NoteCard Wednesday: Tea Lady Collection

Greetings, all! Joyful to be joining the fun at Vee’s NoteCard Wednesday this month!

Upon review of my posts this past month, I kept returning to the fun teatime post I did about some of the new slang words for taking tea that have made it into an official collection of slang language recently: blish, chupley and splosh. You may enjoy that bit of whimsy HERE. I found the words so very “English” and too much fun to pass up for post fodder – and now, for their own spot in notecard niche marketing.

Target Audience: Lovers of Tea, Vintage Images and ENGLAND


Though I admit, I did NOT take the actual photographs – I did, in fact, colorize and special effect them to my purposes. Many thanks to the generous lending libraries of The Graphics Fairy and TuckDB Postcards from which I have borrowed the vintage image originals. I hope my graphic design embellishments keep me within the boundaries of our link-up today!

The “imagined” set of 12 notecards – four each of three designs – comes with a bonus full color vintage image MAGNET tying together the theme of the package. It is a lovely set to give as a gift – or perhaps to gift yourself – with which to invite your tea lady friends for a fine cuppa on a spring afternoon.

In the fine tea parlor of your cozy thatched roof cottage, of course – or in the garden surrounded by lavender . . .




And the MAGNET:

Blish Bliss cup

Lest we forget the LID:

PicMonkey Collage

And, that’s all she wrote for this month regarding NoteCards at A Haven for Vee! Off to the kitchen to brew my own spot of blish for an afternoon cuppa!

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  1. These are so cute, the captions are priceless, the kitty is my favorite, thanks for sharing.

  2. I learned some new vocabulary here – never heard of these fun words for tea! Blogging can be so educational.

  3. Love these adorable photos for your note cards.
    Fun fun party…..

  4. Lavender Cottage says:

    Kathryn, you created some fun tea themed note cards. The slang from another country can be hard to comprehend sometimes – took me a while to realize chips in England were french fries.
    I do know that tea time is bliss!

  5. OH my, I must remember these…. I am having an English tea next week, and I simply must remember to wow my friends with these wonderful words…. I suppose it would be prudent of me to follow you at once so I can always find this when my mind fails me!

  6. These are FUN! You always make everything you do enjoyable! Perfect for a cute set of cards! Hugs!

  7. As you know, I’m taking a media class – in the book they tell this success story about Adagio Teas and how folks can blend their own teas. I thought you might enjoy this link if you don’t already have it,

  8. Oh this is cool! You’ve made them your own and taught us all something fun! All the best with your party. I’ll be back to snag the button and help you get the word out.

  9. Kathryn … what fun. I loved all your Tea Lady notecards. I giggled and smiled and think blish, chupley and splosh are great tea words. The crowning glory — the kitty! 😀 Well done. Have a lovely week and I’m looking forward to your party.

  10. What a fun set of notecards. I’m sure they’d be popular in a gift shop or tea shop!

  11. Love your note cards and the captions are so cute!!!!! What a great party! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  12. I love each note card, especially the one that says “A splosh and scone sound good about now!”

    What a fun bunch of note cards.


  13. Miss Kathy, I adore your notecards! So whimsical and so vintage! Thanks for your kind comments and your visit.
    Hugs, Beth

  14. I love these notecards. Love your creativity!
    Tea and England reminded me to ask – have you read A Fine Romance by Susan Branch? Just read it recently, and fell in love with tea and all things British again. You would love the book.

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