The Crafter’s Journal: Inspiration Station

All Aboard for Inspiration Station!!

Train departing for all stops featuring creative sights, sounds, smells, tastes and textures! 

This would, of course, include the Landis Marketplace on my hometown’s historic “main street” Landis Avenue, just a block and a half from where the market’s namesake, founder Charles K. Landis, once lived.


The past 150 years have seen its share of inspired minds arriving in town by train, horse and buggy, and automobiles, building on the foundation laid by Mr. Landis.  The ravages of time and changing societal ways have seen many of those inspired visions come – and go – in their due season.  Yes – Vineland was once Mayberry . . .


But, just a two hour drive west of town is Amish Country where time has stood still for a community of Christians who continue to retain their simple lifestyle ways using inspired means to keep the best of traditional values while existing within a modern society.  Hence, the opening of the Landis Marketplace, with a full service Amish food market.







Oh!  And, did I mention the open space for creative vendor shops on the upper level?


That’s where I’m showing my Cameo Impressions floral frill creations every weekend this month. 



Setting up shop for two days a week, I enjoy the food smells from downstairs, and all the visual stimuli upstairs to spark more inspired ideas for my own work!


I love the small town community feel of the various vendors here, where there’s something for everyone.  Used books for sale at “A Novel Idea” . . .


Here’s the super interactive children’s section looking out on the avenue . . .


And, here’s the book I have my eye on – especially this Thanksgiving month! 


It’s a vintage copy of Longfellow’s The Courtship of Myles Standish – with the most splendid cover illustration and more inside!


It is decidedly on my wish list – but I’m trying not to spend my profits from the day.  I have bills to pay, you know!

That’s hard with Leyda’s “Country Clutter” directly in my line of sight. 





She started a couple years ago with a small space and has expanded square footage to the largest vendor on the upper level with all sorts of country art and home decor – some of it she makes herself!

Don’t forget to drop by Balic Winery’s Wine Tasting Bar for your choice in homegrown wines.


Well, after all – we are called “VINEland” and our logo is a cluster of grapes!


Then, grab all your bath and body needs . . .


After you take a pamper me make-over at the salon . . .


While pondering your gift list from the no end to gift and accessory ideas . . .


Plus, handmade treasures and personalized gifts – like these unique rock sculptures from the imagination of veteran crafter Debbie at Debbie’s Rocks . . .


Debbie has been creating these friendly little career and hobby fan gifts for forty-four successful years!  She followed her passion as an artist from her youth and never looked back!


She’s a day vendor for the holiday season just like me on select Fridays and Saturdays – where I’m to be found with my friend, Nikkole, owner and operator of Harmony Life Healing Arts – a very gifted “mobile” massage therapist and wellness counselor. 

nik promo

Between the two of us we’re sharing beauty and bliss – from the inside out – with whomsoever should pass by.  Conversation is always engaging as old friends and new stop for a chat, chair massage, and a floral frill!

And, when the hunger pains strike, the menu of good eats is unending!  I’ll just go downstairs for some homemade Pumpkin Custard . . .


Stepping down the original stairs that I remember stepping down while holding tight to mom’s hand as a little girl when this location was the popular Newberry’s Department Store in the 1960’s.  My husband has memories of his visits to Newberry’s – and these stairs, too.


They were the gateway to the Toy Department on the lower level where all good little girls and boys had their favorite aisle and toy picked out that they always hoped to be able to leave the store with in hand.

Ah!  The gilt edged nostalgia of hometown in childhood . . .

The old fashioned soda fountain that used to be where the children’s section of the bookstore is now – is gone – replaced by new life and shopping buzzing up and down the stairs of this hometown landmark storefront.  Nikkole and I will be there a couple more weekends this season – and, as always – you can find my Cameo Impressions online via Facebook and at my Etsy Shop!  See what new frills I’ve added this week on my Blog Shop & Boutique post, too!

Gearing up for Thanksgiving, I’ll be taking that weekend off and decking the halls at home with Christmas joys once the turkey is put away.  No shopping for me on Thanksgiving Day – or Black Friday – there is time enough for that, and I have a problem with commercialization gone mad – usurping a family day with such noble roots in our American History.  Be sure to read all about that in my annual re-posting of The Thanksgiving Story – my five part series on this national holiday historically set apart to . . .

Thank God for all the Good Things He Has Done!

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  1. Kathy, you make me want to live in Vineland! I would love to visit all these places that you have mentioned in your post! You know, I have never visited the East Coast. I’ve put it on my “Wish List” of travel places, as I’d love to experience places that have history. California has some, but it mostly starts with the Gold Rush era. Maybe if I pan for some gold, I could buy a plane ticket and come see the Landis Marketplace.

    Meet me for lunch at the Amish Market?

    OK, where is the local stream here…

    GOD BLESS, dear and most interesting friend!

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