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Yipee!  I’ve been working for two months to be ready to launch myself into the craft show season and am so thankful to report a great weekend debut this past Saturday!

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I am super busy crafting plenty of new floral frills to keep my inventory well stocked for the rest of the season’s shows – every weekend in November through to December 14 where I’ll be closing out with two big school shows!

I’m up to my eyeballs in vintage lace, vintage jewelry, and flower petals – each one hand cut and curled – and having an inspirational time creating each little masterpiece.  Hair clips, Pin, and Tie-backs for scarves are my emphasis at the moment – with a number of other items on the drawing table.

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I am featuring my Nativity Scene – which is SPECIAL ORDER ONLY – so if you would like one in your color scheme, you’ll need to message me via email.

Order Mary and the Babe . . .


Or, Mary, the Babe, and Joseph . . .

mary n joseph

Or, Mary, the Babe, Joseph and the Three Wise Men . . .

wise men

Each is pieced together on a stuffed bean bag base and I use a variety of fabrics and embellishments so no two are the same except for their overall look. 


Mary & Babe = $15.99

Mary, Babe & Joseph = $25.00

Mary & Babe, Joseph, and Three Wise Men = &50.00

Standard Shipping and Handling = $13.00

E-mail orders only:



with a visit to my ETSY SHOP for my

Unique Designs and Vintage Finds!

Cameo Impressions


If my “turn of phrase” blesses you, do drop by Amazon and pick up a copy of my first book in a series of devotional and inspirational writings ~ Fragrant Fields: The Writer’s Reverie Collection!


“Fragrant Fields: The Writer’s Reverie Collection” – by Kathryn Ross $9.49

Then, enjoy all the other creative expressions in vintage and handcrafted treasures at BEVERLY’S BLOG SHOP LINK-IN!


And visit our gal, Larissa at Prodigal Pieces Boutique Showcase of all things handcrafted and re-purposed!

prodigal pieces

Til next week when new blessings are forthcoming . . .

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Well, I hope so!

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  1. Hi Kathy…
    Lovely to pop in and see what you’ve been up to of late. All manner of crafting I see. Isn’t it a wonderful gift to be able to create with our hands.

    Wishing you glimpses of heaven in unexpected places…including your craft basket!

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