Pink in the Process

The New Year brings fresh starts!


Gone are the faded colors of a weary old year’s routine that has – in more ways than one – come undone by a holiday hustle and bustle. 

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Fresh starts demand a Process Appraisal.  I have determined that this year, the Process of my work life and personal goals needs an uptick – with swaths of PINK to make it POP with Purpose and Praise

And, to get started, I’ve got a cache of new baubles with pinks-a-plenty to work into my 2014 Vintage Feminine Floral Frill creations . . .


That are not lacking in PINK, by any means!


And, a brand new calendar to prayerfully consider how I will fill the days with a balanced supply of Work, Play, Rest, and Worship!


And . . . PEACE.


Yes . . . PEACE is my word for 2014. 

Keeping my mind stayed upon Him Who cares for my Pinks and Purposes to the Praise and Glory of His Name.

This is where my meditations are this month – and I pray I shall be able to write worthy of them before the month is out – and then some – the fruit of which will find its way into Blogland with blessings.  Until then – take JOY in a new year in His Peace with many more Pinks in life to share in the months to come.

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  1. Peace is the word of the world, I wish it on everyone. I love your little frills, these are hat pins and scarf pins you make? What caught my eye is the vintage plates, I’m a wire wrapper and so I take finds from the beach usually seaglass and pottery and wrap them into pendants for necklaces. I picked up a day timer yesterday and may take your advice about finding time for play, work, worship. Take care,

  2. Oh How lovely! You always do have the prettiest pictures! And what a grand Bible verse – one of my favorites. We used to sing a chorus with those words and I still love to sing it to my grandkids, and to myself when I’m in great need of His peace! Thanks for the sweet reminder. 🙂

  3. Lovely as always, dear Kathy. Peace is a wonderful word – and one that I pray for in my own life. We cannot have peace without trust, but with trust in our hearts, we are given HIS peace.


  4. Hi Kathy,
    Peace! What a perfect choice for your 2014 word! That is exactly what I am needing in my life right now. Thank you for inspiring me with your words of wisdom. Thank you also for visiting me and leaving such kind words! Wishing you the best of everything in 2014! Take care,

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