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Taking tea has always been a genteel tradition aglow in the glories of elegant pastries, sumptuous scents, stunning china patterns, lace and flowers – and engaging conversation on thoughtful and inspirational topics. These are the moments we attempt to capture in image and an occasional recipe when we meet here each week. They are classic hallmarks developed over many generations of tea drinking in civilized societies.

Well, it would appear the 21st century has recently made a curious mark on the beloved custom by adding a few new words to the teatime lexicon:




Curious, indeed, as this excerpt from The Daily Mail bears out:

“According to the research, people are now more than likely to ask for ‘splosh’, ‘chupley’ or ‘blish’ when they fancy a cup of tea . . . Researchers at Winchester University referred to the new household language as ‘kitchen-table lingo’. They said that while slang is often used by young people as a way of excluding adults, these words were used as a way of collaborating between the generations . . . Bill Lucas, professor of learning and a trustee of the English Project at Winchester University, which catalogued the family slang words, told the Sunday Times: ‘A lot of these words are inspired by the sound or the look of a thing, or are driven by an emotional response to that being described.’ “

The Daily Mail Online – Full Article HERE

These “new words” have recently been published in the Dictionary of Contemporary Slang, which details the effect contemporary society has in the use and change of language.

Leave it to the Brits to make teatime even more amazing with three new ways to refer to it – each word bursting with English flavor and eccentricity – and, with a little imagination, you can see how, indeed, they are “inspired by the sound or the look of a thing, or are driven by an emotional response to that being described”:
Splosh: Perhaps an onomatopoeia birthed from the sound a cube of sugar makes “sploshing” into your cuppa tea.
Chupley: When you’re so excited about smearing cranberry “chutney” on your scone that you mistakenly ask the hostess for another cuppa “chupley”.
Blish: My personal favorite – “blish” sounds like “bliss” and isn’t that what teatime conjures in the heart of those who do partake?
I suppose I ought to somehow team each of these new words with a delicate teacup and saucer from one of the magnificent English pottery houses that we all know and love so well. We might begin with this “splosh” mug from Royal Grafton bedecked with a spray of ribboned violets, surrounded by lumps of raw sugar to “splash” in your “splosh” . . .
Or, your tastes might run more towards this Royal Malvern China Company cherry patterned slice of lovely “chupley” cup and saucer. Perfect with a smattering of cranberries – a main ingredient of the cherry-cranberry chutney spread in a delightful dollop on cheesecake . . .
But, for me, I am in “blish-bliss” with this Royal Albert stunner – a classic set against an 1888 collection of watercolour prints awash with verse and images of Shakespeare’s home country!
blish cup
The Shakespeare connection is rather appropriate for a post detailing the invention of new words added to our vocabulary since he is  credited with the invention of hundreds of words and phrases we use daily in the English language.  So, as review, I assign you this little teacup ditty to memorize and sing about the house today in rehearsal for your next “blish” party where you will serve the “splosh” in lovely china “chupley” cups and saucers, as you discuss the many joys of “tea” time . . .
Blish Bliss cup
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  1. Very cute! Older phrases like char, cuppa and tannin spring to mind. It’s funny what phrases get added to the lexicon each year…amazing! Just proves it’s a living language! Love the mug and teacups…so pretty! Wonderful post! Thanks for linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!

  2. Hello Dear, your post today is lovely. I enjoyed reading about the different words. Your graphics look great. Each of the tea cups looks stunning! Well done with the photography and editing! Yay!

  3. Kathryn, what a great, fun, imformative post! I loved every word. Loved the teacups and my favorite is the Royal Albert Jubilee Rose. More Blish!!! (Love the kitty lapping … looks like my house.) Wonderful. I’ll be smiling all day. Happy Tea Day!

  4. How cute – all these words I never heard of before. Your photos and art as darling. Love teacups too! So glad you shared at Friends Sharing Tea!

  5. Oh my I love those tea cups!!!!! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  6. What a wonderful post, Kathy! I love words, my favourite were always the adjectives, and new words make the English language even more fun and expressive. Love your teacups and your photography is just lovely. Thank you for your lesson and tea time. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my visit! Thanks for joining me for tea and have a blish-bliss filled day!


  7. Hi Miss Kathy, I hope I have really connected, I guess that would be reconnected, with you now! This post is absolutely charming and perfect for us tea time nuts! Thanks for sharing…I do like the blish word!
    Love ya,

  8. This is so interesting, Kathy! I had fun reading and learning – beautiful teacups! Thanks for adding these slang words to our vocabulary! I do appreciate you sharing with A Return to Loveliness,

  9. What adorable pictures – and I love that kitty cup combo! So adorable. Thanks for such a delightful visit! Sending me off to bed with a big smile 🙂

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