Counting New Year Blessings

Glorious greetings to you this new year as we welcome 2014 and all the grand plans the Lord has prepared for us!


You may have noticed I’ve been somewhat absent from Blogland for the final days of December.  Been a bit busy with a few things that are about to make me wildly busy this year.  So, since I was not able to post over the past three weeks beyond a Christmas wish to one and all – you’ll have to bear with me as I bring you up to snuff.  Lots of fun visuals ahead, so grab your tea and let’s be off!

My holiday season always seems to begin the first of November with a trip to the bi-annual antiques show at the local Woman’s Club.  I connect with friends like Linda, who blogs at Grandmalay’s Daydreams and introduced me to blogging almost three years ago. 


Linda is a regular vendor at the event with all manner of lovelies for teatime and nostalgic treasure hunting. 

At the show, I caught up with my friend, June, with whom I share many common interests in teatime, Victorian dress, and elegant ways.  We both picked up antique muffs to make the most of our winter Victorian era attire this season.


After my visit to this show, I was off to jump into my own shows – as a craft vendor throughout November and December. 


Keeping plenty of inventory in stock for each weekend show was challenging – and many hours of work – in addition to marketing my first published work, Fragrant Fields: The Writer’s Reverie Collection, Volume 1.


Taking my vintage style, handcrafted floral frills to the marketplace, I was back on the crafting circuit and loving the interaction with customers who appreciate beautiful things – like Tanya, a talented operatic singer blogging at Good & Faithful Servant . . .


And the other inspiring artists and vendors I meet along the way, like my wellness business partner, Nikkole of Harmony Life Healing Arts, Karan from Across the Pond Tea Shop, and Kristina with all her Krazee Krayons – note her Etsy shop info in the photo! 




Karan brought her pink Christmas tree to display with some yummy ornaments . . .


And a little something I purchased as a gift for my daughter’s new house!


And, it’s that new house that became the unexpected turning point of my holiday season . . .

They closed on the house on Friday the 13th – a 1950’s modern home set at the end of a cul-de-sac with picturesque woods all around.  Every window has a view!  The home had only one owner – a retired glass industry executive and his wife – who have now both died without children.  A nephew finally sold the property and was happy to allow the original modern retro furniture to go with the home. 


Bethany and Dan expected to arrive at their new house with just the furniture – figuring all the personal items from the family would have been cleared out. They had already made plans to host their young adult group Christmas party at the house in a week with just a little cleaning to do.

Um . . . no.

The house came with all the furniture AND ALL THE PERSONAL POSSESSIONS!



My daughter was distraught – I was in all my glory!

She saw junk – I saw an Etsy/eBay treasure trove. 

She panicked about how to clear out the house for her party in less than a week – I cleared my calendar. 

Mom was coming to the rescue and couldn’t have been more delighted to find herself being truly useful to her grown-up baby girl, all married and on her own now. 

In two and a half days I had the place sorted through and separated out – what I was taking, and what I was leaving for a dealer. 



All my daughter’s friends were invited to take home whatever they found in this 1950’s – 1970’s time capsule that captured their imagination.  She just wanted it all gone.  But, there were quite a few treasures and oddities to consider – not the least of which was this sentimental jewelry montage of a Christmas tree made up of high school class rings, real silver and gold, and souvenir pins from clubs and trips.


When the dealer wasn’t able to make it mid-week, I had to make a decision about my new year activities.  I have an Etsy shop already.  Moving to vintage sales online was not outside of the realm of possibility for me since I spend so much time researching and collecting vintage treasures.  It was a natural fit. 



More boxes went into my car – and are currently on overload in my basement awaiting the detail work of cleaning, sorting, pricing and uploading to my shop.


We spent Thursday with a great cleaning crew from church taking multiple trips to Salvation Army with what was left.  By Friday afternoon, the deep clean had been done and things were getting ready in the kitchen, which still boasts this great retro pull down stove in working order.



I set up the seven foot Christmas tree that had been stored, unused for years, in my attic, to a new place of prominence in the cathedral front window.




Her Christmas party was a success!

After which, the gutting began. 



Furniture was tucked away safely and the old rug pulled up to reveal a grand hardwood floor.  They are in the process this month of making some updates with painting and drywall – and a complete refit in the basement.  Moving-in day is set for early February and I can’t be more excited for her!

A quiet Christmas day ensued with a family dinner and nostalgic conversation moving into a joyful New Year’s Day which happened to be our 10th Wedding Anniversary this year – spent with generous gift cards at L.L. Bean  and P.F. Changs.


Many new elements are now a part of my working life.  I am learning new online marketing skills and doing freelance writing for a social media expert and dear friend at Adrienne Richardson Enterprises . . .


We’re creating a marketing plan for Cameo Impressions – both the vintage finds and the floral frill creations . . .

Psalm 90

Plus, 2014 will see The Writer’s Reverie publishing two new books, and blogging with more of an emphasis on the grace, provision, peace and beauty of the Lord in the lives of those who seek Him.

Counting my blessings this new year ~

and hoping you are doing the same with great joy.

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Sharing Counting New Year Blessings this week with Beverly’s Pink Saturday at How Sweet the Sound.

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  1. Wow! You have been very busy, and it all seems good, Happy Pink Saturday and Happy New Year. I hope the new year brings you joy and peace – and success in your ventures.♥

    I can’t wait to see all yoy offer for sale!
    I am saving my pennies.

  3. Oh WOW! How exciting for them AND for you! God is so good! We are both experiencing a fun and changing landscape in the pattern of our lives and isn’t it GRAND! 🙂 Be sure to check out my link and my other YouTube videos I just did – they are reviews on different video and camera apps – if you have an iPhone or Android, I bet these could be very useful for your business – 🙂 Have blessed and beautiful New Year and looking forward to hearing all your new and exciting adventures as i continue with my new directions with Real Estate and being closer to ALL my grandkids HOORAY 🙂

  4. You are such an inspiration, Kathy! Intentionally pursuing your gifts and talents!

    Looking forward to a new year in which God teaches me new things. He’s given me this word for 2014 – JOY. And, it’s puzzling me how He’s going to make that happen in a woman who isn’t known for her joyful spirit!! But, HE is able, and it’s going to be an adventure.


  5. I didn’t know you had a book…I just hopped right over to Amazon and ordered it. I’m packing it right in my suitcase for my January 20th trip. I’m ever-so-excited to read your words and thoughts.

  6. I am so happy for you with this blessing! Wonderful news!

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