Meme-Me Friday: None So Lovely

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Thanking God Is Faith In Action!

It has been an exciting week of realizing answers to prayer and being encouraged in the HOPE of God’s faithfulness as I turn a career corner and step out into uncharted territory. 

When we pray, we want to pray God’s Will for our lives.  But, I admit – often I struggle to be sure that what I am praying for IS in God’s Will.  Especially when it comes to the deep desires of my heart.  During my past “summer sabbatical” I finally stopped with all my rushing about and set all my big plans aside.  I felt like I was a mouse on a treadmill – continuing to do what I had been doing for some years, yet feeling that doors were shutting for me.  I am self-employed so Anxiety came for a visit and decided to stay.  Until . . .

I.  Just.  Stopped.

My summer days were spent in stillness and quiet and waiting on the Lord with no activity whatsoever in the direction of my working life.   Amazing what happens in the stillness of “stop” – when the whirlwinds are put to rest and the self-run tumult subsides.  Like Elijah, I can hear that Still Small Voice answer me when I pray. 

“Take the bend in the road – new horizons ahead.”

Imagine my surprise – and delight – when the Lord guided me around that bend back to a prayer and desire I have longed for, yet thought unreachable.  Not mine to walk in.  Just a pipe dream – 

“I want to read, and write, and make creative beautiful things

that inspire and enrich others in the Beauty of the Lord.”

Then, imagine my grateful heart when I heard that Still Small Voice again –

“That’s what I want you to do, too.”

none so lovely

Of course – without missing a beat, there are other “voices” that begin clanging about in my head – they are unrelenting:  “Artsy and frivolous!”  “Foolishness!”  “A waste of time.”  “You’re not good enough.” “You don’t have the right skills.” “These are serious times – not playtime!”  “YOU’LL LOSE EVERYTHING, NOW!”  “How can a livelihood be got from that?”

Ah . . . but my “LIFE-lihood” is in the Lord’s hands, and His Grace is sufficient – His provision is sure.  As that snappy little motto on the country decor sign adorning my mantle reminds me every morning in my “secret place” corner:

“If God brings you to it – He will bring you through it.” 

For the past ten years I have worked as a freelance Enrichment Artist bringing performance programs into schools, churches, libraries, and community groups, encouraging others to live a more creative life through the power of story underscored with Biblical principles.  In fact, I still am doing that – only the venue is new.  There is a bend in the road and the season has changed.  After some ten years, the basement foundations built during that time are ready for some ground floor-boards to be laid!

Seeing with new eyes, I now look at the resources I’ve spent my adult life accumulating and – suddenly – I know how to invest them anew!  Gathering my materials and re-purposing space, I am inspired and crafting again – letting my ART take a front seat.  An Etsy Shop filling up with the fruits of my labors is now a reality!  CAMEO IMPRESSIONS is keeping my days filled with creative thoughts and activity as I prepare more items for online sales plus a number of craft shows through the holidays!  There was a season in my past when I had a short-lived crafting business – until the bend in that road a decade ago.  Now, I step into this new venture and venue wiser – and with clearer vision – blessed beyond measure!

Add the icing on the cake, my life long publishing goals are now in the process of being realized – something I have dreamed about since my youth!  The first of many volumes of my inspirational writings in poetry, prose, essay, and dramatization has been published and is now available for purchase through AMAZON – under my own company name, Pageant Wagon Publishing.


I hope you will check out my modest first effort, Fragrant Fields: The Writer’s Reverie Collection.  Presently, I am reviewing thirty years of manuscripts and plays to adapt for publication.  The plays were always my strong suit and I had much success with them in churches and in the community at large.  I write for “children of all ages” – and have a second project in the works where I am teaming up with a very talented illustrator on a devotional picture book series due to be released by Easter 2014.

Truly – in our stillness He is faithful to show the way.  There is none so lovely as answered prayer!  Through it all – I thank God for the call, and the work, and trust Him for provision and increase because I cannot see the end from the beginning.  That’s God’s business.  I do my work – He does His.  It is a “LIFE-lihood” of Grace.  Which is sufficient.  And, therein, is peace.


~ TGIF In Action ~

Thanking God for His Grace in Answered Prayer that delights my heart!

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  1. I couldn’t be more excited about your new ventures. Your creative juices are flowing, and God is directing them in the paths He wants you to go! What joy!!

    Loved hearing your heart about the journey – I can’t wait for more.


  2. Reading your post and how God is at work in your life is thrilling and uplifting! I pinned your quote this morning -beautifully done, my friend! I’m heading over to your Etsy. Love the name! Have a blessed weekend!

  3. You have no idea… you could not possibly know… how much this post spoke to me this morning. I have so much to say, but have decided just to say it to God. Thank you for this post, and I am so thrilled for you that God showed you how much He plans to use your gifts and passions of the heart.

  4. Still need to get to your new blog and all dear Miss Kathy. Your post is heart filled and a pleasure to read. It did make my head spin a bit. You have been a busy bee for sure. When do you rest, my dear? I have missed you and your posts. Becoming a grandmother has changed my life all for the better! The baby adds so much to life and I am still just thrilled and in awe with the little guy, our little miracle. I will try to get by more often.
    Much love,
    Lady Linda

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