All My Favorite Things on Mother’s Day

When you work for yourself, you’re not used to pampering. You wake with a long list of things to accomplish each day – each one dependent on the other thing, and ultimately it will only get done by you. The weeks move ever onward with far too much busy and an over-abundance of details to attend to.

So you’ll excuse me if Mother’s Day crept up on me unawares this year.

Happy mothers day

I accepted my daughter Bethany’s invitation to dinner at her place after church on Mother’s Day, and was looking forward to the gluten free ravioli she promised me. That would have been treat enough – and it was, to be sure!


Gluten free cheese ravioli from the local pasta maker with a specialty in fresh gluten free pasta selections that is in our town, with her own sauce made with chicken and broccoli rabe sausage – too amazing – served with her signature roasted asparagus spears and Amish Market chocolate cake for dessert!


Yes – with a meal like that in the new home she’s made with her husband, Dan, on such a glorious Sunday afternoon, I truly expected nothing more. How amazed I was, then, to find a table full of surprises – all my favorite things – that both my kids conspired to bless me with for Mother’s Day.


It seems that after some long distance conversation between Bethany and her brother, Andrew and his wife Andrea in New England, a plan was hatched to surprise me with flowers from our friend, Jeannette’s Bloomers, and teatime goodies from Karan at Across the Pond Tea Shop!

Bethany visited the shop and introduced herself. Karan knew just what I’d had my eye on for some time there – and I now have the two sweet Hammersley & Co. cups and saucers I’ve always admired when I’ve visited.




One is in a pale yellow and the other a pale salmon color. The spring bouquet floral on the outside and inside are so cheerful!



I have three leaf teas to enjoy in them: Rooibos Lemon Souffle, Rooibos Blueberry and – my regular tea of choice, Almond Cookies Green Tea.


There’s also the Lemon Curd and chocolates sprinkled about, too!


But, my heart skipped a beat when I saw the framed photos! The one of my grandbaby, Mackenzie, wearing  sun glasses down on her nose came with a caption. Apparently, she put them on and said to her mother, “Look mama, just like Nana Kathy!”



And, the other photo was one I had only a glimpse of two years ago when my son-in-law snapped it at Kenzie’s second birthday. I saw it in the view screen of his digital camera and thought it turned out adorable.



I’ve been looking forward to getting that photo since then – but, it was slow in coming. Well, they were in the middle of planning a wedding, getting married, buying a home and moving into the new house, so I guess I can cut them some slack that the photo wasn’t on the high priority list. But, how precious of them to remember it for me this year on  Mother’s Day!


They are enjoying their new digs – and it is quite an adventure watching what amazing things pop up in their yard. The former owners had let the yard get overgrown so they’ve been cleaning it out and discovering all manner of plant life. The lily of the valley is prolific . . .


And, it does look a bit like a fairyland with all the dogwood in bloom since they are surrounded on three sides with wooded areas . . .


They bought a new potted purple calla-lily – this was one of the flowers they used in their wedding . . .


And, they have been wondering about that lone azalea smack dab in the middle of nowhere, it would seem.


Until you look out the window over the kitchen sink and it is smack dab in the center of your view.  I think someone strategically placed that at one time – a vibrant red under a delicate dogwood. Just lovely!

My son called from New England and we planned dates for our trip up to visit in June – looking so forward to that trip!!

Such a lovely day with loved ones, I am so grateful for all the blessings of simple joys and family today. And, it all began with waking to a card from my husband – appropriately sporting teabags of Care, Warmth and Love.

teabag card

Within he penned this little poem:

To my special “Tea Lady” ~

Your children are tea bags, in Living Water they steep.

The Master’s Hands are cups, and in they go ~ deep.

The faithful steward is you, and with Jesus you reap ~

            A mighty wonderful delightful brew!

Yes, I am so thankful for such thoughtful and generous family loving and supporting me in my life. So blessed by my husband and children today – and everyday. But, as much as I love these sweet gifts and a delicious meal and a little pampering from them all, there is one thing that gives me more joy than anything else:

I was so filled with joy to hear stories about your children walking in truth, in the very way the Father called us to live.”

2 John 1:4   The Voice

Thank you, Jesus! Taking JOY in the hopes that each and every one of you mom’s out there found special blessings on Mother’s Day this year – honoring the high calling of the hand that rocks the cradle.

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  1. What a wonderful Mother’s Day you had indeed Kathy! You are truly blessed my friend!
    Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  2. Kathy, your children have truly, “…called you blessed!” It sounds like your Mother’s Day was perfect. Your teacups are gorgeous and the ravioli looks delicious! Thank you for sharing and joining me for tea. Have a lovely week, my friend.


  3. The beautiful post of your Mother’s Day is woncderful. Your children were so thoughtful with the beautfiful flowers and the special gifts. The menu sounds delicious and was a great pleasure for you.The card your husband presented you was so kind and perfect for a tea lover. Have a great week!


  4. Oh Kathy, what a precious family – and what a wonderful day they planned for you! I’m so glad you were honored – as you greatly deserve it.

    This year, though I was not with my sons, I spoke to both of them, and to my own mother. And I was once again reminded of how greatly blessed I am to have good relationships with my boys and my new daughter-in-law. And, how wonderful it is that my mom is still with me. God is good, and I am the fortunate recipient of His good gifts!


  5. Lavender Cottage says:

    Kathryn, it sounds like your mother’s day was about perfect, and the box of tea things I enjoyed pouring over. The framed photos of the grands are sweet, especially when it is picked up on how you wear your glasses – I liked that.

  6. Your children did such a wonderful job of making your mother’s day special!!!! Thank you for sharing.

  7. Sounds like a perfect Mother’s Day to me! Spent with family and lots of papering. Your tea gift basket looks amazing. I have to go check them out as I am not familiar with them. I love the fun pic of your granddaughter emulating grandma! Happy Tea day!

  8. What a lovely Mother’s Day you had! I am so glad! Your family really showered you with love. The gifts are amazing, because they show that they know what you love. The two tea cups are glorious! The teas and chocolates too!
    Happy Mother’s Day!

  9. Hi: I am so glad you had a wonderful Mother’s Day! I so loved reading the card your husband gave you. You are one lucky lady. May this year bring even more blessings dear friend. Hugs, Martha

  10. What a wonderful day! I love the photo of you and your grandgirl… and the one of her and her pulled down glasses is just the cutest! Your husband’s poem is just perfect! What a creative guy you have. You are abundantly blessed to have such a loving family. Thank you for sharing all the lovely things about your day.
    Shalom and blessings,

  11. I love this post. Everything special about being a dearly loved mother is here, and lovely teacups too !

    I can see why you love the photo, I do too and I’m not even related to you and that beautiful grandchild of yours .

  12. I loved every word and every picture. It sounds like a perfectly wonderful Mothers Day from such THOUGHTFUL children. My favorite part, of course, was the glasses on the end of the nose. That is precious!

    (And I really love that version of the scripture from 2 John.)

    I am hoping to have a few more bright and beautiful options to choose from in May than in April. We’ll see how that works out.

  13. What a wonderful Mother’s Day! Your hubby and kids did a great job. Love the card and the tea gift basket–those are lovely teacups.

  14. So loved reading this – a beautiful post and so delighted you had all your favorite things – such a blessing! I do appreciate you sharing with A Return to Loveliness,

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