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I know!  I KNOW!


We haven’t hit Thanksgiving yet and here I am, another crafter jumping on the Christmas bandwagon.

But, really . . . it’s a necessity when now is the time people are making decisions about gifts – and decorating – for Christmas and the holidays.


I’ll have my tree up in my shows this season with plenty of jollity tucked between the branches.  My Floral Frills do triple duty as Hair Clips, Scarf Clips, AND Tree Ornaments!


I love the look!  I have a number of beauties at my Etsy Shop that will make a lovely addition to your Christmas decor this season – and as a frill accessory year round!  Here’s the newest ones I’m featuring at Cameo Impressions on Etsy:

“Merlot Magic” Hair Clip & Tree Ornament from Cameo Impressions


“Merlot Magic” Hair Clip & Tree Ornament – $13.99

“Winter Peony” Hair Clip & Tree Ornament from Cameo Impressions


“Winter Peony” Hair Clip and Tree Ornament – $13.99

“Teal Time” Hair Clip & Tree Ornament from Cameo Impressions


“Teal Time” Hair Clip & Tree Ornament – $13.99


with a visit to my ETSY SHOP for my

Unique Designs and Vintage Finds!

Cameo Impressions


If my “turn of phrase” blesses you, do drop by Amazon and pick up a copy of my first book in a series of devotional and inspirational writings ~ Fragrant Fields: The Writer’s Reverie Collection!


“Fragrant Fields: The Writer’s Reverie Collection” – by Kathryn Ross $9.49

Then, enjoy all the other creative expressions in vintage and handcrafted treasures at Beverly’s Blog Shop Link-in!


And visit our gal, Larissa at Prodigal Pieces Boutique Showcase of all things handcrafted and re-purposed!

prodigal pieces

Til next week when new blessings are forthcoming . . .

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Oh – and this just in:

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Well, I hope so!

Since I’ve moved my blogging platform to WordPress, I have completely lost track of how to manage my followers since the Blogger follower management tools didn’t transfer.  So, I’ve decided to use a more interactive FOLLOW ME venue using a Facebook page:  The Writer’s Reverie.


So, do click on the highlighted link above and LIKE my new page.  I’ll be posting regular links to my blog posts when I publish and any other blog-worthy news and/or discussions.  If you think there are friends in your network who would enjoy my ramblings here at The Writer’s Reverie, do SHARE my posts with them!


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  1. Well Miss Kathy, you are really full steam ahead…so excited for you! Love what you’ve done….hope you are enjoying this journey. I’d love to hear more about your transition to WordPress…. I’ve thought about it.

    Take care and have a great weekend!


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