Holiday Tea and Peppermint Dreams

Happy New Year Teatime!


Yes, I missed all the fun in December when everyone was sharing their teatime posts.  I was busy cleaning out my daughter’s new house that came with all the former owner’s circa 1950’s-1970’s vintage goodies . . .


See more on this epic tale and some great visuals in my New Year Blessings story.


I hope you’ll forgive me for not posting sooner.  Especially when I share with you my favorite find in the house!


It’s a beautiful light pink Universal Pottery Ballerina tiered cookie platter and I was so excited to use it to welcome my blogging friend, Jillian of Bella Rosa Antiques, who came for a Christmas visit. Jill is my my husband’s cousin and was in our area visiting her dad.  Her visit gave me a reason to bake another batch of gluten free cookies.  This year’s holiday favorite I’m calling Peppermint Dream Cookies!  So super easy!!


I chose my nostalgic Christmas tree as the backdrop for our photo this time.  It was very appropriate.  I decorate it with vintage ornaments from the 1940’s-1960’s and display vintage toys from the same era – including some I received as a child in Christmases past.  Jill and I both share a love for vintage and all things antiques and roses.


So, of course, I had to show her all my recent finds while clearing out my daughter’s new home that are now “retro treasure” inventory for my Etsy shop at Cameo Impressions.


Yes – I have tons to sort through, categorize, price and upload in 2014.  What an unexpected blessing from the Lord!

Jill visits a couple times a year when she’s in the area and is one of my go-to people for questions related to vintage identification.  She recently celebrated her own online antique selling at Bella Rosa Antiques Shop – five years – and has been a great encouragement to me. She also sells at an Etsy Shop. I love old things – they tell such wonderful stories of bygone times and people’s lives.  Now, finding myself with such an inventory – well – 2014 will be my year to step into vintage sales – as well as having new vintage stories to tell!

Christmas week also brought another annual tradition for our teatime visit with my Aunt Anne. Such a welcome with candles aglow to greet us!


I’ve featured her teatime here in the past.  This season, it was just the four of us enjoying an afternoon repast of Earl Grey and her home-made cookies. 


Aunt Anne still bakes with the same wonderful recipes she’s used for years – the same ones my mom (her sister) used.  Childhood nostalgia all wrapped up in the transporting taste of an old fashioned chocolate chip cookie, Russian teacake cookie, and my very favorite coconut chocolate. 


None of them are a mix and done recipe like my Peppermint Dream Cookie.  The coconut chocolate cookie has to be made in three stages and includes some expensive ingredients.  It is absolutely delicious and when I eat one I’m a kid again – and mom is just in the kitchen taking another batch out of the oven. The holidays have us all waxing a bit nostalgic with yummies to eat like this ginger swiss cheese spread . . .


Plus, there’s always the vintage settings on a table – love this old pink creamer and sugar Aunt Anne chose for our tea . . .


Truly, Christmas is my favorite time of the year for the warm memories it evokes.

We also made a trip to my favorite tea shop at Across the Pond, for a new year’s supply of my Almond Cookies leaf tea.  Karan had me thinking springtime thoughts with all the cheerful pink rose patterns in the tea things available. 





With sub-zero weather this week in New Jersey, and almost a foot of snow on the ground – and too much ice on the roads – YES!  I’m thinking SPRINGTIME and FLOWERS!


To that end – I treated myself to a special edition magazine from Better Homes and Gardens – COUNTRY GARDENS. It has a feature story on Celia Thaxter’s lighthouse gardens of one hundred plus years ago I look forward to reading.


But, contending for my attention is one of my Christmas gifts from my husband – A Fine Romance by Susan Branch – detailing her thirty year wedding anniversary tour of England.


It’s all hand written and illustrated and covers a two month visit where she spent some dreamy time at Beatrix Potter’s Hill Top Farm in the northern Lake District and at Jane Austen’s home in the south of England.  Guess I’m living vicariously through her as I don’t see my own trip to England in the near future.

But, I couldn’t be more thankful for all the blessings I do see ahead!  Sipping my reading tea from a white as snow mug with one of my life verses . . .


I am content.

And, Hopeful in the PEACE of the Lord as we step into this new year.  Many teatimes and reflective moments ahead – with perhaps another batch of Peppermint Dreams.

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  1. As always, Kathy, a moment of delightful respite in the middle of the storms! My dad fell yesterday, and this time it was bad enough to send him to the hospital. They kept him overnight. Please pray for him, and for my mom and my family, and for me, that we will have the strength and peace of the Lord at this time. Thanks.

    Interestingly, God gave me my Word for the Year, and it’s JOY. I know that all of what’s going on is part of His plan. And I will pray for Him to show me joy in this situation!

    Love to you, and as always, GOD BLESS!

    (If you get a chance, would love to have you hop on over and read my initial thoughts about joy!! Not the most comfortable word for me, indeed!!!)

  2. What a wonderful gift for you! That doesn’t happen around here really. So happy for you! Love your photos, and you were missed last month. I can see why you are thinking spring and flowers with everything we have been reading about the winter in the east this year…..stay warm! Thanks so much for linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea and Happy New Year Sis!

  3. I feel like I had a mini vacation while reading your post. Such a treat to see all your vintage loveliness. My granddaughter and I (she’s five) have a tea party every Monday. She’s so careful using my teapots and teacups and can make a pot of tea all by herself. It’s a special time for us. I have Sarah Branch’s book and gave a copy to my mother for Mother’s Day. It arrive a few months late because the first print sold out quickly and they had to reprint. It’s literary eye candy!

  4. Hello Kathy, Happy New Year to you too! You are a lucky girl! You post is just full of wonderful things to see. I have the very same tea cup, the RA. I love that green and pink pattern! So romantic!
    I am wishing you a wonderful new year full of many possibilities for joy.

  5. Happy New Year, dear Kathy! What a delightful post! I love the magical quality you brought to it with all the sparkle and your photos are simply lovely! The pink tiered stand is wonderful and I like the pink cream and sugar as well. Lovely teacups and the Windsor teapot adorned with roses is very pretty. I so enjoyed my visit with you and look forward to many more this coming year. Thank you for coming to tea. Peace and joy to you, Sister!


  6. Kathryn:
    So glad you shared this post and also for the blessing you received. Your daughter’s “new” house looked lovely with that tree in the corner.

  7. I always enjoy my visits here. Wow, do you have a bounty of things to list this coming year. Plus, new treasures to use 7 share with me for your tea-time posts. You have such an interesting life and I am so happy you share snippets with us from New Jersey. I lived in New Jersey many years ago and my youngest sister was born there . I can still picture the snow in the winter , actually very pretty and the memories for me are good.

  8. You had me from beginning to end. I will be clicking to read the initial post about the blessing of those vintage treasures. How wonderful!! I loved every little detail here. I’m a huge cookie baker; I don’t know if I’ve ever shared that. I may not like to cook all that much, but I really love to bake, especially cookies.

    Now, I’m bummed that I sent every last bite of my peppermint bark off with my daughter (to lead me not into temptation…) I would love to try those cookies, and I am not dreaming up another recipe of mine dinked with peppermint bark instead of what I usually use.

    Have a wonderful day full of tea time moments.

  9. So many lovely things and wonderful celebration of special relationships. It is all beautiful, Kathy.

  10. Happy New Year from one Jersey Girl to another! I am catching up after the holidays. Always fun to visit and see what you are up to! I love Jillian’s blog and how fun that you have a connection.

  11. What wonderful opportunities you’ve been blessed with! You do have a lot of lovely treasures to sort through and a marvelous friend to share a lovely tea with! The cookies sound delicious! I do appreciate you sharing with A Return to Loveliness,

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