Sligo-Bound Winner’s Cup & Teacups

I spend two delightful hours each week working with eleven year old Haley Richardson, on her blog at Tuneful Journeys. She details her busy young life playing gigs and competitions as a Irish fiddler, having played with some of the biggest names in Irish folk music like John Whelan and The Chieftains.

On this particular Tuesday morning, I am preparing a lovely Irish themed teatime to welcome Haley on the heals of winning the Mid-Atlantic title once again – and the privilege of representing the United States at the All Ireland Championships in August.


We usually share a cup of green tea, but this week I’m setting out select china pieces rather than serving in everyday mugs.


I thought I’d let her use a cup and saucer I found named after my daughter, Bethany, and boasting a sweet smattering of green shamrocks on a white background. I have featured it before – each March, in fact.


I’m using another favorite green cup and saucer set from Shelley – in the Lily of the Valley pattern which was always my mother’s favorite.


For a pot, I thought the round bellied violet pattern might  do the job. I’m brewing green tea in it, of course.


On my vintage candlewick glass tea tray, I’m serving a gluten free scone recipe, to which I added chia seeds and raisins. It reminded me of Irish Soda Bread, and was delicious cut in two and slathered with imported Lemon Curd or Polaner’s Blueberry.



We worked on editing her blog post about the various competitions she played in with some of her gifted musician friends that are her are. She won in solo, duet and trio performances so there will be a total of six young people heading for the green isle competing with various Irish instruments. They’ve been dubbed the Sligo-Bound Six!


Check out Haley’s Big Win on her blog at Tuneful Journeys!

If you live in the New Jersey/Pennsylvania area and are an Irish Folk Music aficionado, you may want to help Haley earn her trip expenses to compete for the 6th time, defending her title as All Ireland Fiddle Champion this August. There are some fund raising concert events in Irish pub venues throughout the region. To see the dates and places of each upcoming event, visit the official TOWHEADS website page.

I’m looking forward to helping her prepare a series of posts detailing her Ireland trip and competitions in August. Besides rehearsing for her competitions, she’ll be busy taking pictures and making notes about her experience. Though I can’t tag along to cheer her on, I shall enjoy the retrospective blogging to the purpose.

Stay tuned for more on the big event coming later in the summer!

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  1. How wonderful for this young lady!!! And a lily of the valley tea cup. Different than the two I have. Didn’t know there were so many!

  2. Kathy, that is one talented young lady! How lovely that she will get to go to Ireland. Love your pretty teacups; both are so very pretty! Thank you for joining me for tea and have a beautiful week, my friend.


  3. The Shelley Lily of the Valley is just Gorgeous. Congratulations to Haley, what an accomplishment.

  4. What a talented group! How special. Wish I were closer to hear them. Love your teacups…of course! Thanks for sharing your teacups and the wonderful accomplishments of the young musicians and linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!

  5. I loved your teacups just as I always do. My favorite thing about this post, though, was the story of the talented young lady. It’s so nice to know that “they” are still out there. In this high tech insta-world, it’s so nice to see someone not only cultivate a true gift, but also love the finer and more creative things in other areas like sitting down with a cup of tea in a lovely teacup.

  6. Hi Kathy: Talented and beautiful. What a lucky young lady. Have a wonderful week. Love your tea cups. Blessings, Martha

  7. Congratulations to Haley and the Sligo Six ! A young musical blogger for tea and company is a real treat . Wil you post a follow-up on her future competitions ?

  8. Oh WOW – it’s great to read about such gifted young people! My husband and I love Irish music – and we are already planing our summer holidays for 2015 on the Green Island! :o) Thank you for your nice words to my Pink-Saturday-post!
    Hugs from Austria, Traude

  9. Such a wonderful tea – love what you do and the teacup is beautiful! I do appreciate you sharing with A Return to Loveliness,

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