Steeped in Mystery Teatime Winner

Yey! I won the prize!!


I love prizes – giving them and receiving them! When I was raising my kids, I was never satisfied with the Christmas, Easter and birthday gift giving events. I made PRIZE events out of any and every special day I could make up. I loved stumbling across something I knew would bless the socks off someone special, and would create a dramatic “reveal” for surprising them with a “prize” – my kids often being the recipients.

It’s one of my love languages, I guess.

So, when I am gifted with a prize, I am over the moon blessed – especially when it is a favorite thing and unexpected. Like, winning Kathy’s Give-Away of Laura Child’s latest, Steeped in Evil, at Delightsome Life this week!


I can’t be more surprised and feeling “blissed” – I have yet to read one of Laura’s cozy mysteries about a teashop owner in Charleston, SC who solves mysteries on the side with her scones. Well, it’s about time I enter the conversation our tea ladies have been having about this series. I am reading about five books at present – in between all my writing assignments and Floral Frill creating at Cameo Impressions. Not an easy task, I assure you. Most of my reading of late is non-fiction as I’m in prep mode for my own non-fiction work coming out later this year.

A nice cozy mystery sounds like it will be just the thing to clear my head with a little diversion – especially if there is tea involved.


To that end, I am featuring my newest teacup that I picked up at an antique show recently. Sadly, it came from the estate of a woman who had lost her mother. She was not a dealer – just selling out her mother’s collections for well below what they would go for in a dealer’s hands. I paid $5 for this gorgeous Thomas Ivory, from Bavaria, Germany china. It is absolutely luscious!



So elegant and regal!



The fruit motif in a neo-classical style is framed by a heavy gold rim and looks as though not a drop of tea has ever been drunk from it. Purely a work of art to be displayed.


The pineapple in the fruit bowl reminded me of Charleston – where the teashop mysteries are set in Laura’s books. I often enjoyed touring downtown in Old Charleston when I lived there for four years some twenty years ago. So many beautiful homes dating to the Civil War era and Antebellum time prior to that still stand. Many of the old row houses – painted various bright colors and aptly called, Rainbow Row – would sport the pineapple motif on their wrought iron gates or cement posts.


The pineapple is the traditional symbol of “welcome” – quite appropriate for this cup and saucer which welcomes delight to the soul and spirit in its beauty.


I will welcome my book win in the mailbox soon, too, and perhaps use this teacup and saucer when I settle into the first chapter in my cozy reading chair . .  . with a cozy mystery! Winning this during my BLOGOVERSARY month celebrating 3 years of The Writer’s Reverie is especially sweet!

3 years blogging

To that end – REMINDER: I’m planning a BLOGOVERSARY GIVE-AWAY of my own later this month. Look for details soon relating to my new LINK-UP launching Monday, March 24 – ALL THINGS BRIGHT AND BEAUTIFUL LINK-UP!

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Click on the page tab above to learn more – hope you join the fun every fourth Monday of the month for an “encore performance” of your brightest and beautiful in posts from that month. There’s four ways to link in, too! More on this AND the GIVE-AWAY coming soon!

Many thanks for the win to Delightsome Life – Taking JOY in a good read and a cuppa tea!

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  1. Congratulations on your win girl! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  2. I wa so excited to see you had won! Wonderful! Your teacup is lovely. Tell us how it is when you’ve read it! Perfect for a tea shop mystery…Thanks for linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!

  3. Congratulations, Kathy! I’m so glad you won the book. You will enjoy it, I know. I have all Laura Childs tea shop mysteries and I’ve read them all at least twice. This will be a treat for you! Love your new teacup. It’s a beauty! Thank you for coming to tea and enjoy the rest of your week, my friend.


  4. So happy you won Laura’s book. What a fun posting of this event and sharing about Charleston. Since you lived there that makes it even more fun. I guess a lot of people go looking for Theo’s tea room and can’t ever find it – ha!

  5. Thanks for visiting me at Delights of the Heart.
    I won this same book on another blog give away.
    Can’t wait to read it.

  6. Enjoyed the commentary regarding your new teacup. My dear sister was a great history buff and also gave me the bug oh so many, many years ago now. Congradulations on winning this most interesting book. I had not realized the settings of these mysteries were in Charleston. My brother lived in Charleston and was a heart specialist beginning his career at the teaching hospital there. I have visited there at least 3 times and my last one was with a dear high school friend. We did the Annabellum homes on the Ashley River and toured Charleston and most of the downtown historic homes. What a busy time we had but I loved every single minute of it and brought home with me some special girts and South Carolina tea. Both were a delight to the taste buds. Would love to visit in the springtime as it was summer the last time we went and mighty hot to say the least.
    With joy and gratitude,

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