Grand-Girl in the Pink!

I know it’s time to parade my Patriotic Pinks this week, but they shall have to wait til the 4th of July Pink Saturday Weekend proper. I’ve been traveling to patriotic New England – John and Abigail Adams and Paul Revere country – on my bi-annual trip to visit my son and his family. Precious memories are pressed into my heart and plenty of images have been loaded into digital files as an outcome of the adventure. And, since we’re talking about a visit with my grand-girl, Mackenzie – there was no want of pink to be had.


Our first outing at the Mystic Marine Aquarium in Mystic, Connecticut – about an hour from their home – saw Kenzie and Nana enjoying a Strawberry Shortcake ice cream. My favorite since I was a little girl!


The exhibits were exhilarating! I was mesmerized by the jellyfish in all their neon glory.


But, the seashorses stole my heart. They’ve always been fascinating to me – their grace and serenity. Truly a creature to captivate the imagination!


A day at Brenton State Park on Ocean Drive in Newport, Rhode Island did not go amiss, either. Picnic lunch, kite flying and perfect weather treated us for an afternoon – with enough pink to keep us cheerful against the sapphire skies, green grass and sparkling blue ocean waters.





On the weekend, the family was gathered to celebrate Kenzie’s cousin’s birthday. She was turning five years old and her mommy’s friend, Miss Caycie, made the most amazing cake! Kenzie just had to peek at all the fondant wonder before Miss Caycie gave her and our birthday girl a bake tour of all the little bunny critters in the garden!




How tragic that we eventually dismantled the cake and ate it! Such a work of art!

Speaking of works of art:  Nana Kathy enjoyed some arts and crafts time with Kenzie, who found alternate uses for the sticky jewels.


Our time there was too short and five days swiftly passed as the sun set with hues of pink on our visit to the quaintness of old New England landscapes.


I’m looking forward to my next visit at the end of August for Kenzie’s 4th birthday. JOY!

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  1. Miss Kathy, what a lovely blog you have my dear! Thank you for the sweet comments you left when visiting me! My computer decided today was it’s last, so it’s taken me some time to get back to you {I’m on a loaner} – but I do appreciate you! and look forward to many more visits here! Have a blessed weekend!

  2. What a lovely time you had Kathryn. Hasn’t Mackenzie grown?

  3. hopped over with some ♥ from Pink Saturday too

  4. Mackenzie is a beauty! How wonderful that you were able to get away and enjoy some time with her.

    I love those strawberry shortcake bars too. Every once in awhile, I will run to the convenience store and buy one. Hmmm. you may have put that idea in my mind this afternoon.

    And, wow, that cake is indeed a work of art. Seems almost a crime to cut into it.

    Happy pink Saturday,
    Patti @ Magnolia Cottage

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