As an outgrowth of my own search for natural wellness, and the answers I’ve found and grown in over the past five years, Nikkole and I work together providing support for people in their efforts for lifestyle changes in diet and holistic approaches to health and wellness.  We conduct monthly informational meetings about natural wellness principles and the use of therapeutic essential oils to reach our wellness goals – like at this month’s meeting when we made a fantastic salad dressing with only four LIQUID ingredients!

It was delish – and super-good for you!  I’m thinking it would be perfect to serve with the fat-burning green tea we made, too – especially if I took the tea in my new teacup!!

I’ve photographed it in front of my little thatched roof English cottage – reminding me of the tea shop where it came from.  Our friend, Karan, owns the shop and services her customers with all things tea and England!  She knew I had my eyes on this one and pointed it out to Nikkole when she stopped in – and Nik just thought I needed a prize that day.

It’s a Paragon piece and one of four in different pastel shades.  I loved the champagne pink one and often remarked on it when I was in the shop.  Pink is Nikkole’s favorite color – so she thought it the best choice out of the others in green, yellow, and gold hues.

It feels divine to hold and the shape is lovely!  The florals on the saucer match the florals in the bottom of the cup set off so elegantly with gold flourishes.  The light color of a properly brewed cup of green tea – my tea of choice – is perfect to show off all the features of this cup where I can see clearly the floral pattern inside with each sip!

NOW – about that salad and green tea recipe!

Yep!  That’s all it is – quick as a wink and you have the tastiest, healthiest salad to enjoy with your green tea in that pretty-in-pink Paragon teacup!

But wait!  There’s more!  Add a drop of Ocotea essential oil to your green tea (only available through Young Living Essential Oils), and you add digestive support that also balances your pituitary and endocrine systems for enhanced function – plus – weight management because it is a natural appetite suppressant!  Just a drop – or less – will do ya!  Adds great flavor to your green tea – served hot or cold.

Of course – you do need a sweet!  I just changed out my Maple Cranberry Squares recipe HERE with the substitute of pure organic molasses and organic raisins for the maple and cranberries.  Pictured below, you’ll notice I tossed in some orange-red berries, too!  They are dried wolfberries (again, only from Young Living) and are off the charts on the ORAC scale as an anti-oxidant and energy builder.

I loved the taste of these – reminded me of grandma’s old fashioned molasses cookies – only these are much healthier!

Nikkole is a great business partner and a generous friend.  I just love my new teacup and have it centrally displayed on my tea cabinet, of course!  She is a gifted massage therapist and studying to complete her certification as a holistic nutrition and health counselor.  This gal knows her stuff and is always putting me onto the best advice in natural wellness.  We have a great time sharing what we are learning on the subject with so many people interested in making quality wellness changes in their lives – and drinking copious quantities of tea when we do!

As a matter of fact – we have another exciting teatime event coming up in September on the 12th:

Our last medicinal tea and oils program in June was well attended and we had a terrific time with Karan putting it together at Across the Pond Tea Shop!  Stop by and visit Karan’s NEW BLOG just launched HERE to meet her up close and personal!

Looking forward to our September evening health conscious teatime – and perhaps taking home one of the Paragon mates to my pink champagne cup – for a Paragon green tea for two . . . or three!

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NOTE:  For more information on what I’m doing these days with Young Living Essential Oils – and why – visit my website to the purpose at: www.ylscents.com/rossroads.  I recommend Young Living Essential Oils because they are the industry leader with a Seed to Seal guarantee of absolute purity so they are safe to ingest in addition to topical and aromatic uses.  Not all essential oils on the market today are safe to take internally.

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  1. Your new teacup is very pretty Kathryn and a thoughtful gift from your friend.
    I wondered about ingesting essential oils and found you explained further down about the brand you trust is edible.
    It would be fun to attend the health and wellness seminars if I lived closer.

  2. Hi Kathryn: Sure wish I was closer, I would love to attend one of your teas. Love the tea cup. Blessings, Martha

  3. Such a a lovely tea cup! I also us YL Essential oils 🙂

    Jocelyn @ http://justalittlesouthernhospitality.blotspot.com

  4. Another beautiful addition to your teacup collection. So very pretty.

    And, I am interested in having a healthier lifestyle – so I’m going to go check out your new website. Are you using the oils as aromatherapy, too?


  5. What a beautiful cup and saucer and so many tips and healthy ideas! Thanks for sharing all at Tea In The Garden!

  6. How very interesting. I would attend if I lived close to you too. Your cup is just beautiful. I love Paragon…one of my very favorites.
    Lady Linda

  7. Dear Kathryn,
    What a lovely teacup. Paragon makes some of the most beautiful ones, don’t they? It is made sweeter by the fact it was a gift from a friend which makes it extra special.
    I love your lit little cottage. Darling!!!!!
    Ruthie from Lady B’s Time for Tea

  8. Love your pictures as always. They each tell a story without words. I will have to give this dressing a try! Looks simple! I like simple! LOL! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  9. I would love to take in your seminar, Kathy. Your pink teacup is really beautiful and such a lovely gift from your friend. I just love the colour of it and all the gold accents! Would love to see the others too. Thank you so much for coming to tea. It’s always a pleasure to have you join me.


  10. I love that teacup. I absolutely love an afternoon cup (mine can be coffee or tea, I don’t care) in a lovely set like that. It just makes me feel restful.

    And I’m so glad you included the recipe because I was about to ask you for it or search to see if I missed it.

  11. I love roses and gold…
    I tried the other cookies (cranberry) and they were very nice, but i didn’t register they needed to be refrigerated, so we had to toss half of them, after keeping them out, they started to ferment. I’ll remember that next time ! 🙂

  12. Dear Kathryn,
    Gosh, I thought I left a comment days ago but I don’t see it. Happy for your new cup. It is a beauty. Very elegant and made special because someone thought you special enough to gift it to you.
    I adore your lit cottage behind the teacup. So sweet!
    Have a sunny weekend, Ruthie from Lady B’s Time for Tea

  13. Hello Kathryn, loved this post – I have been doing a lot of reading and listening to others about healthy, lifestyle changes – your post fits in so beautifully! The salad dressing sounds delicious! Loved this teacup – so very beautiful! I am delighted that you shared with A Return to Loveliness,

  14. I’ve been enjoying my catch up visit.
    Nice to touch base with you. I was sorry to hear that sad news you mentioned in your posting today of that young girl(Aug 38).


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