Note Cards in May

April Showers brought May Flowers ~ the loveliest of images to grace a feminine note card collection!


The time of the lilacs are past for us in South Jersey. I look so forward to them each year. My purple lilac bush was particularly profuse with succulent blossoms. I took great delight in it – and clipped a couple to share at the table of my Breakfast With Beatrix post this past month.


The Lily of the Valley, however, was my  mother’s favorite. She would have loved the flocks of them that are growing on my daughter’s new property. It’s been quite a surprise watching what vintage landscaping pops out of the much neglected ground surrounding her new house. I was delighted with these Lily of the Valley when she had me for a splendid dinner and gifts on Mother’s Day.


My daughter has been putting in some favorite florals of her own of late – not the least of which is this magnificent purple Calli-lily – just like the flowers she chose for her wedding day! She has this beauty in a large pot on her deck.

pink bee 5

While in my own back yard, as the lilacs pass away for the season, the Rose of Sharon are green with leaf foliage and the promise of splendid blossoms to come like this one from last summer. Each year the bush gets larger with more blooms to bring a smile to my face – and hungry bees a-buzzing.

So, for Note Card Wednesday, what sweeter collection for May than Favorite Florals dear to the heart of three generations – my mother, my daughter, and me.

favorite florals notecard

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  1. Your May flowers are beautiful. I actually forgot that it was the third week of the month until late last night when first got a chance to hover about in Blogland. I saw a few note card posts and went WHOOOOPS.

    I also didn’t realize that Monday was the 26, which is the husband’s birthday, until I read the reminder about the meme here. I really need to get my act together! Would you believe me if I told you the current mess in Debbie Land is that she can’t choose silly paint colors? It’s true. The stuff that I let distract me…. gooooood grief.

  2. Oh I do love lily of the valley. It has made me very sad to have to root it out of my garden. They do need their own beds far from the other flowers. Is that how they are growing at your daughter’s new home? I must go out and clunk them over the head again today. Yes, it is sad for their aroma alone is a pleasure.

    Beautiful note cards! It was wonderful to find this morning that you had posted!

  3. Everything is so pretty and yes indeed notecard worthy! Thanks for sharing. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  4. I love your favorite florals. They are some of my favorites, too. Hope you have a lovely week.

  5. Lavender Cottage says:

    Simply beautiful note cards Kathryn, but it’s the box top I really like as it’s very catchy.

  6. Kathy, this was a really pretty post. The photos were beautiful. I think God paints some of His best work in flowers!!

    Two other things I wanted to mention:

    1. As to your recent comment on my blog: Yes, you are exactly right. I copy and paste any comments that feel like the Holy Spirit was speaking to me and through me, and I keep them in a document.

    2. And, I can’t exactly say that I’m sorry the Angels kept Mike Trout. We’ll treat him well.


  7. Beautiful floral notecards Kathryn! I especially love the lilac and lily-of-the valley. The sparkling bokeh effect you used around the border is very nice ~ I need to add more glitter and sparkle to my images! Thanks for the inspiration 🙂

  8. Gorgeous Flowers! All beautiful!

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