Wearing a Garment of Joy

What a mess! 

I really ruined my lap-desk working a project some time back with glue sticks – and landing most of the glue all over the desk!  How thoughtless and sinful of me to not take precautions and cover my work surface.

Well . . . there’s only one thing for it . . .

A cup of tea, of course!  In a lovely square-shaped mug peppered joyfully with pink flowers and a collage of beautiful images!

That – and my “quiet time” corner – cozy in my pink teatime fleece on a chilly early September morning.

Currently, I’m drinking deeply from the wells of Ann Voskamp’s One Thousand Gifts.  It is peeling back new layers of understanding of words that have long been hallmarks of my Christian walk:


As I savor in silence with reflective thoughts, I journal to record the fruits of this teatime prayerful meditation.


Like for like!

The death of man’s intimate relationship with God – REDEEMED by the death of God in the guise of Jesus Christ the man . . . on the cross!


I begin to think that there is hope for my lap-desk after the scars of dirty, dried glue stuck to it’s formerly smooth surface.  No – it is not to be tossed away into the dust-bin for the trash collector!

It is to be resurrected, restored, and renewed with NEW LIFE and PURPOSE by the Collector of Souls!

Using “Like” for “like” – MOD PODGE!

That little crafting miracle glue that comes in a jar!

I will lay out the “images” that are the outward expression of an inward impression of Christ – His Word made alive in my life . . .

Those inspiring little scriptures, illustrations, and memes so plentiful in Blogland from precious artists like Abby at Little Birdie Blessings and all the blog building goodies at Sweetly Scrapped.

A sip of tea energizes me for the task!  Cutting each image deftly . . . mixing and matching and placing them into a puzzle of a collage . . . and then – joy filled hours later . . . Voila!

An inspirational lap-desk upon which to work, to write, to be reminded continually of God’s love and care for me.  I am ever renewed thinking on these words, three:

Grace ~ Gratitude ~ Joy

Beyond “recycled” to UPCYCLED . . . and that makes me feel PINK all over!

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  1. Ah, a cup of tea in that beautiful mug would make anything feel a little better! 🙂

    And what beautiful art work.

  2. Such a clever woman you are! I love how your *new* lap desk turned out! Very pretty, very *you*!

    And yes, a very good reminder of the Lord who removes our *sticky sins* and makes us into something beautiful!


  3. I haven’t been by in a while – I went to Feedly (Reader) and saw your blog so I stopped by and saw this post. Great recovery on the lap desk.

    Enjoyed your post – Thanks, Jenn

  4. I love this collage, stunning! Fun to see some of my graphics used in it, thanks for the link back. Blessings to you this weekend. ~ Abby

  5. Your lap desk ‘upgrade’ is beautiful and inspirational, Kathy. I love it…
    Hugs and Blessings
    Barb xxx

  6. What a wonderful project! You are so very creative.

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