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Just a quickie update to all my dears in Blogland – I’ve gone back to work!

Well – not that I ever left, but my Christmas and New Year break is officially broken as of this past Monday, and I am settling into a work from home routine that I hope will prove productive over the long haul.

Monday:  I do freelance writing assignments for my dear friend at ARE Media, who sends me copywriting  jobs for various clients. I love the creative challenge and especially that I can work from home!

postcard 001

Tuesday: This is my own writing day which includes Blogging and building my new presence as an online seller with my Etsy Shop @ Cameo Impressions and my Amazon Storefront with Pageant Wagon Books (Psst: Click on the PRICE if you find something there you would like and reverse your page views to get around or else you may find yourself in somebody else’s bookstore!)

My Etsy shop re-fit in the new year is all about researching and photographing and uploading an inventory of vintage items I have recently come into possession of – with not a little sense of being overwhelmed.  I uploaded the first four of many items this week . . .

“Sweetem’s” – a Pink Spaghetti Poodle on a Log Planter


Vintage Wheaton George Washington Blue Glass Bottle


Vintage Wheaton Liberty Bell Bottle in Amethyst Purple


Retro Kitsch Snoopy & Woodstock Bookends


And, I’ve rebooted how I’m marketing my signature handcrafted Floral Frills online, too . . .


Wednesday: More of the same and work on my next publication that I hope will be out within the next few months.  It has been stirring about within for quite some time and I am just about ready to pull it all together – bringing many of my inspirational speaking topics into one place.  Sneak peek on my working title and theme:


This book will be following in the wake of my first publishing foray with Fragrant Fields: The Writer’s Reverie Collection, which features  inspirational and devotional poetry and prose.

I hope you’ll put me on your prayer list as I work through the manuscript and make all things ready for a mid-year book launch.

Thursday:  Today I had to update some of my own social media biz relating to staying connected with my followers on Facebook.  Apparently, as if Facebook’s gazillions of dollars wasn’t able to keep them in soup and sandwiches, they have decided they want all those small businesses and organizations and BLOGGERS, who started free Facebook pages to stay better connected and interactive with their followers, to start paying for exposure.  Overnight, the number of page views was decreased to trickles as they are blocking notifications from getting through.  Humph!

Dear Jacqueline at Deep Roots at Home had a great idea to try to recapture the lost connections of people who “Liked” her page, but now were not seeing her status updates. She created a screen shot of her page header with directions to click on “Get Notifications” – which I did – and have subsequently followed in suit in the hopes that I can retain my Facebook follower connections, too.

blog fb warning

PLUS – my followers on the two other pages I manage . . .

Cameo Impressions fb finished warning

ross roads fb - with warning

If you’re on Facebook, I invite you to follow me on any or all of  my pages!

Jacqueline has a wonderful blog by the same name – Deep Roots At Home.  Do “Like” her on Facebook and then follow from there to her blog where you’ll love her!

Also, had to do more freelance work and blogging updates and story planning because . . .

Friday: Brings me to my errand day, out and about! This week I’m helping my Aunt put away her Christmas decor –


That’s what I forgot!!

I still haven’t put MY Christmas decor away, yet!

Ahhh . . . that must be what Saturday will be all about.

Sunday: REST!

Well, that’s how I’m thinking things might work day to day and week to week.  Ton’s of words to write and flowers to make – I do the flowers in the evening as a creative treat when the house is quiet and cozy and hubby is home and resting and together we take our evening tea.

So you see – back to business as usual in 2014.  No matter the work God has called me to year in and year out, my prayer is always the same . . .

Psalm 90

Be ye blessed in the high calling of your work this year, too.

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  1. So well organized to fit in the full plan of the week and still have time to help others with their Christmas decorations to take apart. I think if I came into a bunch of stuff that wasn’t mine and could write and well I’d have a ball, not that I could part with anything of mine, hum. I so love your flowers and what you have done with them. I’ll be following closer once I get my computer back, this being on theh road and typing on a candy cane boxe is for the birds.
    Take care my friend, work hard and rest well on Sundays,

  2. Kathryn,
    You amaze me!! You have so much energy 🙂 I love your screen shots with blog headers…nice work. I saw a few others a couple of days ago. Thanks for the mention, too. You are so kind. Have a great rest of the week, dearie!

  3. You are one busy lady! Enjoy and have fun with all of that new inventory…. I’ll have to check out this Facebook situation!


  4. I’m taking all of this in as best as I can. I love how you’ve organized your week for your writing. I am earnestly endeavoring to have a better balance of my time this year. You have inspired me!

    I tried to do a facebook page, but so far I have a total of 6 likes.
    Talk about rejection… lol

    Anyway, I will be trying to “like” yours and make sure I get the notifications. As to the rest of it, I am anxious to see the prayers answered and the rest of it all unfolding in front of my eyes this year.

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