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Celebrating Three Years in Blogland!


I’m TAKING GREAT JOY in celebrating my THIRD BLOGOVERSARY this month by

launching my first LINK-UP that opens THIS WEEKEND!

Three years ago I was prompted by a friend, Linda at Grandmalay’s Daydreams, to start a blog. She had just started one and gave me a couple pointers about how to break into Blogland.

You see, I’d set up a blog on Blogger about five years earlier, and contributed maybe one story a year. Trouble was, I had no idea who would read it or how anyone would find it. This was before my Facebook encounter, too, where I first learned to “get connected” to my “audience”. When I started out, I just didn’t know enough about the medium and had little time to devote to it anyway. Just not the season.

However, when Linda encouraged me with some helpful instruction, I knew it was my due season to step into the larger world with my writing. I’ve never looked back and have enjoyed every moment of this odyssey in the written word and creative images. Since that time, I have grown in my technical and computer skills, am self-publishing my own works and – due to the inspiration of so many talented artist bloggers – I have returned to my own artistic endeavors with an Etsy shop and expansion of my “vintage” hobby, making a career transition that has put blogging at the center of my working world. To that end, I migrated to Word Press last September and have been growing the power and purpose of The Writer’s Reverie ever since.

By far, the most splendid thing about blogging is coming into contact with so many talented and creative women – kindred spirits – who have proved to be a constant source of inspiration and learning in my life. I have been daily enriched as I’ve gotten to know the artists, Christian devotional writers, home-makers and DIYer’s, imparting all levels of good things and beauty to enhance my growth as a woman, Christian, writer and artist. I am so blessed to call you “friends” in the truest sense of the word – even though I haven’t met you face to face.

So, as I embark on year four in Blogland, I am stepping into some new territory. I am going to host a LINK-UP where my blogger friends can gather – a hub of everyone’s personal best post each month! I have enjoyed linking weekly on many blog parties, broadening the reach of The Writer’s Reverie and feel it’s time to make my own humble blog a bit of a “hub” for like-minded ladies. In keeping with my own personal mission statement as an Enrichment Artist – to be a source of “all good things and beauty” in the lives of others – I have chosen the first verse of a much loved hymn as the theme of my Link-up:

All Things Bright and Beautiful

All Creatures Great and Small

All Things Wise and Wonderful

The Lord God Made Them All

On the 4th Monday of each month, beginning in this month of March, the All Things Bright and Beautiful Link-up will be open for linking. Participants are invited to review their past month’s posts and link a post that is a good fit for one of the theme verses. Link-in noting the particular theme verse in the title along with your blog name as in the samples below:

All Things Bright and Beautiful @ The Writers Reverie

bright and beautiful

Link posts that illustrate bright and clever ideas that make your world more beautiful. This might be a DIY before and after, a homespun recipe, a crafting tutorial, a visually beautiful home décor vignette, design, vintage find, teatime or tablescape, or a work of art that you have featured. Perhaps you’ve been on vacation and have created a post with some of your best photos from the gorgeous landscapes you saw. This would include nature photography and memes. If it is full of light and beauty – this theme verse is for your post!

All Creatures Great and Small @ The Writers Reverie

great and small

Link posts that tell stories about our animal friends. This is where we share an interesting antidote about our pets – cats, dogs, horses, goats, birds, etc. It is a great place for features about bird life in the garden – did you post something about some interesting visitors to the feeders this month? Share it as a highlight reel here. Photography capturing wildlife and original memes featuring animals with inspirational quotes is perfect for this verse theme.

All Things Wise and Wonderful @ The Writers Reverie

wise and wonderful

Link posts of a Christian devotional nature here. Explore Bible verses and teachings or personal reflections that inspire others to seek God. Truly – words and images that move us towards a deeper understanding of the love of God in Jesus Christ for us is, indeed, “Wise and Wonderful.” Anything relating to living out the Christian life according to Biblical Principles is what this verse theme is all about.

The Lord God Made Them All @ The Writers Reverie


Link posts sharing stories about the people you love – spouses, children, grand-children and special friends. But, remember – the Lord God made them ALL – so this is also a good place for stories about ALL people. For instance, stories about ministering to other people in your town, through a charitable mission or perhaps an overseas ministry helping the less fortunate. Celebrating grandma’s birthday? God bless her – share the post about it.

Follow the criteria for linking up and you’re on your way:

  •  Link your post using the specific URL address of the post you’re linking only.

  •  You may link more than once up to four times – one each under each verse theme.

  •  Be sure to put a link to the All Things Bright and Beautiful (ATBB) Link-up in your post. You can list it as a link or include my button made especially for the link-up.

  •  Feature the ATBB button in your side-bar.

  •  Leave me a comment after you link-in.

  •  Visit at least one other blogger linking in and encourage them with a comment.

  •  Optional: Share the ATBB Link-up where you’re featured on your social media outlets.

  •  Please do not link sales related posts. If your post includes a link to your Etsy shop or shares news of your latest book publication in the context of the story, that is fine – but the post should not be about selling products or services. Posts shared should be about enriching the heart, mind, soul and spirit of our readers.


FIRST LINK-UP OPEN 12:00 am Monday, March 24, 2014 –

Closes in five days!!


Launching my new link-up during my Blogoversary month is also a good reason to host a Give-Away! To that end, everyone linking in this month when the link goes live on March 24th will be entered to win a special prize! It’s a four-part prize with an item representing each of the four themes, including something beautiful for the home, an animal kingdom treasure, a copy of my first book of devotional poetry Fragrant Fields, and a gift card to take someone you love for a tasty treat!

If you link more than once under a different verse theme, you are entered again!

I hope to see this Link-up grow over the year. If you know of bloggers who write in such a way that their posts would be a good fit for the All Things Bright and Beautiful Link-up, do invite them to come and join the party and be part of the inspiration keeping in mind this one guiding principle that under-girds my purpose in the written word and creative image:

phil 4-8 gladys

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Sharing Taking Joy in All Things Bright and Beautiful

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thanks bev

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    I wanted to answer your glue question. When doing a project I will use multiple glues. I love instant gratification so whenever I can I use my hot glue gun, but it’s not the best choice for everything. For a project like the shell I posted for Pink Saturday would use E6000 to hold on the crown & mod podge for the glitter & paper.

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