Cameo Impressions Debut at Blog Shop

I’ve been looking forward to this post for some time! My first link-in with Beverly’s weekly BlogShop:


This past weekend I debuted my NEW ETSY SHOP at Cameo Impressions on Beverly’s Pink Saturday – and today I get to join the weekly link-in with other Blogland vendors stocking their virtual shelves with handcrafted and vintage items!

Visit me at CAMEO IMPRESSIONS . . .

Cameo Impressions

And you’ll see some of these beautiful feminine frills with a vintage flair to help you make that “one-of-a-kind ~ set-apart-from-the-rest ~ work-of-art-raised-up-from-the background” cameo impression for all things good and beauty:

Rose of My Heart 4

Rose of My Heart Tie-Back Floral Frill & Infinity Scarf ~ $19.99


Milady Rose 3

Milady Rose Hair Clip ~ $13.99


Grand Design 1

Hair Clip elegance and glamor with Grand Design ~ $12.99


Hair Clip Spendor!  $12.99

Hair Clip Spendor! $12.99


ALSO ~ Vintage Beauties:

Vintage Ciro Silvertone and aqua/rainbow gem screw-back earrings ~ $18.99

Vintage Ciro Silvertone and aqua/rainbow gem screw-back earrings ~ $18.99


PLUS ~ Order via Print on Demand link from my Etsy Shop or from AMAZON.COM:


My first volume of devotional/inspirational writings ~ $9.49! Volume 2 is in the works!


Lots more with MORE to come!  I’m busy with my publishing and cameo impression design work every day, surrounded by joy in a call to artistic enrichment imbued with thoughts of all good things and beauty!


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  1. Congrats on the debut of your ETSY shop. Your pieces are stunning. I will definitely go visit and FAV your shop.
    How very nice to meet you here on Beverly’s Blog Shop. I imagine you are taking advantage of this opportunity, as I am, to ‘DownSize’ and/or promote your ETSY shop. I owned a ‘Brick and Mortar’ quilt shop from 1996 through 2005, and now I’ve joined the online Quilt World with A Quilt Store and More ETSY Shop. My ‘Niche’ in the ever growing and competitive online fabric shopping world is my ‘Inventory and Stash’ from the years of buying and selling quality quilt fabrics from top designers and manufacturers. I’d love for you to visit me at CollectInTexas BlogShop which is linked to my ETSY Shop. Today I am featuring Children & Baby Quilts, Quilt Tops, and Fabric. Just click on the signature link below…hope to see you there. Your comments are ‘Sew’ Welcomed!
    Sue CollectInTexas BlogShop

  2. Kathy, your creations are beautiful. Of course, I knew they would be because you have a gift for creating beauty. Good luck with your new shop, and thank you for linking at Blog Shop.

  3. You are, without a doubt, one of the most talented and creative people I know. These creations of yours are just beautiful!

    Looking forward to more of the *fashions* that come from that amazing mind of yours!


  4. Congratulations on both the debut of the etsy and the devotional book. I love the names of both of them, and your etsy work is beautiful.

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