Meme-Me Sunday: So Stands the Barn

It happened again.

She had feared as much.

It always seemed to happen at one time or another.

Leaves that were healthy and green explode in a fireball of color and then . . . POOF!

red lesves

Fallen heroes – and temperatures – produce a myriad of brittle brown casualties strewn about the equally brittle brown but it hurts more each time this particular life lesson blows into town.  Being familiar with the way this recurring assignment plays out – knowing how to read the signs of the season and what to expect – the shadows of Grief overwhelm her heart.

grass, swept up in a swirl of whirlwind and scattered in the cold breezes of a season’s change.

Another life lesson – and one she had grown through before.  Many times.

Denial at first turns to an acknowledgement of what she knows to be true.  Disappointment takes the throne.

She should be used to it,

Then, Anger, of course.

Anger at the injustices of the situation.  Anger at the inconvenience of the situation.  Anger at being forced to reckon with her own heart’s motives when faced with such a season once again.  After all – she’s already been there and done that. Right?

Surely, she couldn’t really be walking in this barren place – not now – not after all she has weathered in her times.  Not after being wind whipped in seasons past still bearing the scars of chipped paint and water-damaged boards.


Or perhaps – because of that.  She knows what she is expected to do.

Jesus still bears the marks in His hands and feet at what He endured on the cross.  And, consider how – every moment of every day – there are myriads of precious lives in this world who whip Him and crucify Him through their rejection of Him and their unbelief.  They look at the same evidence and call it contrary to His Word.  Or worse – they take His Word and spin it to fit their own agendas.  It happens like clockwork.  What she had trusted and protected in their Spring and Summer – no matter the weather – why, now is she surprised when the clock strikes twelve and it is time for the leaves to fall.

She must answer the call.

She is not above her Master who paved the way in such a case.

She must stand resolute in Love . . . and walk in God’s Healing Grace.

Not just for her own heart – but for the sake of the season’s promise:  Green leaves will come again – they always do.  Hope and stand fast!

barn smaller

It isn’t easy.  There is pain in the trial, but when covered by the Grace of God – blessings are birthed.  Crooked ways are made straight.  Feeble knees are made strong.  Walking turns to running races which turns to soaring on wings of eagles.  All things can be restored and put right.

So.  Today she’s raking leaves – with her wings and her prayers – speaking GRACE to it!

And, learning from the image of a stalwart barn – who’s been there and done that – standing resolute in the Light, soaking in the morning sun . . .

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  1. Hi
    I am following you from Missional Women. Great post – love the analogies. Staying firm in the Trust. Standing fast and believing. I would love you to consider linking to Sunday Stillness on my blog

  2. Wow. Just flat out, plain and simple WOW. I loved every syllable and every picture and every way that God inspired this post. It is without a doubt my favorite post you have ever written.

  3. I really like this, Kathryn. Thank you for sharing your creativity.

  4. Beautiful story, we need to speak grace … that is a sentence I take with me – so true and so encouraging!

  5. Oh Kathy, I absolutely loved this story. Taking the lessons to heart, I am inspired once again to stand resolute in the grace and hope that my Savior brings me, each and every single day. No matter what *season* I find myself in, with Him I can weather it all.


  6. Kathryn, this is beautiful! I want to be “resolute in love.” 🙂

  7. I saw your barn meme when I Googled “emotional pain” images. Your words and analogy/parable is EXACTLY what I needed during this time. Bless you in your God given talent to share such insight and nurturing to us. <3

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