Birds in the Tea

What a lovely sound I hear outside today! BIRDS! Singing in the tree just outside the back door – with not a care in the world. They blithely live confident in He who cares for them. Lovely song!

She hath wings

Okay – so maybe I don’t hear the birds today. Maybe all I hear outside is the silence of yet another blanketing of snow in South Jersey. We’re eight to ten inches here and it’s been at it for about seventeen hours with more to come. This, after a few days respite and almost spring weather to fool us into thinking the winter is past.

So – I will not tire you with anymore snowy pictures. I shall take on as though the temperatures are in the 60’s after so much cold! To hear the twittering of birds in due season gives me pause to TAKE JOY in the hope of a season renewed. God is so good to have designed our world in such a fashion. Always something splendid to look forward to in the delights of each season – but this year, I’m sure you’ll agree, springtime and robins in the yard, approaching by week’s end, is especially welcome!

Perhaps that’s part of the inspiration behind our Sandi on PEI calling all tea ladies to celebrate bird themed teatimes this month.


Something my cats take great pleasure in meditating on out the windows each day, in fact, as they peruse the shrubbery within their view for our winged friends. However today, as snowflakes flit outside, our birds are flitting about indoors – birds in the tea . . . birds in the tree . . .


Three bird themed cups, in fact.








Kitty causing trouble during our working teatime this morning while I’m prepping this post. Going after the scones!


Naughty Copperfield!

Meanwhile, back at the tea cabinet – birdie teacups and saucers are settling down in a lovely vignette.


Hanging china cups in a tree was something of an adventure. A jostle one way or another might loosen them and to the floor in pieces they would go. Much more at home on a shelf designed for them.

But, wait! MORE KITTIES!!


This time it’s my cute-as-can-be kitty-cat creamer and sugar. My robin red breast is unruffled with the clever creamer paw appearing to reach out for him.


This birdie is not alarmed as the sugar kitty seems distracted and looking away.


But, who is that we see in the background?


A sweet tabby kitty curled up and comfy as a teapot lid. I’m afraid she is too aware of the importance of staying right where she is to keep the tea hot and won’t be pouncing on any birdie teacups very soon.


That keeps our bluebirds quite at peace as they survey the scene on a delightful almost spring day.


This is my favorite of my bird themed teacups – a gift from my friend Karan at the Across the Pond Tea Shop! I so admire the handle and shape of the cup, the colors and floral sprig inside and the surprise bird on the back of the cup, too!



Six birds in all on this design! Just delightful!

So much so, that I think I’ll pour myself another cuppa – with a scone – and see if I can keep Copperfield from crashing my tea party trying to paw a scone of his own. Til next time, ladies . . .

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  1. Loving all your little birdies! The teacups and saucers are sooooo precious and I must say, Copperfield is a cutie! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  2. The bird teacups are wonderful…love your helping hand…I mean paw…they are SUCH big helps, aren’t they??! Love the cat finial teapot. So cute! The sidebars on my blog were fine, and now have disappeared…no clue as to why…ah technology…sigh. Thanks for linking your wonderful post to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!

  3. Such a cute post! I loved all the birdies and the kitties! And yes, even that scamp Copperfield! You throw a tea party like no one else, Kathy!

    We have had an unusually warm and dry winter here on the mountain. Which is great in some ways, but with fire season approaching (and remembering our four-day evacuation last year), I feel a little unsettled. I love the snow, and I have missed it this winter. Spring has arrived early – I see it in the flowers and plants that have already arrived. And, yes, there are birds – but I truly know it’s Spring when I see the *snizzards* (those HUGE, snakelike lizards!!)

    Thanks for sharing this delightful post.


  4. Hello dear Kathy,
    I am loving all your birdie teacups! I do not have a one however I do have two birdie teapots and a plate as well as an assortment of ornies in my home. I am waiting patiently for Spring to come to PEI and I am thankful for the gold finches I have had here all winter! My son told me how to entice them to stay and not fly south and it worked. So now I am enjoying watching them change from their dull winter plummage to bright yellow for courting. It will be most educational, I think. Like you, I’m looking forward to hearing the songbirds and being able to leave my window open.
    Thank you for you post and joining me for tea and give Copperfield a little pat for me. Happy soon to be Spring!


  5. I always love to come by and visit! You are such a great storyteller! Love your teacups and so cute kitties!

  6. Well birds and cats do sure go together and what a darling way to depict it all. This is such a cute post and very whimsical!

  7. I love your bird post today. It is so original and beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing those wonderful tea cups. Blessings, Martha

  8. I love your beautiful teacups. Lovely post, as always.

  9. What a delightful collection of “birdie” tea cups. I have never owned one but now must begin the search for one of my own!

  10. Hi Kathy

    Love your collections and the name Copperfield!!! That’s darling. Hopefully some of your snow has melted. We only got a dusting with the last go round – thank goodness because I’m done shoveling. I’ll just drive through it:)

    Happy Spring!

  11. Well hello Miss Kathy! I was leaving a comment at The Old Parsonage when I spied your message… how are things going? How is the vintage going?

    I’m curious about what to post for your link up… are there any rules or parameters?

    HAPPY SPRING! (Finally!)

    I should be coming back to your area again within the next three to four weeks…would you like me to give you a call if I can stop by? I am not sure if the hubby and Bebe would be joining me or not….

  12. oh, my! What a lovely collection of tea cups! I have a sudden urge to brew a pot of tea and find a dainty cup to drink it in. 🙂

  13. Absolutely charming, Kathryn. I’ll have to share cookies and scones are not only – in his words – for babies – but also for cats! I am delighted to share that your post will be featured in this week’s A Return to Loveliness,

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