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DISCLAIMER:  The following is my feeble effort to share a little bit of TEATIME and the comforts therein with my readers this week.  I admit – it has its smattering of “whimsy” about it – though with more metaphorical depth than normal; and I do love the pretty teacup I’m featuring for its languid landscape; plus, my dear Copperfield makes a cameo appearance.  However, the mental perils of “Monday” got in the way and I fear this post strays into the realms of “stream of consciousness” as I wade through a bit of a low ebb coming into the week.    Ah, but a little tea and a lotta faith will right the ship in the end.  Bear with me if you dare . . .

What is it about Mondays that seem to invite a barrage of random thoughts careening in madcap clamor about my mind as I greet a new week with fresh shares of challenges, anxieties, choices and unpredictabilities?  And – the BLESSINGS!  Don’t forget the blessings!

Not to worry!  I have a great DIY that I’ve learned to help me pick up all those little bits and pieces and arrange them into a masterpiece of functional thinking – bringing peace to the storm!

Tea must be first. So, I’ve poured my green tea of choice into this pretty little bit of loveliness – a vintage Shelley cup –  which is immediately calming to my senses. I love the pastoral Autumn setting of the scene – a nice place to escape to.


The scent and warmth emanating from the cup welcomes me into the loving arms of God for our little morning chat.

Then my cozy corner chair with my carefully selected reading material – devotionals, antique poetry books, my own journals and, the Bible, of course.




There.  That’s easy enough.  Now, to collect all these tumble-jumble THOUGHTS!

There are plenty of them – the good, the bad, and the ugly.  For some reason, they never seem to stay in their pigeonholes after I’ve organized them from the day before.  Each day I have to organize them anew.  This is where the tea and chair come in.  Sipping first thing in the morning with my devotionals in hand and purposing silence and solitude – but for a purring cat on my lap – is where I start. 


 Ah! Stillness . . .

be still and know

That is not always easy because Miss Busy-About-The-House keeps trying to get me to “Just do this little thing before you sit down.”  But, I’ve gotten wise to her mindless whirl of activity.  She is often hanging around in my kitchen or office with Miss Multi-Task – her equally evil twin.

No – I shall sit and consider my ways today! 

But, even with such good intentions, the assaults come.  Mr. Meandering Mind wants to remind me of this little thing I could do if I did that other something-or-other first which would only work if I bought that thing-a-me by switching money from my one pitiful bank account to the other but which, should I drive TO the bank rather than do it online, would make it easy for me to drop off those clothes at the cleaners unless I actually gave that DIY stain remover meme idea I saw on Facebook a try then I could save the trip to the cleaners and use that money saved to run by Hobby Lobby for the seasonal sale because I really should get another garland of fake Autumn leaves to balance out the one that is hanging on my dining room valance since it looks so sparse and if I got up now I could dig the Michael’s coupon out of the newspaper bin unless I spend some time playing with my new phone to figure out how to save the Michael’s and Hobby Lobby websites to Favorites so all I’d have to do is bring up the digital coupon at the store and not worry about clipping coupons which could even be done better if I could find the app so I should message my techie friend who has been helping me figure out this smart phone business because I get so stressed out with technology and having to learn all these new semantics when all I really need is to –

be still and know

Oh.  Yes.  That’s right.  I’m sipping tea and in my cozy chair trying to arrange my thoughts for the day. 


I forgot.

You see – there’s just so much I have to accomplish today – this week, in fact – and I own that I have been wrestling with this little imp of a bother-me called Discouragement.  A VERY disagreeable what’s-it, to be sure.  He has been such a force to contend with of late, that I have come close to the cliff’s edge where Despair lurks waiting to get his scaly hands on me.  Troublesome thoughts, indeed.  They fit in the UGLY category and I seem to have to put them in their place Every. Single. Day!  They always are falling out of their slot and then, start running about again.  I have discovered that they have an accomplice aiding their escape – who continues to prove rather elusive to my many attempts to trap him.  He charges here and there leaving his slippery little droppings for me to trip over.  To be sure, Doubt has been at it again.

I need a refill in my teacup.


Now . . . what was I trying to do?

be still and know

Oh, yes!  Thank you. 

But first – the newspaper needs taking care of.  I’ll just skim it and toss it while my tea water is boiling for my refill.  It will only take a minute.  There is not much I really want to occupy my mind with in the news these days.  As a matter of fact, the news adds to my stress levels.  But, then again – it quickens my heart, too.  Jesus said that when we begin to see the kind of headlines we’re seeing today, we should look up because the end is near and He’s coming soon.  That IS good news. 

Even so – come, Lord Jesus!

But, how then shall I live?  What activities ought to engage the hours allotted to me until that day?  My thoughts go swirling about again.  Oh, let me not be wasting the precious moments given to me!  The swirl in my head becomes a whirlwind and I almost want to block my ears for the noise it’s making.  My thoughts dash about like the hot potato in the game Fear, Anxiety, Doubt, Discouragement and Despair are gleefully engaged upon between my ears as the black cloud of Depression hovers over all until I realize . . .

My tea water is boiling.  The aforementioned whirring noise.  Ah.  Yes.  And I remember . . .

be still and know

Yes, Lord.  Working on it. 

So.  Here I sit.  Quiet, at last.  I had to vacuum out the mess those minions made with a dose of John’s Gospel, some 19th century poetry, and a healthy helping of Ann Voskamp. 


The sun’s coming out.  I can see the words on the page more clearly now.  I know the call on my life and God’s will for how I am to spend the day. 

true noble just

Really – if I get this part right, all the other bits of this and that on my mountainous “To Do List” will fall neatly into place and God’s purposes for little me will be accomplished this day.  Everyday.

So, you see how imperative my cup of tea is to me in the morning. 

And my chair. 


And my God . . .

Who meets me there.

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  1. Oh, Kathy. This may have been my most favorite post that you have ever written – (and that’s saying a lot, because I love them all). First of all, I love how you captured that inner dialogue that we are all subject to – the *committee in my head* is often very chatty, and so distracting. Especially when I sit down to read God’s Word and strive to speak with Him. And, yes, that imp DISCOURAGEMENT. He’s been sitting in my house lately. Actually, in the last week, he’s moved in. I posted something about that this morning – Whine Fest. And yes, God told me the same thing. Be still. I had a conversation with Him about that. His answers were quite revealing.

    So, I am joining my heart with you as you sip your tea and I drink my coffee. I will come alongside you as we both try to allow the Lord to order our priorities and realign our thoughts. After all, He is the CHAIRMAN of the committee last time I checked!!


  2. Lovely post, Kathy. And, it gave me a smile. Life is so busy with an overwhelming amount of “stuff”. It is so important that we have time to think, to feel the quiet and to listen to Him speaking to our hearts.

  3. Ahhhh, life. What choices we have with each and every day!
    Your post is so honest and open. I wish you peace and security and I am sending you big hugs!
    I love your pastoral tea cup. It is very serene looking. Just right for you today. I love finding a peaceful spot to have my tea in too. It really does make a difference to take the time to sit and be, and collect. Sweep out all the negative images and pull in the beauty! Yay!
    Hugs of Love to you sweetie!

  4. A very good verse to keep in mind. Lovely posting

  5. Hi Kathy,
    My, what a post! I must admit it gave me a giggle or two and some food for thought as well. Not hard to tell wherein your talent lies. You are so good with words and expressing yourself! That is such a pretty teacup and your chair looks comfy. Mr. Kitty looks adorable keeping it warm for you too. Phil. 4:8 is my go-to memory verse whenever I feel the urge to not dwell on those things that are lovely…. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, your honesty, and your sense of humor. Hope the rest of your week is absolutely splendid, my friend!


  6. Lavender Cottage says:

    Hello Kathryn, it’s nice to visit with you over tea again. Your post has reminded me how busy and cluttered my own mind can be at times and that I don’t allow things to merely fall into place.
    Have a good week.

  7. Kathy: I knew there was a reason why I enjoy your blog so much. You are a sister in the Lord. I want you to know that with the clutter I have been living in these past few weeks, I so understand where you are at. For some reason, I have been able to keep my head above it all. I know it is the Lord who has me in the palm of His hand. I will pray that the Lord brings you joy this week and that He will replace that spirit of depression with His PEACE. Remember above all He is Faithful! Hugs, Martha

  8. Oh my goodness Kathryn, even though I don’t have a single religious thought in my silly head, I think your devotion is lovely and must be a great comfort for you. 🙂 Hope you’re having a lovely week.

  9. Hi Kathy…a bit late…was at the coast with no internet access Mon-Wed. Of course I love your Shelley Heather. It is easy to get lost in that scene and think of Psalm 23. Phil 4:8 is a fav scripture. So many choices, but really only One direction! Thanks for linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!

  10. Absolutely beautiful – I truly needed this today – I can see why your post was one of the Top Three Viewed – we all have those days and moments – you truly blessed me – I am so delighted to share this quiet moment of tea with you – I do appreciate you! I’ll be featuring your post in this week’s A Return to Loveliness,

  11. WOW !!! Your mind runs around like mine does 🙂 Wonderful and inspiring post!


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