Snow Time Like March for February Pinks

Happy Belated Pink Saturday to one and all!


I had every intention of posting yesterday morning – but my day did not move along quite as I’d hoped. My photos were ready but my text copy was waiting in the wings when the landscape of my day shifted and my computer was not a part of my activities for the remainder of it. Don’t you just love those little side-trip detours? I did. It involved donuts and dinner with family in the evening at my daughter’s new house, so I’m not complaining.

However, it has made all the Pinks I’ve been saving to share with you delayed yet another day – and here we are already in March – where I’m showing off predominately Valentine Pinks.


Or “camo” – as you prefer . . .

camo diner

Yes, that’s the two of us posing with compound bows fitted up with pink heart shaped arrows in our camouflage dinner apparel in keeping with the “Camo-Night Valentine” dinner-dance sponsored by our couple’s group at church each year. The fellows in our group are into hunting. I crafted a couple camo colored Cameo Impressions Floral Frills for the occasion – worn on a re-fashioned camo t-shirt I’d turned into a cowl neck scarf and turban head-wrap. Just a touch of lace, too – perfect with the pheasant feather flourish.

Meanwhile, back at the Ross Ranch, Valentine’s Day was represented in the more conventional shades of pink and red with my Valentine tree – bedecked with the handmade Valentines our Circle Journal Group created last year. Read all HERE!




Guarding the gorgeous is our Lady Millicent – a little vintage gal I picked up for pennies on a 50% off thrift store sale.


How could I pass her by with her perfect heart shaped lips, luscious lashes, sapphire blue eyes, sweet bonnet, and gold trimmed pink winter gown and muff?


Once home, she completely entranced Sir Pink-a-Lot – my whimsical kitty who is now Lady Millicent’s constant companion.



She just had to pose by one of my new creations – embellished vintage vases!


I’m making romantic vintage mixed-media Felicitation Frill Tags, offset with jewels and trinkets like this antique brass skeleton key, and affixing them to vintage glass vases so the vase becomes a fresh work of art worthy of shelf space with no flowers at all!

I’m displaying these pretties with a cozy Colonial couple in this vintage lamp that I believe may date to the 1940’s.


Aren’t they the sweetest, most serene expressions on their faces? The workmanship is beautiful in every detail! A friend of mine was cleaning out her grandmother’s home and when she came across this lamp she just knew I would love it.  A gift graciously given – and humbly received into my collection.


I have a few more things I want to do on the computer this afternoon before I start handcrafting another batch of Floral Frills and Felicitation Frill Tags in shades of GREEN. March is finally upon us and I am hungry for spring! However, I regret to inform you, spring will be delayed a bit in light of the latest from the weatherman:


Yes, all that PINK across Southern New Jersey is where I live and where the heaviest bands of snow are forecast. Boo.

So, we’ll be hunkering down tomorrow for our new foot of snow outside. However, INSIDE I shall have my vengeance! You see – the bins have been brought up from the basement and my snowmen and winter village motifs are going to be packed away for the year! Within the next two days, there will be a plethora of flowers and bunnies and springtime vignettes peppered about my house and I shall enjoy each visual reminder that spring is another day closer to reality!

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Sharing February Pinks this week with Beverly’s Pink Saturday at How Sweet the Sound.

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  1. Hope you can see the sky under all the snow! My daughter had to trudge to work in the snow again this morning and was trying to only complain *a little*. She’s sick of it, and I know you are too. We’re ready for the green!

    Your pinks, however, are wonderful and were worth the wait. The vintage figurines are so lovely. Like you, I love to look at the details on their faces.

    But now, the camo couple steals the show in this post. I am sitting here grinning at the fact that you can even manage to Miss Kathy up a camo outfit and look perfectly wonderful in it. So cute and so fun!

    Now, go get some cocoa or tea and stay warm!

  2. Lavender Cottage says:

    Lots of fun VD decor at your place and Sir Pink a Lot is the cutest kitty ever!

  3. Hi Kathryn: So sorry about the emails, I was hacked. I think I fixed it. Love your post today. I collect figurines and your new lady is so cute. Love it. Have a wonderful week. Blessings, Martha

  4. I just don’t know what to love first the tree, your valentines, or figurines. They are all so pretty. However, I love the pictures of you two with the crossbows…I know you say Cupid but for me it looks like you are completely prepared for a Zombie Apocalypse. You know I’m a big time Walking Dead fan!!! How was your class? xoxo Nancy

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