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Springtime and gardens green, vibrant with azaleas and lilacs in bloom, means it’s time to break out my few cherished Beatrix Potter Wedgewood children’s china that I have had since my children were small. Though my son and daughter have both grown and flown some twenty plus years later – I kept the china. They are annual reminders of those fleeting days of innocence and joy. 

Recently, with much delight,  I was able to add a Beatrix Potter egg holder to my modest collection, acquired when thrifting. Of such finds are posts as this inspired, where I shall enjoy Breakfast with Beatrix!


Not only reminding me of my guys when they were little – but of my own childhood memories. Breakfast begins with a trip to my lovely lilac tree for a cluster to embellish my setting.


I tried to put them in the window over the sink – but Emma was far too curious for me to think I could keep them there without a disaster.


Then, to the fridge to prepare the meal – a soft boiled egg that will rest in the egg holder!


This brought back many memories of my own mother preparing breakfast for me which was very often a soft boiled egg. I didn’t have an egg holder – but loved to watch mom unwrap half the egg and run a spoon along the inside of the shell, scooping out the cooked egg white with the luscious golden yolk all loose and lovely! Served in a little bowl with just a touch of salt, it was my favorite breakfast. They were fresh from the farm eggs, too – my grandfather kept them. He was a chicken farmer for over 30 years until government regulations shut down the independent farmers.


But, I politically digress.

Today, I’m all about my soft boiled egg served in an egg holder with Beatrix Potter images and text emblazoned on my china. It is the first soft boiled egg I’ve eaten since being a little girl – and the first time I’ve ever eaten an egg in an egg holder!


I’m accompanying it with gluten free cinnamon raisin toast, cut in strips – the little “soldiers” to be dipped in the egg yolk in fine British fashion!



Beverages served are – tea – of course! Green tea in a sweet little tea mug with little Lucy and Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle, the fastidious laundress hedgehog.


But, I also have a china drinking cup with poor Peter Rabbit being chased by Mr. MacGregor shouting, “Thief! Thief!”


Only one thing to be served in that cup – another memory from childhood breakfasts – prune juice. Mother believed we ought to drink our prune juice daily, and in the winter, take fish oil in our oatmeal to keep things moving and safeguard against catching colds. To be sure – we were rarely sick.



Isn’t it amazing how tastes and smells stimulate memory – sometimes stirring them to the surface so swiftly in just a whiff or a tickle to a taste-bud. Mentally, one can be transported as though caught up in a time machine.

My breakfast teatime with Beatrix was chock full of memory joggers – the lilac scent swept me to grandma’s garden where she always let me pick a great bouquet to take  home . . .


The prune juice found me sitting at the table in the old kitchen with celery green walls listening to Mother explain why I must finish the entire glass of prune juice; the soft boiled egg stirred the buzzing sound of the timer telling us the eggs were ready as anticipation built for such a breakfast treat!

I’m thinking of Mom fondly as I enjoy this memorable little breakfast on a child’s set of china.

mom 1960

Wishing she was here to share it with today. But, so very thankful that I have the memories of soft boiled eggs and prune juice to savor in her stead.

Wishing everyone a Happy Mother’s Day this weekend!


And, looking forward to sharing more Beatrix Potter delights with you next week including some photos from my Blooming Books Storytime at The Garden Center @ Seper’s Nursery where I’m hosting a monthly story program through September!

Beautiful red and yellow tulips in the spring time. Shallow depth of field.

I’ll be linking in late since the program is on Wednesday, so I hope you’ll check back!

What a satisfying breakfast and morning tea  with Bea – and cherished memories! I shall have to do this again, soon!

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  1. You have put a lot of thought and planning into this post and it is a lovely tribute full of happy memories and more! So glad to visit your blog and glad you linked!

  2. Susan K. says:

    Such sweet memories! I have the Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle cup too and now I want to find more pieces. Hmmm, might have to hit the thrift stores tomorrow!
    My sisters and I are planning a trip to England in Summer 2015 and on the itinerary is a trip to Beatrix Potter’s Hilltop Farm.

  3. What a lovely BP post, and a sweet memory for you. The new egg cup is so precious! The memories from your childhood delightful to read. You have set such a dear little BP tea time! Everything looks cozy and lovely!

  4. Your Beatrix Potter dishes are so sweet, and it sounds like your breakfast tea is full of wonderful memories. Thanks for sharing them with us.

  5. This is such a sweet post, filled with many lovely memories. Love the lilacs! I always liked my eggs hard boiled and I usually have an egg, including the yolk, every morning although I am really not supposed to eat yolks because of my cholesterol. Sometimes I wonder if eggs get a bad rap! Your Peter Rabbit reminds me of my children’s dishes that were given to them as babies by their Nanny and Grampy. They have since been passed on to their little ones. I love a nostalgic post which is just what yours delivers. Thank you for sharing at Tea Time and Happy Mother’s Day, Kathy!


  6. What delightful post, Kathryn. I love Beatrix Potter, too, and adore your dish set and flowers. Here in Florida, we don’t have lilacs, so I’ve never experienced them. They sound so lovely.

    I was struck by your kitty. I had a cat that looked so much like your Emma. She was a calico, and her face was divided in color exactly the same way. Her name was Calico, and we called her Callie. She had one kitten and her coloring and face were exactly the same as her mother’s. She passed away a couple of years ago, and we really miss her.

    Your reading event sounds wonderful, and I look forward to reports with photos.


  7. Wait… I thought the government put those regulations in to help the people.. . wink.

    I shall not digress either.
    I love this whole post, from the first word and picture to the last. I agree about scents (and sounds and sights) evoking old memories. Even the sight of lilacs like the ones you posted bring me back to the fragrance of them in my mind and then take me yet further to the days of running under my mother’s overhanging bushes and letting them drag across my face.

    Mother carried some of her lilacs all the way from Massachusetts to Georgia to try and transplant them in her lawn here. It took seven years for them to bloom, but they did. Unfortunately, they just couldn’t stand the Georgia heat and didn’t make it through the drought of recent years.

    Well, look at me, digressing AGAIN.

    Your posts have a way of doing that to me, and I attribute that to good writing on your part.

    Your mother was utterly lovely. I hope you have a wonderful Mother’s Day!

  8. I enjoyed your post filled with sweet memories. Love the BP dishes, they take me back…Sigh.
    Happy Mother’s Day to you as well. 🙂
    Linda at Beautiful Ideas

  9. Just an absolutely charming post – LOVE Beatrix Potter – your set is wonderful. I too miss my Mother – it’s wonderful to share fond memories. I will be featuring your post in this week’s A Return to Loveliness,

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