Teacup Bouquet

I’m all about flowers this week! Just so excited for the arrival of spring and some of my early bulb blooms blossoming in my yard!

daf bloom

But, I’m also looking forward to the next few days in my Cameo Impressions studio when I’ll be make up a batch of spring Floral Frills for my Spring/Easter shows this month! So – I am grabbing a quick cuppa tea with plenty of floral frills on it to show-off today.


It’s a special cup to me because it is named for my dear daughter, Bethany.


She turns 26 years old this month. Gah! Where have the years gone . . .


Showing it off with a wooden box of tea boasting the Bard’s name – a favorite whose works Bethany and I have always loved.


My workbench is calling – I’ll be sneaking in throughout the week to grab a cuppa with you on my breaks!

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  1. Love your teacup! I would love to see all your beautiful tea cups! I bet you have tons of them!!!! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  2. Lavender Cottage says:

    Beautiful double daffodils and a girly vignette with your teacup Kathryn. You’re a busy lady, wishing you gratifying success in your craft studio.

  3. Hi there. It’s amazing how fast they grow up! Our oldest is 50 this year, and youngest just turned 44. A pretty chintz teacup indeed. Isn’t it nice we finally have some flowers and a bit of spring! Thanks so much for linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!

  4. Bethany’s teacup is gorgeous. Amazing how quickly the “littles” grow up! Lovely floral frills, too! Happy Tea Day!

  5. Your flowers are lovely, Kathy, both those in your garden and in your pretty teacup. I like a bit of bling too and it looks so sweet nestled in your Bethany teacup. Thank you for linking to Tea Time and enjoy your week preparing for your Spring/ Easter shows, my friend.


  6. I just love the spring, trees blooming and flowers bringing live back to our winter’s harshness. Your china is very pretty and would bring out a smile of any user. Come and tour my blog if you have time.
    Thanks, Pam

  7. Such a lovely post with a gorgeous tea cup and beautiful handiwork. You are having so much fun! Those flowers are very pretty. Your tea cup so sweet with all those flowers. I hope you are getting many opportunities for tea while you are working so hard : )

  8. What a lovely cup and saucer. I love this pattern as I used to sell it years ago. The photos are really lovely!

  9. What a stunning teacup. Thanks for sharing!

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