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Dearest Brenda – blogging at Coffee, Tea, Books and Me – blessed my socks off this week with one of her posts!


She spoke earlier this month about this year’s “WORD” – like many of us have been sharing. For instance: In the midst of a career transition with my future looking fuzzy, at best – I’m stepping out in faith finally pursuing some long held hopes and dreams. God has given me the word, PEACE, this year. 

Man, do I need to walk in that!

But, Brenda’s word is interesting – and actually intriguing. Her word is HEIRLOOM.

Source: Heirloom Beginnings at Brenda's Coffee, Tea, Books and Me

Source: Heirloom Beginnings at Brenda’s Coffee, Tea, Books and Me

This week, she shared an arresting story in THIS POST about “old things” that had once been a cherished “heirloom” – but are now, found sitting forlorn on the shelves of thrift shops and yard sale tables.  All thrift store finds have a beginning. I loved Brenda’s ruminations on this topic – and the way she brought it all together in the end:

There is a beginning to every heirloom.  Each item was either made or purchased by one who loves Beauty.  Whether a quilt hand-stitched by a prairie farm wife, precious wedding china, a fine china teapot, a vintage vase, a first edition of a favorite author, or a knitted sweater.

Don’t ever think you are not worthy of heirloom quality.  For you are much loved by God and we know there is One with great carpentry skills contracting a home for you in Heaven… filled with Beauty.

Brenda @ Coffee, Tea, Books & Me


I suppose this pretty much wraps up – in large part – my fascination with old things and beautiful treasures. They came from the mind and handiwork of ARTISTS – gifts to the human race whose works have fed the souls of mankind for millennium. This is especially true for those who have studied closely the works of the Master Artist – God, Himself – in Creation. Created by God – each of us is His Heirloom! And, he has made us “heirs” of His Treasuries of Beauty – the art in all He has provided for us as stewards in the earth.

This is one of those whimsical inspirations that informs my ruminations at The Writer’s Reverie. It is why I have always loved the world of history and antiques and old ways. And . . . especially the stories they tell! There are millions of them!

Currently, stories abound in every ounce of the heirloom treasures cluttering up my office and basement.  I am in the process of slowly unpacking, cleaning and identifying multiple boxes of vintage goodies that came to me by way of my daughter when she and her husband purchased a 1950’s modern home – with all the original furnishings and heirlooms of the recently deceased original owners. They were childless, and the estate was turned over largely intact, except for a few items taken by a couple nephews and nieces. Daughter didn’t want any of it and Mom was only too delighted to sift through the remains and stock her shelves for her Cameo Impressions Etsy Shop featuring “Unique Designs and Vintage Finds”.

So, here are a few of the latest “heirlooms” uploaded for sale – and perhaps my little bit of whimsy in wondering about the story behind them. Just click on the link and you’ll learn all about them:

Rose Rimmed Bowl



Faux Ruby Heart Pendant by Roman


Yellow Rose Creamer & Sugar – Bavarian China


“I imagine a table once graced with the bowl, creamer and sugar – gifts to Grandmother when Grandfather was courting her in the early 20th century, from which they date. Perhaps they were passed onto a third generation grand-daughter, who wistfully tucked them away in her HOPE CHEST for that special someone she would call her own one day. And, when he came along in the late 1970’s – early 1980’s, one Valentine’s Day he gifted her with the Ruby Heart Pendant – a precursor, perhaps, of a ring to follow . . .”

There’s more to come! I’m adding to my virtual shelves each week! I do hope you’ll make checking into Cameo Impressions easy by making it a Favorite Esty Shop – and you can keep up with all my newest treasures by FOLLOWING ME ON PINTEREST!

I PIN everything – and when you follow me, you’ll see all the Beauty I find – be it thrifting or online!

What Beauty can you rediscover in something old and forgotten in your home . . . or perhaps, your mother – or grandmother – or aunt – or dearest friend. Just as the Lord leaves a little slice of His Beauty in us – His Heirlooms in the Earth; so too, seek out the story of Beauty encapsulated within that old china cup, or retro lamp, or vintage souvenir of a long forgotten family vacation. Cherish tangible memories of bygone days – and keep the stories alive in this modern society that is so desperately in need of old paths, well worn with age . . . and wisdom.

Be ye blessed – and be a blessing!

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  1. Am I the first one here? I love her choice of a word for the year, and the minute that I saw it, words and word pictures starting coming to my mind. I think as a writer you understand what I’m saying. I love what was written about the creamer and sugar set. You have captured my reasons behind old “schtuff” love perfectly. It’s the story that they make me tell in my head.

  2. What a neat post! Great finds, hard to imagine buying a house and getting the estate in its entirety! Could be great and could be a little overwhelming as well!

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