Favorite Words List Challenge

I keep a lexicon of favorite words.  You know – the kind of words that, when you hear them or speak them they make your heart sing and your mind drift to lands of reverie and wonder at their meaning.

The sublime in their define.

So, this morning, in ruminating about what words I might blog about today, I went to my list which is rather fluid and growing and not at all in alphabetical order – but moving round about in my mind like a splendid Ferris wheel with the little carts holding their precious word cargo slowly circumnavigating my musing.  One will come close to the ground where I might see to use it clearly, then drift away only to be replaced by another – each more grand than the first.

ferris wheel

I’ve been collecting them for quite some time.  A far more sensible collection then some of my other favorite things which take up far too much of my limited cubic square footage and more times than not – collect dust requiring much oversight.

sepia books


hat n books


tea cabinet

But – WORDS! 

They don’t need dusting – they are used daily.  The best of the lot are used most often – imbuing them with greater strength and purpose each time they are written!  Each time they are spoken!

If you’ve been reading my posts of late, you will note that I have come into possession of a new toy.  Actually a tool.  Something that has launched me into fresh realms of purpose to which my Favorite Word List might be applied.  I speak to you of these “memes” – a curious word in its own right and not quite what I would have chosen for the task had it been my job to appoint a name to it.  No matter – it’s the meaning that counts.

These wonderful new techno-tools I’m learning to use allow average artistic fanciers like me the opportunity to turn the most modest of photographs into layered works of art that sing off your computer screen and into the hearts and minds of a reading public with INSPIRATION!

Ah!  That’s an oft used word on my Favorite Word List.

I have more – and today I chose FIVE of them to gather together into ONE GLORIOUS THOUGHT!  The aforementioned meme for the day:

creativity embraces beauty


Can you find them?

Some of my favorite words???

I made them especially fanciful so you wouldn’t miss them in all their marvelousness!!!

I daresay, you shall have to wait for my next book where I will be exploring aspects of this subject – the meat and potatoes of this thought.  I have many more words to share on these words in the hopes that YOU might put them on your Favorite Word List, too!  I’m currently working on my follow-up volume to my first modest collection of favorite words in Fragrant Fields: The Writer’s Reverie Collection.


Also – that sparkling little bit of loveliness providing the background image for my favorite words today is another favorite thing!  It’s one of my own floral creations in which I am taking great JOY (another favorite word), creating designs for my new Etsy Shop at Cameo Impressions!


When we choose our favorite words carefully – and line them up with the Word – Jesus shines in and through us, bringing us to bloom and beauty.

What words have you added to your Favorite Word List today?  I challenge you to start one. 

You’ll be blessed . . . and be a blessing.

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Sharing My Favorite Word List Challenge this week with Katherine at Favorite Things Thursday.


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  1. Hi! popping over from Katherine’s Corner. At the moment some of my favorite words are the fall lines: I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers – Anne of Green Gables

  2. There were many marvelous, meaningful words today in your pretty, perfect post. (I’m using some alliteration just for fun!!)

    If I had to pick a word from your post and add it to my list (which I don’t have, but I think it’s a great idea!!) – it would be sublime:
    “of such excellence, grandeur, or beauty as to inspire great admiration or awe”

    I chose it because it’s a perfect word to use to describe our Savior, don’t you think?

    I think I found all five of your words: creativity, embrace, beauty, inspiration, shine. (Did I get them??)


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