Waiting in Hope

Baby, it’s cold outside!

To that end – it’s cold INSIDE. At least at my house. Has been for the past two weeks – and worst of all today!


As it happens, we are without heat. We have been forced to bid a fond farewell to our oil furnace after a remarkable lifespan of fifty years!

It was big. It was noisy. It was working admirably until the fierceness of this winter just knocked the stuffings out of it – as much as it also filled our oil tank DOUBLE what we’ve ever used before! So much so that we began the long discussed process of shopping around for a contractor to do a gas conversion and bring our energy efficiency into the 21st century.

And, our energy bills into sensible – if not “cents-able” – range.

It seemed our furnace was listening in through the air ducts and the grate in the dining room two weeks ago when we discussed all the details of the job with our new contractor, and signed the papers making it a done deal.

Said furnace must have gotten pretty hot about that! Apparently, for the last time. By morning she blew her last and we were officially out of hot air.


Calling our contractor, he suggested we borrow some company space heaters til the job was done.

Enter our adventure in less than comfort zone temperatures – including two snow storms and below zero wind chills with a couple 60 degree days just to give us hope.


Hope – when Jack and Steve spent the better part of a week making all manner of noise in the basement dismantling the old and assembling the new.


Hope when the Gas Company Guy came and said the gas lines run to the house and stem hook-up next to our house was working perfectly.

Hope – deferred . . . when the Gas Company Guy who actually hooks up the meter to the stem so the contractor can come back and hook up the new furnace to the meter and restore life without three layers of clothes and electricity guzzling space heaters being the norm – YEAH – That Guy!


When THAT Guy is just NOT showing up.

Baby – it’s cold INSIDE!

Now, I’m not complaining – really. So MUCH to be thankful for. We HAVE electricity. We HAVE space heaters. We HAVE intermittent days when the thermometer reaches 50+. We have clothes and blankets and hot water. We have more than most of the population of the earth.

BUT – MORE than all that: We have a BROKEN furnace that FORCES us to make all things NEW!

PLUS a BONUS: We have the privilege of WAITING!

It is a privilege, you know. For in the waiting there is HOPE. That new furnace is nice and shiny downstairs in the basement and is going to save us lots of money going forward. It won’t take long to hook it up once the meter is installed.

But – waiting on the missing link between where you are now and where you hope to be can try one’s patience. It can weary the soul.


These are character qualities that flow to and through us from God’s equipping hands. They are GIFTS He so desires to impart to us . . . when we WAIT on Him. In HOPE.

See – all waiting is waiting on God – when you know God. When you are convinced of His goodness and purposes in your life to move your forward into better. Into His best.

After the brokenness.

Like that new 21st century energy efficient gas furnace in the basement that now sits in the place of a broken heap of scrap metal. It is better. It is best.

And – though that missing piece causes us to continue to wait, we have HOPE. That new furnace down there isn’t designed to just sit there taking up less space and shining bright. It is there to do a job. Better than that which was before. It is the visible down payment of the full pay-off when we will flip the switch and hot air will once again be forced through those heating ducts into every inch of our home – swiftly and efficiently. Not just the three spots in the house where we have the limited scope of “just getting by” space heaters.

Just like the Rose of Sharon in my backyard – we are waiting for spring to kick into full swing. The missing piece?

gal 6-9

Due Season. Balm for the weary soul.

In due season He makes all things new. Due Seasons come to those who WAIT. In HOPE . . . expecting.

In due season, the gas company will get their paperwork in gear, all their jots and tittles in place for creating a “new account” so our names can be put on the schedule, that – in due season – it will show up on the Gas Company Guy’s list of homes to service on a particular day with a new gas meter hook-up.

He’ll do his job – in due season.

Meantime . . . I’ll do mine.

I’ll . . . wait. In hope. Dreaming of warmer days and my blossoming Rose of Sharon to come . . .

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  1. It’s so wonderful to understand that because of God, we all have hope! Thanks for the beautiful message of hope, my friend! Sweet hugs!

  2. Bridget MacMillan says:

    Thank You for this beautiful reminder Kathy! I too am learning about waiting and patience. I am preparing for that day when my “missing Piece” comes along and buys my house so that I can move and start the new life that I am hoping and dreaming about. Stay warm and faithful! God Bless!

  3. Hope you see evidence of that Hope really soon! We have gas – which takes care of our downstairs and hot water, so when the gas tank is empty before we realize it – we at least have heat upstairs – but cold showers – bbbrrrrr! Wishing you a warm, warm spring – with many fewer layers!

  4. Coming from the town where the mudslides took place, this message of hope was refreshing to my lung looking for fresh air! So happy to stop by from Lyli’s place today! Blessings, Jen Avellaneda

  5. Wow, well in due season one is waiting with the outcome to always be a positive one. On the other side of the coin your furnace was as old as mine. We had insurance and the furnace people said we will continue to come clean and inspect but we won’t cover this for parts anymore, we thing they don’t make them any longer. So all good things come to an end, everything happens for a reason, the good outweighs the bad.

    Now if you want to talk about customer service we will head right over with a large cup of tea. I can remember way back when…. you made the call – the repair guy came out – you were invoiced – by the time he shook your hand and was out the door everything was working – by the time the invoice came in you said, “oh I completely forgot about that – it works so well I had better send payment right away.” Today, when they get a repair you have to ask questions, remind them what it was you called for, have them show you the work they did (just as an added reminder to them and a second check of things). Ya you can tell I’ve had a few repairs in my day. However I just got away from the message and that was Hope – lovely post you did a fantastic job and the message did get across however I was thinking of my last repair job and became overwhelmed. Good job you don’t have our weather with electric heaters they wouldn’t keep up.

  6. Oh my – you poor thing! It has been such a cold winter. Praise God for all the other provisions and praying you get it fixed fast. I remember when my poor senior mom had to endure 6 weeks at the end of winter because her heater (there was one for each floor of our two story house) went out and she just had space heaters. They do work but you do have to get awfully cozy to them . I was always praying she wouldn’t trip and fall on one – and she didn’t. God IS good and got us thru and He is getting you thru and good lessons learned throughout. 🙂

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