Meme-Me Sunday: Be ye Gorgeous!

I am convinced that God wants me gorgeous!


This is because I am constantly receiving little gifts from Him given for the sole purpose of making me more beautiful than I already am. 

Like the series of surprise gifts I’ve gotten over the past couple of years where my initial temptation upon their presentation was to run, hide, and prostrate myself into a panicked pity-party . . .

crying 1

Here – I am ashamed to admit – I often retreat, in all my humanity run amok, to nurse the flesh wounds caused by such a generous outpouring of . . . GRACE.

You know – the kind of “grace” when people knock you about, pull the rug from under you, speak daggers, or falsely accuse you.  Or, those daily “graces” when things just don’t happen the way you scripted them in your head:

  • The paycheck didn’t arrive in time to pay the bill.
  • The “check engine light” blinked on the month the car is due for inspection and the estimate of the problem does not bode well.
  • Health issues begin to creep in with more intensity and the remedy won’t be instant.
  • That project you spent days working on just imploded and all your efforts were for naught.

After the internal hissy-fit and/or ostrich-head-in-the-sand response, ANGER overtakes the pity party.  That’s when the walls of my house usually get an earful!  I am at my very best lecturing the walls with the most clever of come-backs – complete with Scripture references to prove my point.  I often think I should record my private tirades so I can memorize some of those lines to be used at a later date.

Eventually, though, I come to my senses when I notice my cat staring at me in alarm. 


“What HAS gotten into you, Mommy?” she seems to ask. Then, climbs onto my lap and starts that kneading thing cats are app to do to those they love, purring louder than I can rant.  I feel comforted.  I feel foolish.  I am exhausted.  I am stilled.

That’s when I hear the Lord say, “Now, my dear, let’s get gorgeous!”

gabrielle 1

Gorgeous begins with GRACE – the essence of true BEAUTY.  Responding in GRACIOUSNESS to unattractive episodes in my life is God’s purpose in allowing disagreeable moments.  Without them, GRACE can’t happen.

Where sin abounds, GRACE abounds moreso. 

Romans 5:20

The Lord has offered me an incredibly valuable gift.  God showed the way by pouring out GRACE through Jesus Christ into a sin-stained world that had become beyond ugly!  Grace restores and recreates, turning the daily struggles and painful experiences in this world into opportunities to SHINE in the darkness.  Responding graciously in the midst of an ungracious situation is a beacon of light.  Gratitude leads the way – choosing to THANK GOD in the uglies of life.

suzanne gorgeous

This creates the perfect environment for JOY to spring up, inhabiting the heart.  That’s when GORGEOUS happens!

OH! That I didn’t have to wrestle with weakness when these Grace Gifts come – being a first responder in my flesh rather than in the Gratitude, Grace, Beauty, and Joy of the Lord. 

As we enter this season of Thanksgiving, may we choose to embrace the call to being “gorgeous” – God’s way . . .


. . . clothed in Gratitude and Grace – when all God’s good gifts are poured out upon us daily – whether they are wrapped attractively or not.

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  1. You know, Kathy, this was so well-said. Sometimes (like every morning) I bemoan that I am losing my youthful face. I can often fall victim to the world’s definition of beauty – and it’s a falsely *perfect* standard. I am reminded that there is nothing so beautiful as the face of someone who has walked many years with the Lord. His Grace shining through me – well, that’s a sight to behold!!


  2. I love this post, Kathy. I sums me up pretty well, but then I have to get down on my knees and cry out before the Lord to help me pray for those who despitefully use me…they did it to Him, too, What can we expect in this sin-sick world. I am willing and wanting to die to self…it is terribly hard, but it is God’s grace that we are the victors through faith in Christ Jesus and w must fight it daily at the cross applying the gospel over and over again. He is sufficient and much more than sufficient! He is marvelous!
    Blessings, sweet friend!

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