Pumpkin Cuppa Cake & Tea

Oh, the joys of having a gifted daughter

who knows what she’s all about in the kitchen!


Mind you – I was never prone to that particular room of the house.  Growing up, you’d be more likely to find me puttering about in the basement with paints and clay, or huddled over a noisy electric typewriter on my latest manuscript.  Some of those youthful works of art I still have – at the expense of any real culinary skills gained through such formative years.

Not so for my girl!


She always expressed an interest in cooking and baking.  My mother was delighted to share her secrets to making the perfect apple pie with my Bethany when she was just eleven years old.  Mom’s apple pie was the absolute best!  She layered her slices ever so carefully between sprinklings of cinnamon sugar and flour so the pie always held together and just melted in your mouth!  Mom would be proud to know how well her grand-daughter mastered some of the kitchen skills she learned that day.

Now, of course, working in her own kitchen fitted out with a plethora of top notch cooking and baking equipment due to a very savvy bridal registry – it will be a year next month – my daughter does a great deal of entertaining and has earned quite the baker’s reputation.  Well, what would you expect when she brings her mother a made-from-scratch Pumpkin Cupcake with Cream Cheese Frosting and gourmet trimmings like this:


Oh! Joy unspeakable and full of glory – with each sumptuous bite!


And – pumpkin is my favorite for fall tea treats, too.  I’m so glad I have this sweet new Pumpkin Teapot to brew a cuppa to have with my cuppa-cake!


It was a gift from a dear friend . . . she knows me well.


The right teacup is wanted, though, so I have brought out a trio I’ve featured before – so right for the occasion. 




The teacup and saucer are lovely – they’re made in England by Hammersley & Co. and sport a traditional fall design that is picked up on the plate, too.


However, the plate is decidedly made in China and not nearly so fine – a knock off of the fall pattern.  No matter – they look smashing together as the succulent green of the cup and saucer, set off by gold edging makes enough of a high-brow statement for them both.

Brewing some Maple Rooibos Tea seems the right choice today.  I just love the little maple leaf flavor buds in this blend.  A very engaging aroma enhanced with just a dollop of pure maple syrup for that extra healthy sweet.


I have so needed this detox teatime with a couple cuppa favorites. 


The change of season outside has brought a change of season inside as I’ve been far too busy settling into my writing and crafting goals with deadlines looming.  I have to force myself to STOP working for some rest, renewal, and the restoration of strength and inspiration for the tasks at hand.  Oddly enough, this is the theme of my first book – one of those aforementioned “tasks.”  It is a modest collection of devotional and inspirational poetry and prose titled, Fragrant Fields: The Writer’s Reverie Collection.


The book blurb puts it this way:

“A normal day’s busy errands take a sharp turn down the path marked, “Stop and Smell the Roses,” as Enrichment Artist, Kathryn Ross, shares some of her contemplative devotional poetic and dramatized works written over a thirty year period as inspired by the beauty of God’s creation. Taking quality time to Retreat, Reflect, and Renew in the “fragrant fields” of God’s love is paramount to growing a vibrant and meaningful devotional life. Excerpts from the writer’s personal devotional journals as well as dramatized material that has been performed onstage are included in this first volume of The Writer’s Reverie Collection. For the lover of words and images, metaphor and romance, whimsical inspirations and devotional ruminations, “Fragrant Fields” will be a sip of sweet tea for the Bible believing Christian’s “quiet time” moments.”

The headlines are alarming, dear ones, and it is more than imperative to deliberately take the time each day to retreat to “Fragrant Fields” with the Lord to be renewed and restored – enabled to meet the current events and demands of the day with peace in our hearts because we know the Lover of our souls and are confident in His tender care – come what may.

Do check it out on MY BOOK TABLE page (in the header) that is now up and running featuring the The Kindle Edition available through Amazon.  The print edition will be ready to order by next week and I’ll have that link added at that time!  Right now, I’m reviewing the proof of my print edition. 


It’s the perfect little slice of artsy inspirational reading to compliment the most delicious of pumpkin cupcakes – made by the most beautiful of loving daughters – with the most relaxing brew of tea served from the most precious of pumpkin teapots from the most cherished of friends.


A grateful heart overflows for such simple joys!  Yes – a good tea break and book makes everything all better.

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  1. This posting is absolutely fabulous – love the colors of fall, your teapot and what a wonderful thing to have a daughter who is a budding Pastry Chef! So glad you linked at Friends Sharing Tea!

  2. Hello Dear,
    I have enjoyed reading your post. You bring up so many interesting things! Your daughter is lovely, and I am thrilled she has given herself permission to follow her passion. Yay for her, and Yum for you!
    Your tea cup is perfect for fall. Lovely fall bounty in that cup!

  3. Gorgeous Kathy…your daughter, the teacup and teapot and your book! How exciting! Don’t know what I love more! The cake is decadent!….and the teapot so cute…and the cup gorgeous. Your daughter is such a treasure! And I am just so excited for you about the book! Thanks so much for linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea.

  4. What a fabulous post, Kathy! Your pumpkin teapot and teacup are simply wonderful and so perfect for October. That cupcake looks and sounds scrumptious! What a blessing to have such a good baker in the family. Your lovely daughter looks a great deal like her Mama! Congratulations on your new book too and thank you so much for sharing your beautiful and colourful post with us at Tea Time. Wishing you a delightful week.


  5. What a delightful post! Bethany’s cupcake looks scrumptious and your special tea things and dishes are ever so pretty! I’m so happy for you getting this book done and up for sale. Fragrant Fields should be so uplifting and a beautiful book to look at again and again. I must have a copy. You are so encouraging, and your blog looks wonderful! I am so proud of you! Love, Linda

  6. Always fun to see what is happening at The Writers Reverie! Lovely tea cups lovely post. Visiting from Teacup Tuesday.

  7. I found your new place! It looks great, and I love it. I’ll be updating you on my sideboard for future reference. Of course, now that you are no longer on blogger, I’ll have to call you one of my “Blogadoon” friends.

    The pumpkin cupcake looks just delicious, and I am crazy about that teacup. Seriously, it might be my favorite one that I have ever seen. I love fall and I love teacups. It’s a perfect combination!

  8. Kathy, I am way beyond excited for you. Congratulations!!!

    Tell your daughter I want one of those cupcakes. They look delicious. My son is a great cook, too.

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