Festivities and Frills: It Must Be May!

May is always such a busy month for me! I have a number of posts begun – yet left undone because of my many activities this month! So, I’m buzzing by  to post a couple images with promises of the full stories behind them all to come later!

I serve on the Board of Directors for a local history preservation and education group, The Friends of Historic Vineland. Each year I am the overall coordinator of Founder’s Day held the third weekend in May. As you might expect, the past few weeks leading up to the event have had me giving due diligence to a host of details.

Here are a couple photos from the festivities – a glorious Saturday in May:



I have an epic tale to relate as to how the two days prior to the big day turned out. Soggy, to say the least, with healthy amounts of Stressful to go around! More on that in a later post.

Then, there’s the new story campaign I’m doing with my Cameo Impressions Floral Frills. Here’s the first of many I’m working on – giving different Floral Frill Pin Clip creations a backstory including characters, settings and plots!


Been in the schools doing special programs – mostly related to local history . . .


And, did I mention I still have a home and husband to be caring for??

I’m looking forward to our trip to visit my son and that sweet grandbaby of mine in New England in just about a month – then – summer festivities and frills with plenty of fun ahead to keep me busy!

I love my job! Thank you, Jesus!!


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See you then – if not before!!

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  1. Oh my! Looks like you had fun and I LOVE your dress. That darling hair clip with the pearls is beyond beautiful! LOVE all the pictures that you share. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  2. Kathryn, you look amazing and such a wonderful tea get-together. I’ve started so many things and not finished and I think that is just the month of May and how it goes, trying to get everything done at once. Looking after a home and husband is a job and then trying to keep up with community and blogging is extra. Be sure to take time for you

  3. Kathryn you live such a active and fun life. Thank you for sharing your sweet blog at the Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop. Your participation helps to make it extra special ♥

  4. ooooooo . . . this looks like so much fun! Love your costumes!!

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