Mother’s Day Meme

It’s been ten years since I was able to wish my mom a Happy Mother’s Day.

I think of her with every Floral Frill I create – since she was my first teacher in all things creative and crafty. She loved making art projects. I remember she joined a Craft-of-the-Month Club and took great joy in the popular Paint-by-Number kits of the ’60’s and ’70’s. Mom’s also responsible for imparting to me a love of language, story, classical music, good taste, teatime and all things England. I think she might like this Floral Frill I made using a postage stamp with the iconic profile of the Queen.


So much of who I am today I can trace back to the delights introduced to me by my mom in my childhood.

“Mothers are not only caretakers; they are a child’s first teacher . . . she is greatly influential in your life . . . She also has a mother, your maternal grandmother, from whom she learned how to mother, and sadly, sometimes how not to mother . . .  From her, you learn to observe and interpret what you see or experience . . . Give thanks today for mothers who guide their children wisely.”

Beth Pratt

I’m thinking this weekend of mom . . . love this vintage photo of her with her own mom – my grandmother . . .

mom and grandmom mothers day wframe

And, here’s one of my dad’s mom . . . my other grandma.

 Gram Jordan 1940s wframe

“I think about what fun it would be to teach a child or grandchild about the power of reflection to cast light where there is no light. Not only is it a beginning science lesson, the reflection is a physical expression that Jesus used to explain to his followers that they are to reflect the glory of God into a world darkened by sin. Our ordinary world is filled with learning opportunities, both physical and spiritual, if we pay attention.”

Beth Pratt

I’m reflecting today, with a grateful heart, on my mother and grandmothers and their legacy in my life – the lessons their lives have taught me. Choice gifts from them are treasured in my ministry today – Goodness, Innocence and Beauty – hallmarks of lady-likeness and Godly womanhood.

Mother's Day goodinnobeauty wframe

Hoping to ever and always honor them by reflecting the Lord in my life, from whom the gift of “MOTHER” comes . . .

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  1. A lovely tribute. Wise words too. Angels to you Kathy on Mother’s Day and Always.

  2. What a beautiful tribute to your mom!

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