A Retro Winter Day

The sun’s out and hopefully the temps will climb with some much desired melting of the snow dumped last night – another six inches in our region. Brrrrrr . . .


It’s an ETSY afternoon today at Cameo Impressions! While the snow and ice do their wintry thing out my window, I’m making the most of a bitterly cold day with this cheery fellow! He’s making a retro statement for all his fellow snowmen – be they mounds of icy white bundled one on top of the other outside, or cute little crafty bits displayed on a mantle vignette inside!

1950’s Retro Snowman Music Box


He’s made of velour plastic and twirls about while his music box beneath plays Jingle Bell in chorus and verse. I’ve just uploaded him to my Etsy shop today – do stop by and read all about him!

But, ENOUGH of chilly thoughts!

No matter how cute and musical our Frosty is, I need to warm up with thoughts of SUMMERTIME fun!

1950’s Steri-Lite Plastic Sectioned Plates and Cups


Here’s a harbinger of SUMMER! Yes – warm breezes blow as you set your picnic table with this vintage 1950’s foursome of colorful sectioned plastic plates and cups by Steri-Lite. Click on the link and enjoy the close-up shots of these retro colors and a little bit of TRIVIA about where Steri-Lite comes from! Then – help mom put the potato salad, baked beans and hamburger platter on the table before making good use of your retro plate and cup. Which color would you chose?

1950’s Edition of Bobbsey Twins Books


Once that great summer picnic luncheon is over, you can spend a lazy summer afternoon hanging out on the hammock with a few good books! Three, to be exact – and some old friends from childhood literature: The Bobbsey Twins! Here are three vintage editions from the 1950’s of stories that originally date to the early 20th century. I love how they are each set in the summertime, too! Get a closer look when you click on the link – and learn the real story behind Laura Lee Hope – the alleged author of the tales. There’s three mysteries in this set – enough to keep an avid reader busy on a warm summer’s afternoon . . .


. . . Even though it is decidedly winter at the moment.

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Take Joy!

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  1. Awe…love the old books but I actually have a set of plastic plates with the cups almost identical to those you have posted. they are in my grands play room at my house! Snow man music box is a cutie! Be blessed my friend. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  2. Well, you probably know that my favorite is the Bobbsey Twins. I loved that series and have nearly the whole set here. I kept them secreted away for the longest time before deciding that I wanted to use them in decorating. I need to look at my box and see what is missing so if you have one that I would love, I can secure it. I “think” I have all the ones I loved, but…

    I have learned by growing older that I want my home filled with things that make us smile and think of cherished things and cherished people.

    (And we STILL have ice here and no sunshine at all. I won’t complain too much that we didn’t get the snow that was in the forecast. I don’t envy Atlanta at all.

  3. Reading a book about “Laura Lee Hope” got me inspired to collect the blue cover copies of Nancy Drew. They are pretty rare, but I love the writing style. We have lots of those old Bobbsey Twin books that I picked up at a garage sale years ago. Sadly they aren’t all in the greatest condition. I’m hoping my seven year old granddaughter will grow into them soon.

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