Back to School Tea in October

“Clang!  Clang!  Clang!”

The bells are ringing in a new school year and once again I have returned to the task of teaching and learning.  I am the teacher.  I am the learner.  Embarking on that “self-taught” adventure of learning how to use new computer equipment – and a new blogging platform.


Thankfully, I have a few “professors” I can call upon for more expert advice.  I have a list of questions, to be sure.  I’m quite on a learning curve overload, in fact!  Time for a tea break, I daresay!


Miss Lydia has seen the twins, Gilroy and Elizabeth, off to that little one room schoolhouse this morning . . .


They don’t look any too happy for the fact.

It’s a good thing their teacher serves up her daily lessons in this charming school house tea pot with such rich shades of burgundy and green, set off by a slate black roof.


Mmmmmm . . . I can almost smell a delightful apple caramel herbal tea brewing on the pot bellied stove in the corner of the classroom.  The perfect choice to serve in this miniature cream teapot with a bright red apple motif that teachers like best!


“Pass the sugar please, Gilroy,” Miss Quackenbush models proper teatime etiquette.  “But no cream in fruity herbal teas or it’s likely to curdle!”


Gilroy grimaces.  Elizabeth slyly smiles.  She learned about fruity herbal teas’ tendency to curdle from Mother because she is a better listener than brother.  Tea at school with Teacher is nice, but Elizabeth would much rather be sitting with Mother Lydia and sipping from her Cameo Green tea set that Father gifted her with last Christmas.


She always feels so very elegant when she sips tea from Cameo Green.

“Lizzy, dear!” Miss Quackenbush firmly calls her to attention.  “No more daydreaming.  Finish your tea and then back to your lessons!”  Now, it’s Gilroy’s turn to smile at his sister’s reprimand.

But, to be sure, while brother and sister enjoy their schoolhouse teatime break served from such a charming schoolhouse village set boasting creamer, sugar . . .


Even salt and pepper . . .


And, the miniature teapot, teacups, sugar and creamer set . . .



Mother Lydia is enjoying her Cameo Green tea break after a busy morning.


This is surely what I need to be doing, too, since I am quite on my own “back-to-school” overload due to all the major technical changes that have happened in my life this past weekend.  Here’s my Homework assignments that will keep me more than busy these next few weeks – if not months:

  • 1.  Master WordPress – easier said than done.  Yes, I can see all the future benefits of the move, but at present, I am dissatisfied with what my blog looks like – and more than frustrated with trying to find my way around the back office!  Even searches for definitions on all the new semantics on this platform do not help this techno-challenged brain of mine.  Blogger had its issues – but it was user friendly.  Plug-ins have not been so friendly as all the built-ins at Blogger.  However, I shall soldier on and celebrate all the wonderful new functions here at WP that will give my new publishing adventures that professional appearance I’ve been looking for – with all the added features I have been wanting.  Just that, the learning curve is a bit sharp at present.
  • 2. Master Windows 8, Word 13, Publisher, and PhotoShop Elements – not nearly as daunting at the outset as I had first thought, but so very much to learn.  An entire equipment upgrade was necessary since my seven year old desktop dinosaur is just not cutting it anymore.  Too many features are not compatible with the work I am doing now.  Yes – time to move forward . . . and learn some new tricks.
  • 3. Open ETSY – almost there – as I’ve been saying for two months now.  But, this time – I really AM almost there!  Stay tuned – Cameo Impressions @ Etsy is opening soon!!
Another sneak peek at some "vintage feminine frills" from Cameo Impressions.

Another sneak peek at some “vintage feminine frills” from Cameo Impressions.

  • 4.  Book Launch – You read that right!  My first book, a modest collection of devotional poetry and dramatizations, will be out this month available in both Kindle and print from Amazon!  I can’t be more excited!


It’s the first of a series in The Writer’s  Reverie Collection titled, Fragrant Fields.  Soon there will be a Bookshop Page here where there will be links to purchase them directly.  November 2 is the big day  locally when I’ll be launching the book and Cameo Impressions at a Craft Fair.

So, you see, I really do need that cup of tea.  Or maybe just an afternoon browsing the thrift shops just to get out of the house and unwind.  That’s where I found all the little treasures I have featured today on various visits in the past – including Gilroy and Elizabeth marked “Made in Occupied Japan” which dates them clearly in the mid-late 1940’s.  However, I won’t be thrifting for a while, so I think some of that apple caramel herbal is just the thing!


So nice to take a little break with you, Miss Lydia, Gilroy and Elizabeth, and the clever Miss Quackenbush – none of whom ever heard of a computer and will live always and forever in a fictional idyllic world where they enjoy the simplicity of a bygone time, quill pens, and a hand rung school bell that goes . . .

“Clang!  Clang!  Clang!”

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  1. Bravo Kathy…lots of big adventures & challenges, but I KNOW youe are up to them. Because you can do ALL things because of Him who strengthens you! Look forward to the evolutions going on! Love your darling post…caramel apple sounds wonderful! Thanks for linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!

  2. What a delightful read! Made me smile!

  3. WOW Miss Kathy…lots of changes for you indeed. You are so brave to make such a move with your blog!
    I have been busy enjoying being a grandmother! Trying to get back into blogging. I am loving the return to fall as it is my most favorite time of the year.
    Lady Linda

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