Notecard Wednesday: The Frill of Life Collection

It’s raining just now.  Freezing temps tomorrow. Springtime in New Jersey.

I had high hopes for planting flowers early this year with the sunny days topping out at almost 80 degrees this past week. Well, it looks like I’ll have to be content with my flowers INSIDE for a little longer.

That’s what I’ve been doing of late, as I’ve been in new creation mode with my Cameo Impressions Floral Frills. The first batch of my Spring Collection just hit the display tables and I made sure to capture them on film before a happy customer takes one or more away to frill up their wardrobe this season!

I shared them recently at Beverly’s Pink Saturday and thought I could tweak them a bit to make an inspirational collection of notecard’s for Vee’s party this month. What do you think?





I LOVE these words – so full of LIFE and BEAUTY! When we commit to adopting these concepts as descriptive of our own lives, we make a Cameo Impression in our sphere of influence – and, in the world.

A ‘cameo’ is defined as a “work of art raised up and set apart from the background.” Living a life of celebration, aglow with sparkle and shine, makes an impression of all good things and beauty that decidedly “raises us up and sets us apart.” These “Frill of Life” notecards featuring images of some of my handcrafted Floral Frill Clip accessories would be a great gift for the person you know who lives life in just such a way – with FRILL! 

frill of life collection

Or, perhaps you might send a card to encourage someone to embrace their greater value and purpose.

Who would you send a Frill of Life notecard to, I wonder . . .

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Sharing The Frill of Life Collection this month with Vee’s Notecard Party at A Haven for Vee.

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  1. Well done – gorgeous pics of gorgeous items!!!

    Happy card day!

  2. These are so very elegant, with deep meaning. Very lovely indeed. Thanks for sharing your talent.

  3. Positively stunning! These floral creations are exquisite. Thanks for sharing such beauty.

  4. Beautiful cards! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  5. I love your floral frills. You should make notecards from your frills! Happy Spring!

  6. Frill of Life… how neat is that? You are one creative gal. And, may I just say, that your blog is looking particularly lovely and feminine…your header is gorgeous!

  7. Ha! The Frill of life! Love it, Kathryn. I like all the words you chose for your note cards!

  8. Your frilly cameos are lovely! Very unique!

  9. I dearly love these pretty cards.

  10. We all love some ‘frill’ and beauty! These are so feminine and pretty and would be perfect for Spring note cards! I hope you’ll stop by my blog tomorrow and see what’s ‘new’! I’m featuring my friendship gifts from YOU! Enjoy your afternoon sweet lady! Sweet hugs, Diane

  11. If you have explained the definition of cameo and the principle behind the name before, I have forgotten or missed it. I absolutely love that. I’m going to be pondering it as I go about my day today. I really love the message packed into that one word.

    As for your notecards, I love every single one of them. I have tried to do festive editing with photos like that shine and sparkle and stuff. So far, I can’t make mine look like yours. I just keep “frosting” every photo. LOL I love those and plan to keep right on trying. I happen to be one who thinks a little sparkle and shine is just what we need on a dreary day. Considering the spring we’re all having, I would say we all need some more of it.

  12. Beautiful, absolutely beautiful are you Cameo Impressions Floral Frills, beautiful thoughts when we shine, sparkle, glow and celebrate life. Notecard worthy indeed, thank you for sharing.

  13. These are wonderfully created notecards, Kathryn! You made a lovely set.

  14. Elizabeth says:

    Hi Kathryn, I came over from Diane’s blog “Lavender Dreams”. I love your blog and so happy to find you !

  15. Hi
    Your frills are very pretty. I was over at Debbie’s blog the gal with the new fancy glamour bathroom LOL anyway just surfing around and wanted to see whats going on , on your blog
    Snow in New Jersey we had snow and freezing rain Monday here in Missouri, today 60 degrees


  16. I’m frilled to see your lovely note cards Kathryn!
    They are very special – you’ve put a lot of thought into them!
    Wishing you a Blessed Easter season

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