The Crafter’s Journal: Seasonal Shows

Oh!  I just love the Autumn colors and that crisp feel in the air when the “cozy” season swirls into town with promises of warm sweaters, fingerless gloves, pull up boots and a nice mug of hot tea! 


I’ve switched out the spring and summer linens in the bedroom for my down comforter and log cabin lodge quilt look and am ready for my favorite activity to indulge in this time of year – the Craft Show!

In years past, I have worked as a crafter and always felt September through November were not complete without having scads of fabric and frills and all manner of threads and glues about for creating – and re-creating – items for home decor and usefulness.  My favorite thing to do this time of year is to pop nostalgic DVD movies into the TV and prep an inventory of items to “deck the halls” with festive joy and gladness. 

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For the past ten years, I could indulge this delight only on occasion as my work kept me busy in other ways.  But, after a decade on hiatus, Miss Kathy is crafting again with fresh inspiration and skill upgrades largely due to my escapes to Pinterest and the many amazing bloggers and DIY geniuses I’ve met online.  Blogging these past three years has been like a seed planted to sprout me back into the visual arts with so much to inspire!

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I love going to the shows and getting to know the artists, too. 

Most that I meet are not bloggers and are not currently marketing their works online.  They are part of the millions of folks who share their hobby in a smaller marketplace. This was especially true of my first show of the season last weekend at our Calvary Chapel Harvest Festival in my hometown.  A perfect way to kick off this busy arts season!

My friend, Jeannette was there with all her harvest colors glowing!  She works with live blooms from her nursery at Jeannette’s Bloomers

jeanette table

She always has plenty happening with special orders for seasonal centerpieces and wreaths.  I did a story about her gardens a couple years ago.  She is my go-to-gal for all information about flowers and gardening.

Connie was there, too.  She is an old friend who is a clever and talented seamstress, in addition to her skills in the garden and kitchen. 

connie dolls

I adopted one of her rag dolls a couple years ago hoping to make her a character in a story.  Currently she presides on the guest room bed with some other creations, but her story has not been forthcoming.  Just give me time . . .

connie tree

I love Connie’s whimsical little folk and the care and attention to detail she takes with each stitch.

Karen is an art teacher in school and enjoys crafting on the side with her love – knitting and wool working.  Such vibrant colors – rivaling the foliage outside, which is at its peak these past couple of weeks here in South Jersey.


Jennifer is a new friend who enjoys paper-crafting with her mother.  She makes these beautiful scrapbook journals just waiting for someone to fill them up with personal photos and verses.


Erin – who organized this  particular show – has a super keen eye to re-purposing items that might otherwise find their way to the dump. 


She is a wiz at color coordination and out-side the box thinking.  She’s just settling into a terrific vintage house built in 1947 that came filled with all sorts of materials left in the attic just begging for new life from the works of her hands and imagination!  Can’t wait to see what she does with it.  Just look at how awesome she’s arranged a seasonal theme to her front door!


I am featuring some of her gorgeous photography work in this post, capturing some of the sights in her yard that celebrate all things Autumn and Harvest!


I’ll be spending the next few weeks enjoying my crafts and doing shows – pure joy!  And, with so much inspiration and so many other crafters to be meeting, I have decided to make a CRAFTER’S JOURNAL to feature each week through this season.  So many great ideas out there – what better place to gather some of them than to feature them in a blog post where I can refer to them for inspiration again and again.

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  1. I’m glad you had a big success at the festival last weekend! Looks like some mighty fine crafts are being made around here! I see lots of talent in these lovely works of art- the needlework, paper-crafting, and flower arranging is fabulous! I’m happy to see the handcrafting and re-purposing because it’s a good sign to me that people are yearning for simpler times and things of beauty. It’s a relief from today’s troubled world around us and it’s uplifting! I love Erin’s photos too! Please let me know if these ladies decide to open a co-op storefront in our neck of the woods. . I wish I could have a permanent booth instead of setting up at crafts/antique shows and taking it down again and again.
    Keep on making beautiful things! Love, Linda

  2. Hi Miss Kathy,

    Thanks for stopping in yesterday and leaving your comment on Carolyn Weber’s guest post. Just wanted to let you know, if you are interested, I’ve posted the book giveaway this morning for her two books.

    Wishing you a beautiful day…

  3. Oh what lovely photos and decorations. I just found some lovely autumn decor along the lines of Jeanette’s lovelies to save for home staging and open house decor. Thanks for even more grand ideas. 🙂

  4. I LOVE craft shows! I wish I lived closer – I would definitely come to see you in action!!


  5. Love all the pictures! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

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