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I don’t mind the wind on these cool Autumn days. It blows in its season making my wind-chimes sing.  Though the chill shocks as I rise in the morning, I have enjoyed pulling the sweaters from their summer storage within which to wrap myself in coziness.  All seasons have their perks. 

A dry spell has kept the leaves on the ground brittle, crackling beneath my feet when I survey what is left in our flower garden – which, oddly enough, still holds many pink surprises of hardy blooms.


Not like last year at this time, when a challenging season blew into the region.  That’s when Cassandra came home with me from our church craft show – and kept me company on that scary stormy night when Hurricane Sandy pummeled Southern New Jersey.  Sadly, many of the shore area homes and entire communities are still in disrepair. 


Many people remain displaced.  It is sobering to see so much damage still infecting what had been beautiful seashore landscapes . . in the summer season.

It happened a year ago this weekend.

It was Saturday at the Harvest Festival and Craft Show at church, and I was trying not to believe that the forecast hurricane was to make landfall across our part of the state in less than 24 hours.  The day had been perfect for the festival – if not a little overcast and breezy.  Impending storm notwithstanding, families came dressed for the occasion in all their country best. 


I  enjoyed seeing all the lovely things at the craft show and just could not stand it that I didn’t bring anything for a table of my own.  So, after inquiring is there was a small space to squeeze a late-comer into, I ran home to pull out some of my old inventory from many years past, swinging into the show at the last minute with the smallest of card tables – just for a lark. 


I sold enough to buy a couple of small Christmas gifts and picked up a sweet rag doll in need of some TLC and feminine frills.  I named her Cassandra – a namesake of the hurricane about to come upon us.


Little did I dream then, that a year later I would be in the throes of preparation to be filling a full size display with my own design line of feminine frill accessories at this same craft show!  My toying around with vintage laces and embellishments to deck out my doll just for fun, would become a seed of inspiration – and desire – to once again return to my artistic endeavors which I had allowed to lay dormant for many years.


That night, after the festival, while the winds grew in strength and we still had power, I hand sewed all sorts of lovelies onto Cassandra’s plain and unfinished form.  It kept my mind occupied.  By morning, we awoke amazed that we still had power and things didn’t look so bad from our windows inland – until the stories flooded in from the shore areas of their devastation.

And, this year? Dare I say it?  No storms on the immediate horizon for this season – and next weekend’s Harvest Festival and Craft Show looks good to go.  This time I will be enjoying the craft show as a participating vendor! 


My first show in a decade!  I can’t be more excited!

The only storm in the offing is the one that’s been occupying our living room as I am quite spread out working every day to have enough Cameo Impressions inventory ready to display. 


And then, creating more for the next three weekends where I’ll be making a “cameo appearance” at the local Amish market just in time for the gift buying season ~ PLUS filling my Etsy shop online!

I wonder if Cassandra knew what a creative spark she lit in me when I picked her up as a little whimsy craft project, just for me – just because she brought me delight.  Embellishing her with beautiful things helped me weather a dark and stormy night with peace and joy even though so many beautiful things outside of my world were being uprooted and destroyed.  A change of season had come in a far more lasting way than we had been used to. 

wet fall leaves

Those hurricane winds blew in a new season for me – though it would be some time before I would realize it.  There would be a few more scary storms to weather along the way, but now that I am finally here, I have been blessed stepping out in FAITH and into this challenging new season of my working life ~ doing precisely what it is that brings me JOY ~ and finding Christ at the bottom of it!  Why did I spend so much time fighting it? Why are we afraid to shine precisely in the way God has fashioned us – embracing JOY from His hands – in its due season?

I’ve been reading Emily Freeman’s new book, A Million Little Ways, and my heart just did somersaults when I read this passage:

 “Maybe those things bringing you joy do so because they are one of the many ways in which God wants to declare his glory through you.”

I love how her words amplify what I’ve always understood the Lord to mean in this verse:

“Therefore, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.”  1 Corinthians 10:31

Yes – there are scary storms outside – and inside – and all around us.  But, when we keep focused on what we are called to do, whatever it be, as the Lord leads – even in the simplest things we might be drawn to and take delight in – no wind is strong enough to topple our efforts.  God can be glorified.  Harsh winds are tamed to fresh breezes of fruitfulness when the Lord lifts His hands and speaks PEACE to what ‘ere turmoil might try to keep us from God’s best for our lives.

Even if it is just a creative whirlwind of fabric and frills before a big show.


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  1. Miss Kathy, thank you for sharing your story with us. Praying tonight for continued restoration in your community.

    I’m stopping by from Spiritual Sundays tonight. 🙂

  2. God bless you Kathy, as you start your new venture in the craft business and with your Etsy shop. I think you’ll do well and have a lot of fun too! Your blog looks great!
    You are in my thoughts and prayers! Love, Linda

  3. Happy Pink Saturday, my friend. I wish you well with your new venture. You look ready for this new season.

  4. Have a happy and blessed week…

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